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Tata AIA Life Insurance

About Tata AIA Life Insurance Company

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Ltd is one of the most trusted and reputed life insurance companies in India. Further, this company was established by the joined forces of Tata Sons private limited. And AIA Group. The current CEO of Tata AIA Life Insurance is Rishi Srivastav. This coalition brings a blend of the trust of the Tata group along with the excellency of the AIA group that which is one of Asia’s largest insurance group with its business spanning across 18 countries.

Term Insurance

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The Tata AIA Life Insurance reviews have always been positive, and they have created a very loyal customer base. The Tata AIA Life Insurance products are designed to provide their customer financial security and amazing extra survival benefits on maturity. Even the Tata AIA Claim Settlement Ratio 2019 is 99.07%, which is quite commendable.

Vision and Values

This life insurance company’s core aim is to provide people with health and life insurance policies that would give them a sense of financial security. Also, the Tata AIA Life Insurance returns are loaded with amazing premium benefits that are dedicated to giving their consumers a financial boost on their survival till the maturity term-end.

Moreover, this company also claims to be the provider of the best customer services, as well. The customer care support is a 24 hours facility provided to the consumer for helping them in making a choice and aiding them in choosing the best Tata AIA plans and making payments as well.

Payments and Policies

The payment policies of Tata AIA are quite easy to follow. There are multiple modes of payment that makes it convenient for every customer.

Moreover, this company also provides ease of payment to its consumer through the Tata AIA customer login portal online. Further, this portal also helps its customers to know about their Tata AIA Life Insurance policy status as well. It allows the customer to make Tata AIA Life Insurance premium payments, keep a track of their maturity dates as well as other services like address and phone number updation, etc.

Types of Tata AIA Life Insurance Plans

There are multiple options of Tata AIA smart investment plans which can be taken. They are:

Protection Solutions

which are given for the benefit of the customer’s protection purposes. The plans under this category are:

  1. Sampoorna Raksha Plan
  2. Sampoorna Raksha+ Plan
  3. iRaksha TROP Plan
  4. iRaksha Supreme Plan
  5. Maha Raksha Supreme Plan

Wealth Solutions

Which helps the customer to build his investment portfolio along with insurance coverage. The plans under this category are:

  1. Invest One Plan
  2. Fortune Maxima Plan
  3. Fortune Pro Plan
  4. Wealth Maxima Plan
  5. Wealth Pro Plan

Savings Solutions

Which gives guaranteed returns to the customers. The plans under this category are:

  1. Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan
  2. Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan
  3. Diamond Savings Plan
  4. Gold Income Plan
  5. Smart Income Plus Plan
  6. Monthly Insurance Plan
  7. Secure 7 Plan
  8. Maha Life Supreme Plan
  9. Fortune Guarantee Plan
  10. Insta Wealth Plan
  11. Money-Back Plus Plan
  12. Smart 7 Plan
  13. Smart Growth Plus Plan
  14. Mahalife Gold Plus Plan
  15. Mahalife Gold Plan
  16. Mahalife Magic Plan
  17. Money Maxima Plan
  18. POS Smart Income Plus Plan

Child Solutions

Plans specific for children are. The plans under this category are:

    1. Good Kid Plan
    2. Super Achiever Plan

Retirement Solutions

Those plans are specially designed for the purpose of retirement planning for individuals. The plans under this category are:

    1. Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan
    2. Freedom Plan
    3. Smart Annuity Plan

Health Solutions

These are health-oriented insurance plans. The plans under this category are:

  1. Tata AIA Life Insurance Vital Care Pro Plan

Top 3 Most Popular Types of Tata AIA Life Insurance Plans

Tata AIA Life Insurance Sampoorna Raksha Plan

Tata AIA Life Sampoorna Raksha Plan is a traditional life insurance plan with flexible survival benefits options. This plan is the perfect one to opt for if you’re looking for a simple plan that would also give financial security to your family along with a few amazing monthly benefits as well.

In Tata AIA Life Sampoorna Raksha Plan, you will have four payment options to choose from, which makes this plan very flexible. You can either choose the basic options to get a lump sum amount on maturity or unfortunate demise. Or you can also get a monthly income after certain years of maturity. Moreover, with this plan being extendable, it is a perfect life insurance policy to opt for.

Tata AIA Child Insurance Policy

Children are one of the most precious gifts, and to give them wings to follow their dreams securing money for their future is a must. The early you start investing in your child’s future, the better it is for their higher education.

The Tata AIA lets you invest money for your child’s future at a very early age with flexible premiums, maturity period, and return investments along with added bonus as well. This would actually help you in saving up a lot for your kid’s education and also will let you have monthly income as well after a certain year. The insurance terms for child insurance can be of max 21 years with monthly premiums according to the plan you opt for.

Tata AIA Health Insurance Policy

The Tata AIA Life Insurance Vital Care Pro lets you get a financial backup for unfortunate illness for yourself and your spouse. As you might never know, when a health calamity falls over you, but with the smart investment, you can always be financially ready to face it head-on.

This Tata AIA Health Insurance Plan has a number of amazing features, such as flexible maturity terms and premiums. Also, this plan covers 15 critical illnesses in it as well, worth 60 lakhs. Moreover, this plan also partially covers the medical expenses of your spouse, as well.


Tata AIA Life Insurance rank in India as among one of the top insurance companies that are known for providing best services to its customers. With the incorporation of modern aesthetics such as online payments and registration, this company is keen on providing state of the art services to its customers. Moreover, according to the above Tata AIA Life Insurance review, most of the plans are designed to be very flexible where customers can get a Tata AIA insurance policy with a minimum premium. Also, each plan provides amazing returns and survival benefits as well as maturity, which makes this life insurance company a perfect financial backup to count on for securing the financial conditions of your family.

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