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Future Generali Nivesh Preferred is a unit-linked life insurance policy that provides the benefit of investment along with a life cover. The following are the key features of this Future Generali Life Insurance Plan

  • Option to balance between insurance and investment
  • Single premium payment option
  • Loyalty addition
  • Six fund options
  • Death benefit
  • Maturity benefit
  • Accidental death rider

Read this page further and learn more about these and other benefits of the Future Generali Nivesh Preferred.


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Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Cover Options

You can customize your Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Plan by choosing any of the following –

Option A – The company offers a sum assured of 5X the paid single premium in the first year and 1.25X the paid single premium from the second year onwards. If you want the maximum portion of your paid premium in investment, this is a suitable option for you.

Option B – You will get maximized protection and a level sum assured during the policy term if you choose this option. Here, you can reduce the sum assured from the second policy year and choose a sum assured multiple from the table below –

Entry Age (In Years)Minimum Multiple FactorMaximum Multiple Factor
7 - 491.255
50 - 541.253
55 - 681.251.25

Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Benefits

The insurance company shall provide you and the nominee the following benefits under the Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Plan –

Death Benefit for Nominee

In case of your death during the policy term, the nominee will receive the higher of the following –

  • Fund Value
  • Sum Assured – Partial Withdrawals made in the last two years before the death

Note: If the proposer and life assured are different and the proposer dies while the life assured is a minor, no benefit shall be payable and a new proposer will be appointed.

Maturity Benefit at the End of Policy Term

Upon survival till the end of the policy term, the company shall pay you the fund value at the prevailing rate.

Loyalty Additions During the Policy Term

From the end of the 5th policy year, the company will start crediting loyalty additions to your respective funds in the same proportion your premiums are invested. This will be based upon your single premium amount as shown in the table below.

Single-Premium (In INR)Loyalty Additions
40,000 to 49,999NIL
50,000 to 99,9993%
1,00,000 to 2,49,9995%
2,50,000 & above7%

Note – The loyalty addition is a percentage of the paid single premium.

Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Investment Options

The company shall allocate 98% of the premium to your funds on day one. You can choose the funds from the following options –

Future Secure – You will get stable returns from this fund, as it invests exclusively in treasury bills, bank deposits, certificates of deposits and other money-market instruments and short duration government securities.

Future Income – The fund aims to generate stable returns through investments in fixed-income securities such as government securities of medium to long term, corporate bonds and money-market instruments for liquidity. The credited interest is a major part of the fund’s return.

Future Balance – The company will provide you with a balanced return by investing in both fixed-income securities and equities. This will help balance the stability of return and growth in capital value. The investments are also done in money-market instruments to provide liquidity.

Future Maximize – Get high returns through investments in stocks. This fund also invests in government securities, corporate bonds and money-market instruments.

Future Apex – The fund aims for capital growth through investments in equities. And the company also invests in government securities, corporate bonds and money-market instruments.

Future Opportunity Fund – The fund will generate long-term growth opportunities by investing in a portfolio predominantly of equity and equity-related instruments ( S & P CNX Nifty stocks). You will get consistent returns as the fund also invests in debt and money-market instruments.

Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Riders

You can choose the following rider to enhance the coverage of the Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Plan.

Accidental Death Benefit

This will provide an additional sum assured to the nominee in case of an unfortunate demise of the life assured due to an accident. The additional sum assured shall be equal to the rider sum assured. The minimum sum assured is INR 75,000 and the maximum is subject to the basic sum assured, up to INR 30 Lakh on a single life. Whereas the minimum premium amount is INR 40,000 and the maximum amount is INR 4,00,000. The minimum and maximum entry age allowed under this rider are 18 and 16 years, respectively. And the maximum age at maturity can’t exceed 65 years. The minimum rider term is five years and the maximum is subject to the base policy term.

Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Policy Term & Premium Payment Options

You will get the following policy period under the Future Generali Nivesh Preferred Plan –

  • 7 years
  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years

And the premium payment term is single pay, so you need to pay the premium one-time in a lump sum.

Eligibility Criteria for Future Generali Nivesh Preferred

You need to meet the below age criteria to get this plan –

  • Minimum Entry Age – 7 years
  • Maximum Entry Age – 68 years
  • Minimum Age Allowed at Maturity – 17 years
  • Maximum Age Allowed at Maturity – 75 years

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