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Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan

Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan

The Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan is one of the very best term life insurance plans available in India these days. The plan is available online, making it cheap and convenient to buy the life cover. Take a look at this article to know more about the Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan and how it is beneficial.

The features of Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan

Here are the top features of the Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan:

  • Entry age – The minimum entry age for this term life insurance plan is 18 years while the maximum age of entry is 65 years.
  • Maturity age – The maximum maturity age of the iTerm Smart Insurance Plan is 80 years. This means the policyholder can stay covered under the plan until he reaches the age of 80.
  • Sum assured – The policyholder gets a high sum assured under this life cover. The minimum sum assured is Rs 75 lacs, which is higher than normal. There is no limit on the higher value, making it easy for the policyholder to get an appropriate cover for himself.

Benefits of Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan

  • Inexpensive – Term insurance online is usually more affordable than term insurance offline. This is because the plan is directly bought from the insurance company and the brokerage fee is eliminated. Also, since most of the work happens digitally, the administrative and processing fees are lower. The Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan is an online plan and so you get it a low and affordable rate.
  • Available online – An online plan is not just affordable, it is extremely easy to buy and own as well. From making an application to paying the insurance premium to add riders to initiating claims – all the work related to the life cover can be completed online. The policyholder does not have to go to the insurer’s office or meet the insurance agent to get the job done. He can simply log in and complete the task.
  • Comprehensive life cover – The coverage offered is large and comprehensive. The minimum sum assured is Rs 75 and there is no limit on the maximum value. So you get to buy as much life insurance as you need. Your family will remain secure when you choose a cover based on their lifestyle habits and requirements. It is advisable for you to make a list of the needs and requirements and then choose a coverage amount that would be of utmost use to you and your family.
  • Can add riders – You can call riders to the Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan. riders are very handy add-on covers that allow you to make the life insurance plan more flexible. Choose from many options and see which rider serves you the best. Add it to the term insurance plan and increase the insurance coverage considerably.
  • Multiple payout options – You can choose from among multiple payout options for the death benefit when you buy the Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan. Depending on how well your family is equipped with financial knowledge and what their financial needs are, you can choose a lump sum payout, a staggering payout or a combination of both. In the former, the family gets the entire sum assured in one go. On the second option, the sum assured is broken up in installments and paid over time and in the third, it is a combination of both.

Note: Choose this plan and you will get all the above-mentioned benefits.

Why you should buy Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan

The biggest reason to choose the Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan is the insurance provider’s credibility. Here are some ways in which Aviva proves to an excellent life insurance company

  • Great mobile app – The insurance company has a very good and efficient mobile app. All transactions and details regarding the life cover are available and accessible through the app. You can use the app to make a purchase, pay your premium, check new guidelines, contact the customer support, etc. This helps to save time and energy and you get to access your life cover wherever you need to do so.
  • Excellent claim settlement ratio – Aviva Life Insurance settles over 96% of the life insurance claims. This is a very impressive number indeed. When you buy your life insurance cover from a company that has such a high claim settlement ratio, you also get the assurance that the claim on your life insurance policy will not be rejected, provided the insurance premium is paid and the claim application is submitted properly and on time.
  • Won many awards – Aviva is considered to be one of the best life insurance companies in India and that too for good reason. The insurer has won multiple awards and recognitions. From being awarded for their life insurance products to being recognized for the good service they offer, the industry has given many rewards to the insurance company. This gives a testimony of how good the insurance company actually is.
  • Helpful – The customer support team of Aviva Life is very efficient, well-trained and ever helpful. You can call at any time with your questions and get satisfactory answers from the executives. Many insurance companies begin to ignore their policyholders after they sell a product, but Aviva Life never does this. When you buy a term life insurance plan from Aviva Life, you get the get association and service for as long as you stay insured under the policy.
  • These are the main reasons why you should choose the iTerm Smart Insurance Plan from Aviva Life Insurance

In conclusion

Anyone who is looking for a good term life insurance cover can definitely consider getting the Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan. This plan is comprehensive and affordable. In addition, the insurance provider is good and always ready to help. With these points working in its favor, the Aviva Life iTerm Smart Insurance Plan proves to be a great selection.