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Which Mediclaim Policy Covers Pre-Existing Diseases in India? 

Many people who set out to buy health insurance have a similar query – which mediclaim policy covers pre-existing diseases in India? Technically speaking, practically every single medical insurance policy does so, but after a waiting period. The insurance company very clearly and categorically states that the pre-existing conditions are covered only after the policyholder completes a certain number of years in the plan. There are however some plans that offer to cover the pre-existing conditions from the first day of the plan. This feature is commonly found in the senior citizen health plans. Let us find out more about which mediclaim policy covers pre-existing diseases in India in the article below.

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What is a Pre-existing Illness?

 A pre-existing illness in medical insurance is defined as a health condition that the proposer already has when he looks to buy a health plan. The common pre-existing diseases include asthma, hypertension, diabetes and so on. Health insurance companies do not offer an immediate cover for such illnesses as they increase the risk of health claims being made. 

What is the Waiting Period?

The waiting period in medical insurance refers to a fixed time-frame that a policyholder has to wait out before he makes certain claims on the health insurance policy. The waiting period is usually attached to the common pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. If a person already has hypertension when he buys the policy and the clauses state a waiting period of three years for the illness, he cannot make a claim for any conditions related to that for the first three years after he buys the health cover. Once he completes three years in the policy, claims can be made.

Which mediclaim policy covers pre-existing diseases in India?

As mentioned above, most of the health plans do cover the pre-existing conditions, but with the waiting-period clause. There are some plans, such as the Chronic Care Management plan from Aditya Birla Health Insurance that covers many pre-existing ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma from day one. Another plan that offers cover for diabetes and hypertension from day one include the Care plan. While the plans are definitely very helpful, you must remember that the premium charged is very high. Keep the cost factor in mind before you make a purchase.

Tips to Get Maximum Health Insurance Coverage

If you want to get maximum health insurance coverage for yourself and your family members, here are some handy tips for you to follow:

Get Health Insurance Early

It is vital for everyone to get health insurance early on in life. You need to do so because when you are young, you are, in general, filter. Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension affect you later on in life. Buying health insurance at a time when you are free from these conditions would be a very wise thing to do. Also, include your younger family members in the plan to keep them adequately covered.

Look for Plans with Lifelong Renewability

Always look to buy health insurance plans that offer a lifelong renewability option. You may develop health problems later on in life and it may then become difficult to get a good health cover. So you should be able to continue with the plan you have for as long as you need it.


Always compare the plans before you buy a health cover. Unless you do so, you will end up paying more than what you should and it will prove to be an unnecessary spend. 

Use your Group Health Cover Extensively

Do not forget to use your employer-provided group health insurance plan extensively. It is an employment benefit you have earned. These Plans cover many pre-existing health conditions from the first day. They also offer special covers such as maternity cover without a waiting period. Make full use of the covers and make claims when you cannot do so on your individual health cover.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat and sleep properly, get exercise, try to quit smoking, etc. If you do these things, you will stay fitter for a longer time and won’t have to worry about pre-existing illnesses when buying health insurance.   

Keep these tips in mind and you will get optimum health insurance coverage for sure.


As we all know, health insurance is a major requirement in life. You need to have health insurance to stay fit and healthy at all times. You also need the maximum possible coverage but at an affordable price. So when you buy health insurance, remember which mediclaim policy covers pre-existing diseases in India and what price it charges for it. Also, remember to use your existing health cover wisely to get the maximum benefits. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and your job will become a lot simpler.

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