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Which Mediclaim Policy Covers and Not covers Dental Treatment?

Mediclaim Policy is designed to cover for the medical expenses irrespective of their nature. Whether the medical expenses incurred result in hospitalization or a small treatment, Mediclaim policies are designed to cover them all. Dental treatment is one of the most common forms of treatment that requires frequent visits to the doctor and involves taking a lot of medicine. The dental treatment being a frequent treatment can cause a hole in your pocket. Most of the insurance providers do not cover the dental treatments as a part of their Mediclaim policy. Dental treatment is usually excluded from the policy cover. However, don’t feel disappointed as certain insurance providers who provide coverage for dental treatment.

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List of insurance policies that cover the cost of dental treatments.

Apollo Munich Maxima Health Insurance Plan:

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company is one of the leading health insurance providers in India. The company is dedicated to offering products that cover all the medical expenses of its customers. The company has launched an insurance plan called the Apollo Munich Maxima Health that covers the cost of dental treatment. The plan is designed to cover for the treatment as well as the OPD expenses which are otherwise not included in most of the Mediclaim policies. Under this plan, 1% of sum insured capping on coverage is put (subject to a max of Rs 5000 or Rs 7000). Additionally, the capping is also dependent on the number of members covered i.e. for individuals the maximum capping is Rs 5000, for 2 members the maximum capping is Rs 5500, and for 4 members the maximum capping limit is Rs 7000. The plan also offers Specialist cover that covers specific dental treatments which are not caused due to accident.

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Policy:

Bajaj Allianz is one of the most trusted names in the insurance industry. The company has come with an insurance plan that covers the cost of dental treatment. The Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Policy is designed to cover the in-patient hospitalization expenses incurred due to illness or accident. The plan also covers the cost of dental treatment and surgery of all types. However, the plan does not cover the cost of hospitalization that occurred in the event of an accident that caused harm to the insured’s teeth.

Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Plan:

Bharti AXA Health Insurance company has introduced the ‘Bharti AXA Smart Health’ Plan to cover the cost of dental treatment and surgery arising due to the occurrence of an accident. The plan offers to cover the expenses of the entire family for hospitalization, critical dental surgeries, pre and post hospitalization expenses, etc but in the event of an accident.

BSLI Saral Health Insurance Plan:

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited offers a comprehensive health insurance plan that takes care of most of the medical expenses. The Birla Sun Life Insurance Saral Health Plan is a health insurance policy that covers regular medical expenses and also offers extended coverage for dental treatment, dental check-up, OPD charges, and surgeries.

ICICI Prudential Health Saver Insurance Plan:

The plan is a comprehensive package offering coverage against all medical expenses including doctor consultation fees, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, pharmacy bills, diagnostic expenses, and much more. The plan also extends the cover the dental treatment. All the expenses incurred towards dental treatment and surgeries are covered under this policy

LIC Health Protection Plus Insurance Plan:

LIC is a pioneer institute offering unique Mediclaim policies that cover almost all treatments and ailments. LIC’s Health Protection Plan can be availed for individuals or families to cover their medical expenses. The plan extends the coverage to dental treatments, surgeries, medicines, doctor consultation charges, etc.

SBI Life Smart Insurance Plan:

SBI Life is one of the leading insurance providers in India offering uniquely crafted insurance plans for its customers. The SBI Life Smart Insurance plan is designed to cover the cost of dental treatment and surgeries. However, the coverage is only offered if any of the dental treatment is not caused by an accident. Thus, the plan offers dental treatment arising out of natural cause and not due to an accident.

Chola MS Travel Insurance Insurance Plan:

This plan by Chola MS is a travel insurance plan where the coverage is offered to individuals who want insurance coverage during their travel. The plan covers the cost of dental treatment. However, being a travel insurance plan, it covers the dental treatment expense that is incurred during travel.

Final Words

So, above are some of the insurance plans that offer coverage for Dental treatments. However, the most important thing to remember is that even though these plans cover dental treatments but there is certain capping to such coverage. This capping is represented in the form of a certain pre-determined amount or by a certain percentage of Sum Insured. There are no dedicated dental treatment Mediclaim policies in India, neither the existing policies cover dental treatment expense up to the sum insured. So, it is recommended to carry out extensive research to find Mediclaim policies that are as per your needs.

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