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Best Top Health Insurance Company in India- How to Select?

When you look to buy the best health insurance policy in India, you browse over many options and then decide on the one that seems the best. Unfortunately, at times you end up with the wrong cover. So what makes a healthcare plan good or bad for you? There are two main factors to determine this. Firstly, you need to find a plan that supports your requirements. And second, and most importantly, the plan needs to be from the best possible health insurance provider. Unless the insurer is good, you will never be happy with the cover. Let us take a look at some of the features that make a health insurance company better than the others.

Features of Best Health Insurance Company in India

Thankfully, the Indian insurance sector is booming. As a result, there is not one, but multiple general insurance companies that offer attractive health insurance plans at some of the most affordable rates. But before you choose a plan to cover yourself and all your family members too, you need to identify the insurer you want to get associated with. If the insurance company is good, half the battle is won. Listed below are some of the crucial features that make a health insurer stand out:-

Scope of cover

The insurance company should offer a large sum insured. You should be able to bring your entire family under a single health insurance umbrella if that is what you need to do. There should be very few limitations on the scope and volume of cover being offered to you. This is one of the main qualities of a good health insurance provider and you should definitely keep an eye out for it.

Types of health insurance plans available

As we all know, medical insurance is a vast field. There is no single type of cover meant to cover everyone. There are different types of health care plans designed for different people. The insurance company you choose must have a wide range of plans on offer. From the standard family health plans to critical illness insurance, a good insurance company has a huge number of health insurance products on offer.


The features of the healthcare policy must appeal to you. You may agree to pay a higher price for the insurance coverage, but the features should really be applaudable. Unless you find a health insurance policy that has some excellent features, do not agree to get associated with the insurance company that is offering the plan. If you do so, you may face many problems later on.


Everyone looks for cheap health insurance, but the price tag should never be the only factor to look at when buying health insurance. The cost factor is obviously a major one, but the cheapest plan is seldom the best. You should ideally find an insurance company that offers an economical medical insurance coverage but has the features you need as well. The key is to find a balance between the price you pay and the benefits you receive.


The health insurance companies in India have molded the plans in such a way that they have become very suitable for a wide number of people. This has further been possible due to the availability of riders. Health insurance riders are add-on covers that you get with an added insurance premium. The top health insurance providers are known for their rider options. You should typically find an insurer who offers a wide pool of riders to choose from. If your insurer restricts the number of riders or tries to impose certain riders on you, it will perhaps be a good idea to look for a different health insurance provider.

Waiting period

Another mark of a good health insurance company is its understanding of customer needs. This trait is well-displayed interest he clauses the company attaches with the waiting period. Look to find an insurer who offers the insurance coverage after making you wait for the shortest possible time. this will help you to get the maximum value out of the health insurance policy.


Similarly, the best health insurance company will have only a few exclusions in the health cover and offer you the widest scope of cover. Do not just glance over the set of exclusions. Read them very carefully as this will help you to understand how well the medical insurance plan will deliver in the future.

Customer support

One of the greatest ways in which the health insurance company connects with its customers is through the customer support cell. Your health insurance provider must have the best customer support system. you should be able to reach them at any time and get all your doubts cleared. Unless the insurance provider has a good support system, they can never be called the best healthcare company in the country.

Claim settlement record

Next, we come to the claim settlement figures. A good general insurance company stands out simply by showing us how well they process claims. If your insurer has a settled a high number of medical insurance claims in the past, you will be in a good position to buy their healthcare products. If however, you find that the claim record is poor and disappointing, stay away from the insurer, as your health insurance claim may also be rejected later on.

Online digital presence

Another mark of a good and modern health insurance company is their digital presence. You must find an insurer who has an excellent website and mobile app. You should be able to buy health insurance online, pay the insurance premiums online, initiate claims online and so on. The insurer must also have other tools such as a health insurance calculator, etc on the app and website. The digital advancement will make it easier for you to buy and maintain the health cover.

Renewal system

And finally, you should be able to renew your health insurance policy with ease. Most of the good health insurance companies offer excellent renewal options. You can renew your health insurance cover online in just a few minutes. You may be asked for a health check-up. The best health insurance company will make such check-ups easy and convenient for you. Look for a good insurer who has easy to renew features on the health insurance covers. If the renewal process is cumbersome, look for a different health insurance company right at the offset.

Before you buy your medical insurance plan, make sure the insurance provider has the above-mentioned features on offer. Unless that happens, you should not get the healthcare plan from that insurer.

The Bottom Line About How to Choose Best Health Insurance Company in India

Compare health insurance quotes online to see what options you have. Once you locate the best plans, scrutinize the health insurance companies offering the plans. Do your research and look at online reviews and ratings. Also, look for the awards and accolades the insurers have won. Speak to your friends who have bought health insurance plans in the past and ask them of their personal experiences. Once you look around, you will surely find the best health insurance company in India to get associated with. Buy an appropriate health insurance cover and stay protected in a comprehensive fashion.