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Top Life Insurance Companies in India

Best Life Insurance Companies in India

Life insurance is a booming industry in India. Since everyone needs a life cover, there are many good life insurance policies available in India these days. Some of the best insurance providers offer these plans at some very good rates. You need to choose your coverage carefully. The different plans from different insurers have different features. You need to determine which plan exactly caters to your needs. In this article, we list the best life insurance companies in India and tell you why they and their products are good. Take a look and make your decision accordingly.


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1. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

When it comes to life insurance in India, LIC is the most trusted name. Not only can you get a very good life insurance policy coverage from LIC, but you can also get a whole lot of other benefits when you associate yourself with this insurer. Some of the main features of LIC as a life insurer include:-

High claim settlement record

When it comes to claiming settlement, no other insurance company in the country can match up! LIC settles over 99% of all the claims. This is a sensation fact indeed.

Different types of insurance available

LIC has different types of life insurance policies on offer. You can choose a term insurance plan, an endowment plan, a money-back plan, a child plan or a pension plan. You will never fall short of options with LIC.

Great customer support

The customer support cell of the Life insurance corporation of India is very good. You can contact them at any time with your queries and receive all the support you need.

Easy to buy and maintain plan – The LIC plans can be bought and maintained easily online. You can download the mobile app and maintain your plan effortlessly.

LIC Plans

  1. LIC e Term
  2. LIC Bhimashree
  3. LIC Jeevan Shiromani
  4. LIC Jeevan Arogya
  5. LIC Jeevan Umang
  6. LIC Jeevan Tarun
  7. LIC Jeevan Akshay

Choose your plan carefully and stay protected in a very wholesome manner. LIC is a trusted name and if you buy your life insurance plan from them, you won’t regret

2. HDFC Life Insurance Company

Among the leading private sector life insurance companies in India, we have HDFC Life Insurance Company. This insurer is considered to be one of the best and the leading life insurance provider. You get many benefits when you buy your plan from them. Some of them are:-

Wide range of options

HDFC Life has a very wide range of life insurance products that they offer. No matter what your requirements, you will find a corresponding plan. From term to the pension to endowment and more. HDFC Life will spoil you for choice!

Excellent digital presence

Being a modern private sector company, HDFC Life has a very efficient and easy-to-use mobile app. You can complete all the jobs related to life insurance through that every app in a quick and easy manner.


The HDFC Life quotes are among the lowest. You, therefore, end up finding a great cover at a very affordable price.

Healthy claim record

Like LIC, HDFC Life also honors a majority of the claims they receive, making them a safe insurer to get associated with.

HDFC Life Insurance Company

  1. Click2Protect
  2. HDFC Life Super Income Plan
  3. HDFC Life Sampoorn Nivesh Plan
  4. Pragati Plan
  5. HDFC Life Young Star Udaan Plan
  6. Personal Pension Plus

You will not be disappointed if you buy your life cover from HDFC Life, as the company is a very good insurance provider indeed.

3. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company

Next, we have ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company. This is another name to reckon with when it comes to life insurance in India. the insurer offers some very high-quality plans in different life insurance types. Some beneficial features of this insurance provider are:-

Very professional

ICICI is a very well-known name in India and when they offer life insurance, you are assured of getting a good deal. The company has some very good plans and they handle the business of selling and processing these plans with tremendous professionalism. You get to choose and buy your plans in a hassle-free and quick manner, making the experience very memorable.

Healthy claim record

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance also has a very high and healthy claim settlement record.

Economic life insurance quotes

If you are looking for a good life insurance cover at a reasonable rate, you should look at the plans from ICICI Prudential. The life insurance quotes offered are highly economic.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance plans

  1. Raksha Term Plan
  2. Guaranteed Wealth Protector
  3. Savings Suraksha
  4. Easy Retirement Plan

Go over the available options and find your ideal cover easily.

4. SBI Life Insurance Company

SBI Life is another hugely respected name in the Indian life insurance sector. SBI Life Insurance Company has been offering some very good insurance products for many years now. Here are some advantages you get when you buy an SBI Life insurance plan:-

Lots to choose from

SBI Life has a very wide pool of plans to choose from. You will definitely get what you need.

Claim record is good

Given SBI’s name and reputation, it isn’t surprising to see how high their claim settlement record is!

Excellent mobile app

SBI Life has a very good mobile app through which you can buy and maintain your policy.

SBI Life Insurance Plans

  1. eIncome Shield
  2. Smart Money Planner Plan
  3. Smart Power Insurance Plan
  4. CSC Saral Sanchay Plan
  5. Smart Champ Insurance
  6. Saral Pension Plan

Understand what each type of life insurance policy offers and then purchase the one you like the most.

5. Max Life Insurance Company

Next, on the list, we have the Max life insurance company in India. Max is an old player in this sector and has been providing people with life insurance solutions for many years. When you buy a Max Life plan, you get the following benefits:-

Very accessible

Both the life insurance policy as well as the insurance provider, are very accessible. You can find their plans online. You can also reach out directly to them through their very efficient customer support team.

Uncomplicated process

Max Life is a leading and much-established life insurance provider. You, therefore, get to buy the plan, pay the premium, initiate a claim, etc in a very uncomplicated manner. This is a huge benefit of choosing Max Life as your life insurance provider.

Helpful customer support

Most of the policyholders agree that Max Life has one of the best and most helpful customer support cells. You can call them with any query and they will happily solve it for you.

Wide range of plans

Max Life perhaps has one of the widest ranges of life insurance policies in India. You get all types of life insurance plans,like the term, endowment, retirement, etc.

Best Max Life insuranceplans

  1. Online Term Plan Plus
  2. Monthly Income Advantage Plan
  3. Platinum Wealth Plan
  4. Whole Life Super Plan
  5. Savings Advantage Plan
  6. Future Genius Education Plan
  7. Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plan

Read the life insurance policy details to locate your ideal plan and stay covered in a proper manner.

The final word About Best Life Insurance Companies in India

As you saw, there are many good life insurance companies in India and every company has a wide range of plans on offer. Choose wisely and cover your life in a wholesome and appropriate manner.

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