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Future Generali Vector Care Plan provides you coverage against a list of specified vector-borne diseases. If you or any covered member of your family is diagnosed with the covered disease, the insurer pays your hospitalization expenses up to 100% of the sum insured. And you don’t need to undergo any pre-medical check-up to purchase the plan. Read this page and know more about the Future Generali Vector Care Plan coverage and other terms and conditions.

List of Diseases Covered Under Future Generali Vector Care Plan

The insurer covers the following vector-borne disease during the policy term –

  • Malaria, Dengue
  • Lymphatic Filariasis
  • Kala-azar
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Chikungunya
  • Zika Virus

You’ll get coverage against the above if the hospitalization period is 24 hours or more.

Future Generali Vector Care Plan Sum Insured Reinstatement

If you file a claim under this policy, 100% of the sum insured shall be paid and the same is exhausted. But the insurer will reinstate the same after deducting the pro-rata premium from the payable claim amount. You can utilize the reinstated sum insured for the remaining policy year.

Future Generali Vector Care Plan Policy Term and Premium Payment Option

You will get the following policy term options –

  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years

The following discounts shall apply to your premium amount if you opt for a long policy term –

Policy Term (in Years)Discounts (Applicable to
Single Pay Premium)

Check out the table below and see the sum insured and premium amount options available under the plan.

Sum Insured (in INR)Premium Per Person (in INR)

Note: The above-mentioned premium amount is exclusive of GST. No loading is applicable in case of adverse claim experience. If you purchase multiple Future Generali Vector Care Plans, the insurer’s maximum liability against hospitalization is restricted up to INR 75,000 (combining all policies).

Exclusions from the Future Generali Vector Care Plan

The insurer shall not provide the policy benefits in case of the following –
Any illness other than the above-mentioned vector-borne diseases

  • Any disease diagnosed during the waiting period
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Non-allopathic treatment
  • If the insured delays the medical treatment
  • Diagnosis and treatment outside India, this exclusion may not apply to the following:- Canada, Japan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, USA, and European Union countries. Claim documents are eligible from outside India if it is in English and specially agreed by the insurer.

Future Generali Vector Care Plan Renewal Clause

You can renew the policy lifelong and all diseases shall be covered from Day One, except the one for which you have filed a claim in the previous year. The condition shall be covered after 60 days of the cooling-off period from the date of the policy renewal. And if the condition for which you have filed a claim is Lymphatic Filariasis, the same won’t be covered. Because the insurer provides you coverage against Lymphatic Filariasis only once during your lifetime.

Who Can be Covered Under Future Generali Vector Care Plan?

You can cover your spouse, up to three children and two dependent parents under the this Plan. The children continue to get covered under the policy if they are unmarried and up to the age of 25 years.

Eligibility Criteria for Future Generali Vector Care Plan

You can purchase the plan if you meet the following age criteria –

  • Minimum Age at Entry – 1 day
  • Maximum Age at Entry – 65 years

Waiting Period

The plan comes with the following waiting period from the date of commencement of the policy –

  • Initial Waiting Period – 15 days
  • If you are suffering or suffered from any of the covered diseases, except Lymphatic Filariasis before the proposal, a 60-day initial waiting period applies.
  • If you are suffering or suffered from Lymphatic Filariasis within 60 days before the date of the proposal, the same will be excluded from the policy. A 60-day initial waiting period applies to other diseases

Free Look Period

Future Generali provides you a 15-day free look period to review the terms of the policy from the date of its receipt. If you disagree with the policy terms and conditions, return the same stating the reason for it. If you haven’t made any claim during, the following will happen.

  • The insurer will refund the paid premium after deducting stamp duty charges and medical examination expenses.
  • If you or any of the covered members are diagnosed with any of the covered vector-borne diseases and return the policy, a deduction on the risk premium for the period on the cover will be made.
  • Whereas, if only a part of the risk is commenced, the risk premium commensurates with the risk covered during the free look period.

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