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Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain could be one of the best options for individuals looking to utilize the bonus or additional investable funds they’ve got in their hands. Simply put, if you want to make the most of equity markets with a one-time investment along with a life cover, this plan from Bajaj Allianz could be the right fit for you! It is a Single premium Unit-linked Investment Plan (ULIP) that can help you stay invested in market-linked funds for a long period. Do remember that this linked insurance plan does not provide any liquidity in the initial five years of your policy, and the investment risk will be totally for you to bear. Before going any further, let’s look at the striking features that make it so popular among customers.


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  1. Up to 99.50% premium allocation of your single premium, up to INR 10 lakh
  2. Loyalty additions of 3% of the single premium
  3. Flexibility to choose from 7 funds
  4. Partial withdrawal facility
  5. Top-up facility up to the single premium paid
  6. Option to reduce sum assured
  7. Flexibility to receive maturity benefits in installments
  8. Investment management with the systematic switching option
  9. Riders to enhance your protection
  10. Tax benefits
  11. A 15-day free look period

Want to know these features of Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain in detail? Here, we will be doing the same along with its other necessary aspects such as the policy term, premium amount, eligibility criteria, etc. So, let’s start!

What is the Policy Term of Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain?

In the case of Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain, individuals can choose the policy term from 7-30 years.

What can be the Minimum One-time Premium Amount?

Before choosing Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain, you should know the minimum single premium amount payable. Well, you can start with as low as INR 50,000, while there is no defined maximum limit.

What is the Minimum Sum Assured?

For the Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain, the minimum sum assured can be 1.25 times your single premium amount. On the other hand, the maximum sum assured will depend on the policy term and the age at the time of entering into the policy. Also, the minimum and maximum sum assured on the top-up premium will be 1.25 times your top-up premium.

Let’s Understand the Striking Features of Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain in Detail

Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain is a non-participating, life, individual, single premium ULIP plan that can grow your money substantially over a period. Here, we will explain all the striking features of this plan so that you can know it even better. Do check!

Flexibility to Choose from Investment Options and Funds

One of the best things about the Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain is that you can choose to invest your money from seven funds depending on your financial goals and risk appetite. Also, you can switch between these investment options without any fees. You can check these seven investment fund options below.

  1. Equity Growth Fund II
  2. Accelerator Mid-Cap Fund II
  3. Pure Stock Fund
  4. Asset Allocation Fund II
  5. Bluechip Equity Fund
  6. Bond Fund
  7. Liquid Fund

Loyalty Additions

At maturity, you will be eligible for loyalty additions that will be a percentage of the single premium. It will be added to your single premium fund value at maturity. To know more, check the below table.

Policy TermSingle Premium
INR 50,000 - 99,999INR 1,00,000 and above
7 to 9 yearsNilNil
10 to 30 yearsNil3%

Partial Withdrawal Facility

You can use the partial withdrawal facility any time after the 5th policy year without paying additional charges. However, the minimum amount of partial withdrawal should be INR 5,000, while the maximum amount at any time is 10% of the single premium paid. Also, the single premium fund value should not reduce below 1/5th of the single premium after a partial withdrawal. Please note that you can do a maximum of 2 partial withdrawals in one policy year.

Rider Benefits

If you are looking to enhance your overall protection, you can choose optional rider benefits to ensure the same. These rider options are as follows-

  1. Accidental death benefit rider
  2. Accidental permanent total or partial disability benefit rider
  3. Critical illness benefit rider
  4. Family income benefit rider

Maturity Benefit

Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain provides policyholders the maturity benefits at the end of their policy term, provided the plan is in force. This benefit will be the single premium fund value plus top-up premium fund value (if any) as on the maturity date.

Death Benefit

In case the policyholder dies during the policy term, Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain will provide a lump sum benefit to the nominee or beneficiary. This amount will be as follows –

  1. Higher of the prevailing sum assured or single premium fund value, plus
  2. Higher of the top-up premium sum assured or top-up premium fund value (if any)

Option to Decrease the Sum Assured

If you want to reduce your single premium sum assured for the policy, you can do it after the first policy year. Do remember that it can be done on any monthly due date.

Tax Benefits

Policyholders can also enjoy tax benefits on the premium paid towards the policy and different benefits (maturity, death and surrender value) received under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, respectively.

Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain Eligibility Criteria

Check below the eligibility conditions related to the Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain.

  1. The minimum entry age stands at 1 year. However, in the case of a minor life, the risk cover will start immediately on the date of policy commencement.
  2. The maximum entry age can go up to 63 years.
  3. The minimum age at maturity can be as low as 18 years, while it can go up to 70 years.

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