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Exide Life Insurance

About Exide Life Insurance Company

Investing in a life insurance policy is considered as the foundation of your financial planning. A life insurance policy is very helpful in securing the future financial needs of your family in your absence. In a life insurance policy, you are required to pay a certain amount of premium for a specific term and in return, you are offered the benefit of a life cover. Exide Life Insurance Company Limited is one such leading insurance provider offering a wide range of life insurance products carefully curated as per your insurance needs.

Term Insurance

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Company Overview and Profile

Name of the CompanyExide Life Insurance Company Limited
Sector / Industry / Sub-IndustryFinance / Insurance / Life Insurance
Headquarter AddressNo 3/1, Millers Road 3rd Floor, JP Techno Park Bangalore, 560001 India
Key PersonMr Kshitij Jain (MD & CEO)

Exide Life Insurance Company Limited was established in 2001 having its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. The company was formerly known as ‘ING Vysya Life Insurance Company. The initial company was formed as a joint venture between ING Vysya Bank, ING Insurance and the Damani Group. However, in 2008, Exide Industries took over the entire stake of the company and now it is 100% owned by Exide Industries Limited.

The Exide Life Insurance reviews have been amazing and it can be vouched from the business it has achieved in the financial year 2018-19. The company has received a total premium of INR 2,800 crores through its various distribution channels like agency, bancassurance, direct channel, online channel, and corporate agency & broking.

Values and Vision

The Exide Life Insurance Company is focused on offering insurance plans aimed for long-term protection and savings. The company has a wide range of products like Exide Life Insurance Money Back plans, term plans, savings plans, and retirement plans to cater to all insurance needs of the customers. The company has a strong set of values and visions that makes Exide life insurance rank amongst the top insurance provider in India.

The company has strong values and visions like:

  1. Being the most ‘Dependable’ and trustworthy insurance provider in India
  2. Offering the most ‘Dynamic’ insurance products to the customer
  3. Being utmost ‘Responsive’ to customer’s insurance needs
  4. Be ‘Foresighted’ in terms of future financial needs of the customer

Exide Life Insurance Plans

Exide Life Insurance Company Limited is a customer-centric company. Therefore, while designing insurance products, the company has kept in mind the insurance needs of its customers. The company offers the following insurance products:

Exide Life Insurance Protection Plans

Protection plans include various term insurance and health insurance plans for the customers. Protecting yours and the family’s financial future is prudent otherwise all savings could erode. A right protection plan will help your dependent family remain financially stress-free even when you are not around. You can add extra riders to your protection plan to make it robust.

The following are various protection plans offered by the Exide Life Insurance Company Limited:

Term Plans

  1. Exide Term Plan with Return of Premium Plan
  2. Exide Life Smart Term Plan
  3. Exide Life Elite Term Insurance Plan
  4. Exide Life Term Rider

Health Plans

  1. Exide Life Sanjeevani
  2. Exide Life Critical Illness Rider


  1. Exide Life Term Rider
  2. Exide Life Critical Illness Rider
  3. Exide Life Accidental Death, Disability & Dismemberment Rider

How to Choose an Ideal Protection Plan?

Choosing an ideal protection plan can be a daunting task. So, here are some helpful pointers to consider while purchasing Exide Life Insurance plans:

  1. Determine life cover by knowing your HLV – Human Life Value
  2. Choose sum assured as per the coverage
  3. Know the various features and benefits offered by the plan
  4. Consider adding riders to make protection plan more robust
  5. Look for terms related to premium payment mode, policy term, etc.

Savings and Investment Plans

Savings and Investment plans are the best ways of wealth creation through systematic investment and come with life insurance coverage too. Savings and investment insurance plans can be selected based on your life stage and future financial needs. These investment plans offer flexibility to the investors to choose the investment portfolio as per their risk appetite. The following are various savings and investment plan offered by the Exide life insurance company

Child Plans

  1. Exide Life Mera Ashirwad
  2. Exide Life New Creating Life Insurance Plans
  3. Exide Life Wealth Maxima – Maxima Child

Life Goal Plans

  1. Exide Life Saral Bachat
  2. Exide Life My Assured Income Plan
  3. Exide Life Star Saver
  4. Exide Life Wealth Maxima
  5. Exide Life My Money Back Plan
  6. Exide Life Income Advantage Plan
  7. Exide Life Secured Income Insurance Plans
  8. Exide Life Guaranteed Income Insurance Plans
  9. Exide Life Jeevan Uday
  10. Exide Life Nirmal Jeevan Plan

Investment Plans

  1. Exide Life Wealth Builder
  2. Exide Life Assured Gain Plus
  3. Exide Life Wealth Elite
  4. Exide Life Wealth Maxima
  5. Exide Life Prospering Life Plus
  6. Exide Life Secured Income Insurance Plans

Savings Plan

  1. Exide Life Sampoorna Jeevan
  2. Exide Life New Fulfilling Life

How to choose an ideal Savings and Investment Plan?

The following tips shall help you choose the best savings and investment plan for your family:

  1. Start Investing early so that you get ample tenure to achieve the target amount
  2. Gain in-depth knowledge regarding the terms and conditions of the policy
  3. Keep in mind ‘Inflation’ cost while planning for the future
  4. Know about tax benefits to maximize your gains

Retirement & Pension Plans

By buying Exide Life Insurance pension plan, you can be assured of financial security during golden years of life. Retirement & Pension Plan allows you to build a substantial corpus for post-retirement life.

The following are retirement & pension plans offered by Exide Life Insurance Company Limited.

  1. Exide Life Golden Years Retirement Plan
  2. Exide Life New Immediate Annuity Plan
  3. QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes)
  4. Exide Life My Retirement Plan

How to choose an ideal Retirement & Pension Plan?

  1. Understand the terms related to guaranteed growth on savings
  2. Understand the terms related to the flexibility of premium payment
  3. Know the track record of bonus and discounts offered by the company
  4. Tax Benefits

Policy Maintenance and Servicing

The company offers excellent customer service and policy servicing. The online portal offers various instruments like Exide life insurance premium calculator for the convenience of the customer. Exide life insurance policy bond provides all the important terms and conditions of the plan and all details related to the customer service department.


Exide Life Insurance Customer Care is one of the best customer service providers. The company is well-known for its top-notch products and customer service. The Exide life insurance review is amazing, all the Exide life insurance products are unique offering the best features and benefits.

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