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How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Company in India

Best Health Insurance Company in India 2020

Health insurance is one of the most crucial forms of insurance available to us. A health insurance plan so important mainly because it brings the best possible health care within your reach. Unfortunately, the healthcare costs are extremely high and without a good medical insurance cover, getting treated in a good hospital becomes very difficult. This is why you need to invest in a very good plan from a very good health insurance company. In this article, we tell you how you can choose a good health insurance company and we also the list of best health insurance companies in India for your benefit. Take a look.

Health Insurance

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How to Choose Best Health Insurance Company in India to Buy Health Insurance Plans

Claim Settlement Ratio

The first and perhaps the most important thing that you must notice is the claim settlement ratio of the health insurance company. You need to take a long and careful look at this figure. If you notice the company does not pay out too many of the health insurance claim requests it receives, you should look to buy your policy from a different health insurance company for sure. If you see the claim settlement record is on the higher side, you can choose that insurer without any worries. The claim settlement ratio of the company you choose should always be high and positive.

Variety of Offers

When it comes to health insurance, everyone has different requirements. This is why you need health care coverage that’s tailor-made for you. The insurance company you choose must have different types of health insurance covers available. You should not be forced to buy just the one plan that insurer offers. You should have many choices between the family health insurance plans, individual health insurance plans, senior health insurance plans, etc. A good insurance company has not one, but multiple varieties of covers on offer and you should also look for one such company to get your medical insurance cover from.


You need to find a health insurance company that is affordable. Many insurers offer economical prices on health insurance quotes, but the scope of the insurance coverage is very low. The best health insurance companies in India manage to strike a beautiful balance between the two. They offer affordable medical insurance plans but the features on the plans remain intact. They do not take away important covers to accommodate for the price drop. Look to buy health insurance from one such insurance company that offers affordable, wholesome health insurance policies

Additional Offers

The health insurance company you choose should have additional offers. You should be able to get discounts and offers such as the no claim bonus, discounts for long term association with the company, discount for a returning customer, etc. Most of the leading health insurance companies have such offers and discounts. But not every insurance provider has them. So when you choose your health insurance company, make sure you get as many offers and discounts as you can. You need to be practical with your purchase and you should also be able to make some savings via these discounts and offers. Keep an eye out and you will surely find some good ones.

Network Hospitals

This is a very important point to check before you buy health insurance. The health insurance company you choose must have an extensive list of network hospitals. You should find the hospital you want to get treated in the list of network hospitals.

Digital Presence

Gone are the days when you had to make several trips to your insurance provider’s office, submit files of documents, chase insurance agents, pay them a hefty brokerage amount, etc all for the sake of getting a simple health insurance cover! These days, a majority of the work happens online. You can simply log on and get your health insurance cover digitally in a few minutes. You can bypass the insurance agent and deal directly with the insurance company. This is why you need to choose an insurer who has a good and strong digital presence so that you can buy and maintain your health insurance plan with ease.

Customer Support

A good insurance company always has a very good customer support team. You should look for an insurer who can be reached 24/7. They should have a helpline number where you can call. You should also be able to reach them via email, chat, etc. Unless the insurer is approachable and helpful, you will face many issues in your health insurance coverage.

Awards and Accolades

If you visit any health insurance company’s website, you will notice a section called, ‘awards and accolades’. You can go over the details given there to see how many recognitions the company has won. It goes without saying that the higher the number of awards, the greater the credibility of the company is. Look to buy your health insurance plan from an insurer who has consistently won many awards and accolades, making them an allrounder.

Reviews and Ratings

It is very easy to see how well the insurance company fares among its existing policyholders. The health insurer you choose must enjoy positive feedback from its clients. A good way to check this is by looking for some online reviews of the company. You will find these reviews very easily. Read them and see whether or not you want to get associated with the company. Then, also look for some star ratings of the company. You will also find these online. Do not buy your plan from the very first insurance company you see – do some research and find the most popular one.

These are some of the most important pointers of the best health insurance company in India. You should look to buy your health insurance plan from an insurance provider who has all these points on offer. The features of the health insurance cover are not enough; the cooperation and help of the insurance company are equally important. This is why you need to choose your insurer with care. When you compare the health insurance quotes, quickly compare the credibility of the different insurance providers as well.

Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies in India

Here are the top five health insurance companies in India. They cater to all your requirements and fill out all the checkpoints mentioned above:-

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Considered by many as the best health insurance company in India, Apollo Munich has some very good health care covers on offer. You can find some of the best family health insurance plans, individual health insurance plans, senior health insurance plans, etc from this insurer. They also have a good claim record and have been serving their customers with professionalism for many years.

National Insurance Health Insurance Company

The National Insurance Company is one of the oldest and most renowned health insurance companies in India. It has an excellent set of health insurance covers on offer. You will find some excellent plans at excellent rates from this insurance company. Go over the features of the plans and see if they suit your requirements. If they do, buy the cover and you will surely get associated with one of the best health insurance companies in India. 

Star Health Insurance Company

Next, we have Star Health Insurance. This is another very good health insurance company that has unique health insurance plans on offer. You get a variety of options from this health insurance company. The plans are priced economically. The company is very approachable and helpful as well, making it easy for you to get the medical insurance cover from them. 

New India Assurance Health Insurance Company

One of the most popular general insurance companies in the country, the New India Assurance Company has some of the very best health insurance plans on offer. The company has a high claim settlement ratio and it also has a good customer cell. 

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company

And last but not least, we have Max Bupa Health Insurance. The company has been a health insurance provider for many years. It has some of the best health insurance plans on offer. The company settles a majority of the health insurance claim requests received, making them a very dependable and bankable health insurance provider. 

These are some of the very best health insurance companies present in India currently. Choose any one of these companies as your health insurance provider and you will end up with a fantastic medical insurance cover.

The Final Conclusion About Best Health Insurance Company in India

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, the insurance company plays as important a role as the health insurance plan itself. So do not forget to do your research and only them select the very best possible medical insurance provider. Fortunately, there are many excellent health insurance companies in India that offer some of the best health care covers. Get the insurance coverage that you think is ideal for yourself and your family members and stay safe and healthy at all times.

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