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Star Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance Company – Overview

Star Health Insurance Company is one of the oldest and most popular health insurance companies in India. Headquartered in Chennai, was started in 2006 and ever since has offered top-class health insurance plans to its customers. They have some of the best healthcare plans for people from all walks of life. The company settles the health insurance claims with efficiency and this makes them a very trustworthy health insurance company to get associated with. They also offer a wide range of health covers at affordable rates. This makes them very popular among the seekers of health insurance in India.

NameStar Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.
Company TaglineThe Health Insurance Specialist
ChairmanVENKATASAMY Jagannathan
Owner"Safecrop Investments India LLP
Westbridge AIF I
Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Mrs Rekha Jhunjhunwala"
Serving CountryIndia
ProductsHealth, Personal Accident and Overseas Travel Insurance
Total No of Employees10600+
Operating incomeRs.1480 Cr, as on 31st March 2019

Health Insurance

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Best Star Health Insurance plans

The best plans from Star Health Insurance are as follows:

  1. Star Shri Family Care Insurance
  2. Star Shri Individual Care Insurance
  3. Star Health Student Care Insurance
  4. Star Health Accident Care Insurance
  5. Star Health Netplus
  6. Star Health Family Delite Insurance Policy
  7. Star Health Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  8. Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
  9. Star Health Super Surplus
  10. Star Health Diabetes Safe Insurance
  11. Star Health Medi Classic
  12. Star Health Gain Insurance
  13. Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance
  14. Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance
  15. Star Health Criticare Plus

Features of the Star Health Insurance Plans

Let us begin by exploring the features on offer from the Star Health Insurance Company Plans:

Multi-year plans- Star Health understands that different people have different health insurance needs. This is why they offer a majority of their medical insurance plans in flexible durations. The plans can be bought for the usual one-year period. You pay the premium for the year and get it renewed after the tenure is over. This is the standard practice. In addition to this, you can also get the Star Health Insurance Company Plans for periods of two or three years. You get to enjoy all the benefits of the health cover without having to worry about missed due dates and policy expirations. Choose the option that suits you the best and stay properly covered under a good Star Health Insurance Company plan.

Extensive coverage – The covers available under the health care plans from Start Health are very comprehensive and extensive. Everything from hospital covers to domiciliary covers to ambulance covers is included in these plans. You can also opt for some health insurance riders to make the insurance coverage all the more suited to your requirements. The riders available include the hospital cash rider, the room rent waiver rider, the accident benefit rider, the critical illness rider and so on. The riders are available at an extra cost, so remember to buy the riders that will be of maximum use to you.

Very affordable – With so many covers included in the medical insurance plans, it is only normal for people to think the plans are very expensive. But this is not the case at all with Star Health. The company is very thoughtful and has worked hard to keep the prices of health insurance policies as low as possible. As a result, people can stay covered under the wholesome health care plans by paying very economic sums of money. If you are looking for a good health insurance plan at some of the most pocket-friendly rates, you must definitely take a look at the options provided by the Star Health Insurance Company.

Lifelong renewability – Many health insurance companies offer limited health covers. This means that your medical insurance coverage ends after you reach a certain age. This leaves you vulnerable and without health care coverage when you are old and ailing. But if you make Star Health your insurance provider, this is a worry you can stay free of. The company offers lifelong renewability on most of its health insurance plans. You can buy the medical insurance cover and keep renewing it for as long as you stay alive.

Online access – Being one of the most modern health insurance companies in India, Star Health has an impressive online presence. This makes it easy for the policyholders to maintain their health covers with this insurer. Everything from buying the insurance plan to pay the regular premiums to initiate claims can be done online in an instant manner. This makes it very easy and convenient and also goes on to save the policyholder’s time and effort. Also, health insurance online is cheaper than health insurance offline. This is because you buy the health insurance plan directly from the insurance company without having to pay the brokerage to your insurance agent. This saves your money and you get the most effective plan directly from Star Health.

Simple documentation – The documentation work related to health insurance is very simple. Star Health Insurance Company makes sure its clients don’t have to face any troubles when buying a health plan, renewing it, filing a claim and so on. Keeping all this in mind, the insurer has kept all the documentation work related to medical insurance very simple and straightforward. You can find all the information related to the health insurance paperwork on the website of Star Health. You can also call the helpline number and get your doubts cleared. Star Health has an excellent customer support team that always helps customers with their doubts in a polite and efficient manner.

Specialized covers – Apart from the regular individual health insurance plans and family health insurance policies, Star Health also as specialized health covers that take care of people who have special medical conditions. Some of these plans include the diabetes protection plan, the senior health insurance plan, the critical illness plan and so on. Whether you need a regular health insurance plan to cover your overall well being or you need a special cover for a special condition, Star Health has all the provisions for you. This is why the insurer is known as a wholesome health insurance provider who has many varieties of health insurance covers on offer at all times.

Easy claim process – Just like the documentation and the online access, Star Health also offers convenience in relation to insurance claims. When you have a Star Health Insurance Company plan, you can be rest assured of getting the claim in a quick and simple fashion, provided your premium payments are all up-to-date. You need to submit the documents along with the claim form. You can get the cashless facility at the network hospitals or get the claim reimbursed if you seek treatment at a non-network hospital. The process is straightforward and is completed very quickly.

Reliable company – The Star Health Insurance Company has won many awards and account accolades over the years. This goes on to highlight the professionalism and efficiency with which the insurer works. This is a good feature to remember when buying health insurance. A policyholder needs the constant baking and support of a good insurer. Unless the insurer is helpful and capable, the success of the medical insurance cover won’t be guaranteed. Star Health is always helpful and very efficient, making them an ideal health insurance company to associate with.

Benefits offered by the Star Health Insurance Company Plans

Now, let us take a look at some of the main benefits you get when buying the Star Health Insurance Company plans:

Hospital cover – You get all the expenses related to a hospitalization event covered under the Star Health Insurance Company plans. This includes the room rent, the physicians’ fees, the medicine charges, surgery charges and so on. When you have a comprehensive health plan from Star Health, you can get treated at the best of hospitals in a city of your choice without having to worry about the high medical costs. The health insurance plans are comprehensive and cover all the expenses while you get treated and nursed back to health in the best possible manner.

Post and pre-hospital cover – Many hospital events or other serious ailments require you to prepare at home before you get admitted. For instance, if you have a major organ transplant surgery coming up, you need to start getting treated at home in advance for the surgery to happen smoothly. Similarly, certain complicated illnesses require you to keep recovering at home after your hospital discharge. The health insurance plans from Star Health offer post and pre-hospitalisation cover. This proves to be a very helpful health insurance coverage and allows you to heal in a truly wholesome manner.

Domiciliary cover – At times, home health care is all you need to recover from an illness. But this requires expert assistance which can be quite expensive. A good example of this is extensive physiotherapy after a road accident. You may need a physiotherapist to come to your house every day with his equipment and spend a few hours. This can be costly without a health insurance cover. Thankfully, all such domiciliary treatments are covered under the various Star Health Insurance Company plans. Speak to your insurer or go over the policy documents to understand the scope of this cover and use it to the fullest.

Daycare cover – Previously, no health insurance claim could be made unless the policyholder got admitted to a hospital for at least 24 hours. But the clauses have now been altered and some procedures are listed as daycare procedures. These are major medical procedures that need to be performed in a hospital. However, the patient is discharged in a few hours after the procedure is successfully completed. The patient need not spend a night in the hospital to make a claim. Star Health also allows for daycare procedures. Common daycare procedures include eye surgery, angiography, etc.

OPD cover – You need a good OPD cover to stay healthy in an overall manner. Star Health understands this and offers compensation for your OPD charges. When you consult a doctor in the OPD, you can make a claim and get the amount reimbursed. This health insurance cover is offered to encourage people to take better care of themselves and prevent their health conditions from deteriorating.

Coverage for preventive checks – Just like regular OPD consultations are important, preventive health checks are also very crucial. Many of the comprehensive health insurance policies from Star Health offer preventive health checks to the policyholders. This comes in handy and goes a long way to detect harmful illnesses in the initial stages. This helps the person to recover faster and also incur lower health costs.

Ambulance cover – At times, the patient is too ill to walk in or walk out of the hospital or use public transport. The usage of an ambulance at such a time becomes necessary. The Star Health Insurance Company plans have provisions for ambulance expenses, making it easy and safe for you to travel to and from the hospital when needed.

Exclusions of the Star Health Insurance Company Plans

While the different plans from the Star Health Insurance Company have different clauses, certain exclusions are commonly found in almost all of the health insurance plans of this insurer. They are:

  1. Complications stemming from self-harm of attempt of suicide. No claim related to such ailments will be entertained by the Star Health Insurance Company.
  2. Illness due to drug or substance abuse is strictly excluded from the health insurance plans. You can not make a claim if you need hospital care due to a drug or alcohol overdose.
  3. Expenses incurred during pregnancy and childbirth (unless included in the specific cover). Unless you have a dedicated maternity insurance cover, you will not get compensated for any maternity-related expenses.
  4. Sexually transmitted illnesses, including HIV-AIDS, is not covered under the Star Health Insurance Company plans. No claim can be made if the policyholder is sick due to such a disease.
  5. Cosmetic treatments including weight loss program are also excluded from the health cover.

You can not make a health insurance claim if you are within the waiting period for pre-existing illnesses. Star Health has a lower than usual waiting period for most plans, but you still need to wait it out before certain claims can be filed. A claim filed in this period will be rejected as they will fall into the “Excluded” category.

The final word

When you take a look at all of the points mentioned above, you can easily understand why the Star Health Insurance Company Plans are so popular in India. So whether you need a family health insurance cover or a senior health insurance plan, you will not fall short of options. Choose the ideal health insurance coverage for yourself and all your loved ones and stay adequately covered. Getting your health plan from a good insurance company like Star Health has many benefits and will gain immensely.

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