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Apollo Munich iCan Cancer Insurance

One of the most saddening reports is that India is the world’s major contributors to Cancer patients. Even though, the cancer treatments in India are at par with global cancer treatments still India reports approximately 22 Lakh cancer death every year and the reason is the high cost of cancer treatment. The cost of cancer treatment is expensive and creates a huge financial burden on the patient and its family. However, to overcome such financial burden Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company has designed a cancer-specific insurance plan that helps to overcome the financial burden.

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The  iCan Cancer Insurance plan is designed to cover the expenses incurred towards the treatment of all types of cancer. The plan is designed to offer high coverage at an affordable premium amount. Let us understand the iCan Cancer Insurance plan of Apollo Munich in detail

Features of Apollo Munich iCan Cancer Insurance Plan:

The key benefits and features offered by the iCan Cancer Insurance plan offered by Apollo Munich are as under:

  1. Sum Insured: The iCan Cancer Insurance Plan of Apollo Munich offers high Sum Insured that benefits the policyholder. Cancer is an expensive illness the plan understands the upcoming financial needs post-diagnosis of the illness.
  2. Offers unique benefits like CritiCare and FamilyCare Benefit under iCan enhance insurance plan. these benefits ensure that you receive lumpsum pay-outs in the event cancer diagnosis.
  3. Tax Benefit: All the premiums paid under the policy qualify for income tax benefit under section 80D of the income tax act.
  4. The plan offers follow-up care during the post-treatment phase
  5. The plan covers pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses
  6. The plan also offers ‘Emergency Ambulance Care’ Facility
  7. The plan offers ‘MyCare Benefit’ that covers medical expenses related to hospitalization and outpatient medical treatment for cancer.
  8. The plan offers coverage for conventional treatments like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Organ Transplant, and Onco-Surgery carried out for removal of cancerous tissues.
  9. Apart from conventional treatments, an optional benefit is available to cover for treatments like proton beam therapy, Interferon, TNF, Hormonal Therapy, Targeted Therapy, etc.
  10. The plan offers the facility of the second opinion to the insured in the event of diagnosis of cancer.
  11. The plan comes in 2 variants namely the Apollo Munich iCan Essential Plan and  iCan Enhance Plan of Apollo Munich. Both the plan variants offer unique features and benefits as under:
Criteria ParticularsApollo Munich iCan Essential PlanApollo Munich iCan Enhance Plan
Sum InsuredRs 5 Lakhs, Rs 10 Lakhs, Rs 15 Lakhs, Rs 20 Lakhs, Rs 25 Lakhs and Rs 50 LakhsRs 5 Lakhs, Rs 10 Lakhs, Rs 15 Lakhs, Rs 20 Lakhs, Rs 25 Lakhs and Rs 50 Lakhs
Second Opinion FacilityAvailableAvailable
Conventional TreatmentAvailableAvailable
Pre & Post Hospitalization CoverUp to 30 days Pre-hospitalization expense coverUp to 60 days Post-hospitalization expense cover
Emergency AmbulanceUp to Rs 2000 per hospitalizationUp to Rs 2000 per hospitalization
Post Treatment follow-upUp to Rs 3000 twice in a yearUp to Rs 3000 twice in a year
Optional Benefit of Advanced TreatmentAvailableAvailable
FamilyCare BenefitNot ApplicableLumpsum payment of 100% of sum insured

CritiCare BenefitNot Applicablelumpsum payment of 60% of sum insured

Eligibility Criteria of Apollo Munich iCan Cancer Insurance Plan:

The eligibility criteria for buying the  iCan Cancer Insurance Plan of Apollo Munich are as under:

Minimum Entry Age5 Years
Maximum Entry Age65 Years
Family Care Benefit18 years and above having iCan Enhance insurance plan
CritiCare Benefit18 years and above having iCan Enhance insurance plan

Why buy iCan Cancer Insurance Plan?

The key benefits of the plan make it one of the most popular cancer insurance plan. The following are the main reasons for purchasing the iCan Cancer Insurance plan of Apollo Munich.

1. Lifelong renewal

The iCan Cancer offers the benefit of lifelong renewal of the insurance plan. The insurance plan can be renewed even after claim registration

2. Holistic coverage

The insurance plan offers coverage against all types of cancer covered.

3. Cost-effective

Cancer treatment is very expensive, however, with the Apollo Munich iCan Cancer Insurance plan the insured can avail large sum insured to cover the cancer treatment expenses that too at low premium amount.

4. CritiCare Benefit

It is one of the best features of the iCan Cancer Insurance Plan. Under this benefit, the insured is eligible to receive a 60% lump sum pay-out in the event of a diagnosis of cancer. This lump sum pay-out is given over and above the basic sum insured.

5. FamilyCare Benefit

FamilyCare Benefit offers financial protection to your family. In the event of diagnosis of stage IV cancer or relapse of cancer you are eligible to receive 100% lumpsum pay-out over and above the basic sum insured.

6. Cashless Cancer Treatment

Cashless treatment of cancer at a network hospital is available. Insured can also avail reimbursement of treatment expenses under iCan Cancer insurance plan.


Cancer is an emotional and financially draining illness. It is important to be ready to knock down cancer emotionally and financially. With iCan you can prepare yourself to face the illness.

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