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Looking to grow your hard-earned money over time by investing it in a investment-cum insurance plan? Well, ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan could be the right match for you! This plan allows your money to grow over time with its two plan options and investment options from which you can choose to fulfill your dreams. Not only it helps secure your future by fulfilling your financial needs, but also gives insurance protection for your loved ones. One of the key benefits of this investment plan is guaranteed returns at maturity.


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Want to know some of the other special features of the ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan? Well, we are providing the same along with its eligibility. Read on to know more!

Key Benefits of ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus

ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus helps your money grow at a faster rate than you can imagine. You must be thinking how? Well, several features will make it possible for you! We are showing some of those key benefits of this investment plan below. Have a look!

  1. With the ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan, individuals can enjoy dual benefits – a life cover as well as savings through a wide range of fund options like Liquid Plus, Income Advantage, Assure Fund, Protector, Enhancer, Creator, Asset Allocation, Etc.
  2. This investment-cum-insurance plan provides two plan options that you can choose at the time of inception according to your future goals. These options are Classic Option and Assured Option.
  3. One of the key benefits of this investment plan is the flexibility that you get when investing your money. There are a total of four investment options – Smart Investment Option, Systematic Transfer Investment Option, Return Optimiser, and Self-managed Investment option. You can choose anyone according to your needs.
  4. Have some additional money at your disposal and want to invest it in your plan? Well, you can do the same with the Top-up Facility whenever you have additional savings.
  5. In case you need your money during your policy term to fulfill any of your emergency needs, you can always withdraw a partial amount from your ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan.
  6. If you want to enhance your protection, you can do the same by choosing from different riders by paying an additional cost. These Rider Options are Accidental Death Benefit Rider Plus and Waiver of Premium Rider.

Benefits of ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan in a Detailed Manner!

With the ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan, policyholders will get several benefits – Death Benefit, Maturity Benefit, Guaranteed Additions, etc. Want to know them in detail? Have a look below!

Maturity Benefit

On the date of policy maturity, policyholders will receive the basic fund value (at that time). Apart from this, the company will also provide the Top-up Fund Value as on that date at maturity.

Death Benefit

What will happen if the policyholder dies during the policy term? Well, in this unfortunate case, the company shall pay Death Benefit to the nominee or beneficiary. Below is what the nominee is likely to get in such a case.

  1. Basic Sum Assured, and
  2. Basic Fund Value as on the date of death of the Life Insured

Apart from this, the nominee will also receive a Top-up Sum Assured plus the Top-up Fund value as on the date of death. Do remember that death benefit cannot be less than 105% of the total basic and top-up premiums paid until the date of death.

Guaranteed Additions

Policyholders will also receive guaranteed additions apart from Maturity and Death Benefit in the form of additional units. You can check the below table to know these additions at the end of different policy years for the Premium Band 1. For Premium Band 2, these additions will be increased by 10% of the Basic Premium at Policy Maturity.

Guaranteed Additions as % of the Basic Premium
Policy TermAt the End of the Policy Year

Eligibility Criteria of the ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan

Here are some of the important conditions related to the ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan. Please check them out!

  1. For Classic Option, the entry age ranges from 30 days to 55 years, while for the Assured Option, the entry age into the policy can range from 18 to 50 years.
  2. Coming to the age at maturity of your investment plan, this can be 18 to 75 years if you are choosing the Classic Option. On the other hand, this ranges from 33 to 65 years for the Assured Option.
  3. Individuals can choose a policy term of 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years according to their convenience. For this term, the premium can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual modes for 10, 15 or 20 years, respectively. However, individuals below 3 years of age cannot choose a policy term of 15 years.
  4. The minimum premium amount for your policy can be as low as INR 24,000 per annum, whereas the basic sum assured can be as low as INR 2,40,000 per annum.
  5. Individuals can make a minimum top-up premium of INR 5,000 towards the ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus Plan.

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