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Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan is a Unit-linked Plan (ULIP) that can help create wealth for you while also providing you a life cover. So it’s a win-win situation for you! Your policy investment and life cover will continue up to 10 years from the date of policy inception. If you die due to an unforeseen event, the nominee will get the death benefit. Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan ensures your family’s financial necessity is met even when you are not around. And in case you need money urgently for an emergency, you can do a partial withdrawal from Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan too. Let’s know more about Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan on the page below.


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Fund Options for Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan

Choose the fund you want to invest in from the following options as per your financial goals.

  1. Growth Opportunities Plus Fund – It invests in stocks across market capitalizations such as small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap. So if you are seeking long-term capital appreciation, this fund is suitable.
  2. Grow Money Plus Fund – Your goal of long term capital appreciation can be achieved if you invest in this fund. Here, 80-100% of your premium will be allocated in the listed equities while 0-40% in cash and money-market instruments.
  3. Build India Fund – This fund invests in various sub-sectors of infrastructure to provide you a long term capital appreciation.
  4. Save‘n’grow Money Fund – If you want a monthly income from your investment, this fund will help you! Here, your fund units are allocated in corporate bonds, bank deposits, money market and listed equities.
  5. Steady Money Fund – You may accumulate income under this fund where the investment is made in corporate bonds and government securities.
  6. Safe Money Fund – A low-risk investment plan for you to have capital protection

Benefits Under Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan

As per the following cases, you may get the following benefits under this Plan –

On Death – Your nominee will get the highest of the following in case of your death:-

  1. Sum assured – net partial withdrawal (prior 12 months from the date of death)
  2. 105% of the paid premiums (excluding underwriting extra premium)
  3. Policy fund value at the time of death

On Maturity – At the date of the policy maturity, you will receive the policy fund value.

Note – The policy fund value will be calculated as per their unit price in the investment funds as on the date of maturity. You can receive the maturity benefit either as a lump-sum, during the settlement period, or the combination of both.

Conditions for Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan Partial Withdrawal

  1. You can make partial withdrawals after completion of 5 policy years
  2. The policy should be in force and all due premiums must have been paid till that date
  3. Minimum partial withdrawal amount – INR 1,000
  4. After the partial withdrawal, your policy fund value should not be < 120% of the annualized premium
  5. You can make up to two partial withdrawals in a year

Eligibility for Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan

To buy this Plan, you need to meet the following –

  1. Minimum entry age – 18 years
  2. Maximum entry age – 59 years
  3. Maturity age – 69 years

Note – Your age will be calculated as on the date of your last birthday.

Bharti AXA Life Future Invest Plan Terms and Conditions

You should know about the following when you are purchasing this Plan –

  1. Policy benefit period – 10 years
  2. Premium payment term – single pay and regular pay (5 years)
  3. A free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy bond
  4. On suicide within one year from the date of issuance or revival, the nominee will get the policy fund value.
  5. The company may revise the asset allocation of any investment funds with prior approval from the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI).
  6. This non-participating ULIP does not provide surplus or profits for participation

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