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Care Health Cancer Mediclaim

Just the mention of the word ‘cancer’ runs a chill down the spine. It probably is the worst nightmare of every individual. Thanks to our current lifestyle, the chances of an individual being diagnosed with cancer in today’s times are high. A recent study has confirmed that there are more than a hundred kinds of cancers that can affect the human body.

Health Insurance

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The condition of Indians is no better. The number of people diagnosed with cancer annually runs in lakhs. It is not just the disease that is deadly, the cost of treatment is also a big reason most people succumb to it. Over the past few years, people are becoming more aware and are investing in medical insurances, but most insurance plans might not be able to cover such expensive medical treatments.

Care Super Mediclaim Cancer Indemnity

Care Super Mediclaim Cancer Indemnity is a cancer-specific plan that covers the costs of cancer treatment. Unlike a fixed critical illness plan, there is no survival period in this super Mediclaim policy. Also, even at the time of diagnosing of a low severity critical illness, the insured individual can make a claim. The plan takes care of the expenditure done not just post the hospitalisation but also the pre-hospitalizations expenses which are often as high.

Here’s a look at the main features of Care Cancer Mediclaim

Sum Insured
(To be selected by the policyholder)
INR 10 lakhs
INR 25 lakhs
INR 50 lakhs
INR 1 crore
INR 2 crore
Age of Entry5 years to 50 years
Tenure1 or 2 or 3 years
Type of Cover Individual cover for the maximum number of 6 people
Premium FrequencySingle-Premium
Monthly Premium
Quarterly Premium
In-Patient Expenses and Day Care TreatmentAs high as the Sum Insured selected
Before and After Hospitalisation 30 days and 60 days
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Cover As high as the Sum Insured selected
Quick Recovery CounsellingMaximum 8 sessions in a year with the maximum charges of INR 1000 per session
Yearly Health Check-UpsAfter the second anniversary of the policy
Substitute Treatment To an amount that equals 25% of the Sum Insured
Cover - Organ DonorLower out of INR 15 lakhs or the Sum Insured
Charges in ICUNo upper limit
Expenses of OPDLower out of-INR 25,000 or 1% of the Sum Insured
Initial Period of Waiting90 days
PED Period of Waiting4 years

Benefits of Care Cancer Mediclaim

The benefits of the Care Cancer Mediclaim are far too many as the policyholders can avail multiple advantages. It is not wrong to call this plan a comprehensive package that suits just about every individual. Let us take a look at the various features and benefits of Care Cancer Mediclaim

  1. Care Cancer Mediclaim is a custom-made plan that is much more affordable than a regular health insurance policy. Not just that, the premium that is selected can be paid in the form of instalments, making it all the easier and more convenient.
  2. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Cover can be as high as the Sum Insured.
  3. Under this plan, the cover can be made available for 6 people, thereby ensuring that the whole family is covered.
  4. The plan also offers Yearly Health Check-Ups after the second policy anniversary.
  5. Care Cancer Mediclaim also offers an NCB, No Claim Bonus, that can be up to 100% of the sum insured.
  6. Depending on the severity of the emergency situation, the policyholder will be able to claim for an air-ambulance that is up to INR 5 lakhs.
  7. Even the expenses made on transport between 2 or more hospitals are covered.
  8. If the policyholder has opted for a Sum Insured above INR 5 lake and for a Room Rent Modification add-on, then he can have a “No-Limit” room rent eligibility.
  9. The policyholder also receives a Cashless Health card when he opts for a Care Cancer Mediclaim.
  10. A discount can be availed when buying a 2- or 3-years plan on a single payment frequency.


Care Health Insurance is a trusted company that has been quite a renowned name in the sector of health insurance. Care Cancer Mediclaim is indeed a super plan that offers multiple advantages at highly affordable premium rates. As the plan does not have an exit age, it offers great contentment to the policyholder.

Many policyholders are generally not aware of the various plans and features of the policy that they own. When you are investing in a policy, you must find out all the possible information that you can and invest your hard-earned money after that.

Care Cancer Mediclaim gives you and your family the assurance and support that you need during such critical times. Chalk out your needs and requirements carefully and invest in the plan wisely. However, once you opt for the plan, you must remember to continue it.

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