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Care Health Insurance Plans

Care Health Insurance Company is one of the largest health insurance companies in India. It has, over the years, offered excellent health insurance plans to the citizens of the country.

Health Insurance

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Care Health Insurance Facts

  1. The health insurance company is considered to be one of the top five general insurance companies that offer medical insurance policies in India.
  2. The company pays out a maximum of the health insurance claim requests received.
  3. The company has constantly been in profit and offered great service to its customers.

These facts are a positive pointer towards the Care Health Insurance Company’s ethics and professionalism. The company, therefore, proves to be a great health insurance provider for everyone.

Health Plans From Care

Here is a list of the top-rated Care Health Insurance Company plans:

Care Freedom Plan

This is a comprehensive family health insurance policy. It can be bought for anyone aged 3 months and above. It is a useful plan that covers all the members of a single-family in a wholesome medical insurance policy.

Care Joy Plan

This is one of the rare maternity insurance plans available in India. All expenses related to pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care are covered under this health insurance policy.

Care Secure Personal Accident Insurance Plan

As the name suggests, this is a specific personal accident cover. It offers compensation when there is an accidental death or disability to the policyholder.

Care Enhance Health Insurance Policy

This is another excellent health insurance cover that is available for the entire family. The key features of this plan include cashless hospitalization, annual health checks, daycare expenses, no claim bonus, and so on.

Care Health Insurance Plan

One of the best-selling Care Health Insurance Company plans, the Care Health Insurance Plan offers many benefits such as lifelong renewability and a very short waiting period for pre-existing illnesses.

Choose a plan that suits you properly and then make a purchase to stay covered under good medical insurance coverage.

Care Health Insurance plans covers

If you are wondering as to why you should choose a health insurance plan from Care Health, here are some reasons for you to explore:

Includes the whole family 

All members of a family can be included in the Care Health Insurance plans. A maximum of six members of a single-family can be enrolled in one plan. This includes two children and four adults. You can enrol yourself, your spouse, your children and your parents under the same health insurance policy.


People require to be hospitalized for various reasons. Someone may meet with a road accident. Someone may suffer a heart attack. Someone may need spine surgery. No matter what the ailment is, the Care Health Insurance Company plans to offer complete coverage against all the hospitalization expenses. You will get the opportunity to seek treatment at the best of hospitals under the care of the best doctors and nurses as Care takes care of all the expenses when the policyholder is admitted to the hospital.


You may need to undergo a planned surgery, or the operation may take place in an emergency. In either case, you will be eligible for full health insurance compensation. The Care Health covers offer complete coverage against surgery, as it is considered to be one of the most important and common medical procedures carried out. You get the surgery costs covered. You also get the hospitalization costs along it is covered and also the doctors’ fees.

Domiciliary Care 

If you need treatment or caregiving at home without a hospital visit, you can do so with the domiciliary care coverage. This is a home health care coverage that comes in very handy. You can get compensated for nurses’ charges, physiotherapy, etc.

Pre and Post Hospitalization 

If you need to continue the treatment after your hospital stays, or need some prepping before you check in to the hospital, you will have coverage for both. The Care Health Insurance plans have pre and post-hospitalization covers included in their medical insurance policies.


All kinds of diagnostic tests such as CT scans, blood tests, x-rays, etc are included in the health insurance cover. You can opt to get tested for certain illnesses by undergoing these diagnostic tests and raise a health insurance claim for it. The Care Health Insurance Company plans have coverage for them.

Daycare Procedures

Even until a few years ago, most of the health insurance claim could not even be made unless the patient got admitted to the hospital for a minimum of 24 hours. But the situation is quite different these days. Most of the leading health insurance companies in India, including Care Health, offer daycare procedure covers. Daycare procedures are procedures that require hospitalization of fewer than 24 hours. You get admitted, have the procedure and leave the hospital at the earliest. After that, you make a health insurance claim and get the amount to clear the bill.

Preventive Screenings

Most of the Care Health Insurance Company plans to allow you to undergo preventive health checks. You get to do a full-body checkup to ensure you are fit. If there are any diseases growing, they are diagnosed at the preliminary stages and you are assured of a quick and complete recovery. The provision of preventive health screening is, therefore, an important advantage offered by the insurance company.

OPD Consultation

Out-patient visits to the doctor, especially if frequent, can add up to be quite expensive. As a result, you need to make health insurance claims against them. Thankfully, the OPD consultation charges are included in the Care Health Insurance Plan

Cashless Benefit

Care has tie-ups with various hospitals all across the country. Most of the top-rated hospitals and health care centres are included in their list of network hospitals. This makes it easy for you to find a hospital of your choice to get treated in. You can make use of the cashless benefit available in the network hospitals and make the most out of the health insurance coverage. If opting for a non-network hospital, you need to go for the reimbursement claim system, which is also an option available to you.

Riders are Available

Like all the other leading health insurance companies in India, the Care Health Insurance Company also offers add-on health insurance covers at nominal rates. You can get some very handy riders such as the hospital cash rider, personal accident rider, etc at the payment of an extra percentage of the health insurance premium. Make use of these riders and enhance your medical insurance coverage.

These are some of the most effective health insurance covers available under the Care Health Insurance Company plans. You, along with all the members of your family, will benefit a lot if you get good insurance coverage from this insurer.

Benefits of Choosing the Care Health Insurance Company

Buying a good health insurance plan at a good rate is very important. This is why you should never be in a hurry when you buy health insurance. Take your time, do your research and then choose the ideal cover. An extremely important point to note here is that while the insurance cover is crucial, it is also necessary for you to choose a good insurance provider. Unless the health insurer is good, you won’t be able to enjoy the health insurance coverage to the fullest. This is why you need to choose a good insurer such as the Care Health Insurance Company. Here are some reasons that make the company so good:

Online Presence 

The company has a very strong online presence. You can find the plans on the website as well as the mobile app. You can use online platforms to purchase your health cover. Health insurance online is cheaper and easy to buy too. You can also pay your regular premiums online, initiate a health insurance claim and contact the company if needed, all via the digital routes. When you buy the plan online, you can do so in an unbiased manner, without an agent influencing you. This is another advantage you get when buying health insurance online from Care.

Vast Variety 

The company offers a vast variety of health insurance claims. From the regular family floater, health insurance covers to the more specialized personal accident covers and maternity insurance plans, you get many types of health insurance policies from Care Health. Different people have different health insurance requirements, and keeping this very pertinent fact in mind, Care Health has designed all types of health insurance covers for people to choose from.

Excellent Customer Support 

The Care Health Insurance Company has a very friendly and efficient customer support team. This makes it easy for you to interact with your insurance provider when there is a requirement. Whether you have a general query about health insurance or a serious doubt regarding a particular issue, you can easily call the helpline number and speak to someone from the company. They are always ready to help and resolve the matter in a polite and professional manner.

High Claim Payout

A good health insurance company is known for its claim settlement record. The higher the number of claims settled, the more reliable the company is believed to be. Care Health excels here as it pays out most of the claim requests received. This works very positively in its favor and makes it one of the best health insurance companies in India that are trusted by many people.


As mentioned above, the company works with the right set of ethics. As a result, you witness a lot of transparency and fair play when you associate with the insurer. There are practically no hidden clauses or charges. All the terms and conditions are clearly stated in the brochure for you to read and understand. You are not led in any incorrect direction when you buy a health insurance policy from Care Health.

These are some of the wonderful benefits you get when you buy a health insurance cover from Care Health Insurance Company.

Reasons Why You Need the Care Health Insurance Company Plans

Now let us see why these plans are of use to us:

Helps to Stay Fit 

When you have a good medical insurance cover, you stay fit. If you fall ill, you can afford to get admitted to the best hospital in the city to get cured. You can also make use of the other benefits such as the preventive health check-ups, diagnostic checks, OPD consultations domiciliary care, etc to remain healthy in a comprehensive and wholesome manner.

Helps to Save Money 

If you do not have a good health insurance policy, you will have to pay the medical bills from your own pocket. This can be very taxing and drain you financially. Health care expenses are high these days and so you need a good Care Health Insurance Company plans to stay financially secure when there is a medical emergency at home.

Helps to Save Tax 

You can get a tax benefit of up to Rs 50,000 in one year when you buy health insurance. The premium you pay for health insurance is tax exempted under Section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act. Buy a good Care Health Insurance Company plan and make full use of this tax benefit while you keep your health protected simultaneously.

These are some very good reasons why you should consider getting health insurance plans from Care Health.

The Final Word

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, the Care Health Insurance Company plans are effective and comprehensive. The insurer also offers excellent service in all areas. You get a wholesome coverage at some of the most affordable rates. There is complete transparency in the dealings and you are assured of getting a claim if your premium payments are done and you avoid the exclusions. With so many points working in their favor, the Care Health Insurance Company Plans indeed stand out and prove to be excellent medical insurance policies.

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