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ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan

Everyone wants to invest their hard earn money at such a place from where they can get huge returns. But a life cover with the investment will be a cherry on the cake. It simply means that if you die during the policy term, your family will receive the invested amount. You can take a look at the ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan that comes with benefits of guaranteed additions in your invested amount and bonuses throughout the policy term. You can secure the future of your family as it gives you a life cover. On a successful survival till the policy term, you are entitled to receive the maturity amount. So let’s look at the features of this saving insurance plan.


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Key Features of Future Perfect Plan

  1. Guaranteed Returns at the time of Maturity.
  2. Bonuses for the insured to increase the amount of savings.
  3. Financial Protection to your family.
  4. Get a life cover as well under the same insurance plan.
  5. Enjoy tax deductions under section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Benefits of the Future Perfect Plan

This is a secure insurance plan in which the returns are guaranteed. There is no chance of any kind of loss. So, you must see the benefits of this policy and enhance your savings.

Guaranteed Returns

The company gives guaranteed returns on this insurance plan. You will get a higher sum of money at the time of maturity than the sum of money actually invested. There are two types of guaranteed returns that you can see below:-

Guaranteed Maturity Benefits

Upon survival till the policy term of ICICI Pru Future Perfect plan, you will get maturity benefits. Factors like age, policy term, premium paying term, and gender determine the amount of the guaranteed returns once the policy matures. The amount of the guaranteed maturity benefit may be less than the death benefit.

Guaranteed Additions

Guaranteed Addition is the sum of money added to your invested amount every year. If you have taken this policy for the long term, the guaranteed additions will be more. From the following table, you can see the percentages of the guaranteed additions.

Policy TermPremium Paying Term of 5 Years or 7 YearsPremium Paying Term of 10 Years, 15 Years and 20 Years
1 Year to 5 Years8%10%
6 Years to 10 Years10%12%
11 Years to 15 Years12%15%
16 Years and Above15%18%


The company declares a yearly bonus as per the performance in the financial year, and the amount of bonus is added into the invested sum of money. There are two types of bonuses in this insurance plan.

Reversionary Bonus

Reversionary bonus is declared every year by the company and is added to the value of the sum assured. This bonus is declared in the percentage of the Guaranteed Maturity Benefits plus Earlier Reversionary Bonuses. The company will pay this bonus at maturity or at the time of death of the insured.

Terminal Bonus

Terminal bonus is declared at the time of maturity of the policy and it is a one-time bonus. The maximum terminal bonus amount will be as much as the guaranteed maturity benefits.

Life Cover Benefit

In case of unfortunate death of the insured, the nominee is entitled to receive the Sum Assured amount as a lump sum. You will have to decide on the Sum Assured on Death at the time of inception of the ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan.

Surrender Benefits

If you have taken the Premium Paying Term for less than 10 years and have paid all the premiums due for 2 years regularly, you can surrender the policy. After two years of successful payment of the premium amount, your policy has a surrender value and you can use that amount in case of an emergency.

You can surrender your policy in case of an emergency if you have paid all the premiums due regularly for 3 years. This rule is applicable if your premium paying term is 10 years or more.

If you surrender a policy before it has any surrender value, the company will not give any payout.

Details of the ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan

Minimum Policy Term10 Years
Maximum Policy Term30 Years
Minimum Annual PremiumRs.8400
Minimum Age of Entry91 Days
Maximum Age of Entry58 Years
Minimum Sum Assured for the Death BenefitsRs.84000
Premium Paying ModesMonthly, Half-Yearly, and Annually

How to Buy this Savings Insurance Plan

  1. Open the Website and enter your Email I.D, Mobile Number, Gender, and Date of Birth.
  2. Click on the Option ‘Get Your Quote’.
  3. Enter the Premium paying term you wish to choose.
  4. Set the premium paying frequency whether yearly, half-yearly, or monthly.
  5. Now choose the policy term as per your choice.
  6. Enter the amount of premium you are willing to pay.
  7. Decide the Sum Assured as per your financial needs.
  8. Re-check all the details and then click to calculate.
  9. Once everything is ok, then click on Buy Now and purchase this plan.

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