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Your parents have taken good care of you all your life. But now that they are old and unable to do many things on their own, it is your duty to take care of them and cater to all their requirements. Health is always a concern in old age, and so it is important to get good health insurance cover for your parents. With health insurance, their ailments are covered and whenever there is a need, treatment is available in an affordable and smooth manner. Thankfully, there are some excellent senior citizen health plans available in the country that offer health covers for your parents. Take a look at this article to know which is the best mediclaim policy for parents in India and how you can benefit from them.

Health Insurance

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Which is the best mediclaim policy for parents in India?

Now that you know the benefits of buying health insurance for your parents, here are some options for you to choose from. Listed below are some of the very best health insurance covers that are available in India for senior citizens

  1. Bajaj Allianz – Silver Health Plan
  2. New India Assurance – Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy
  3. Oriental Insurance – HOPE – Health of Privileged Elders
  4. United India Insurance – Senior Citizens
  5. Care Health – Care Freedom

All these plans are very good and have been designed keeping the needs of the elderly in mind. Go over the features of each policy and find the one that matches your requirements perfectly.

Advantages of buying health insurance for parents

Here are the benefits you get when you purchase a senior health policy to cover your parents who are above the age of 60:

Health stays covered

The main objective of buying health insurance is keeping one’s health secured. The senior health plans offer this in a truly wholesome manner. When you buy a cover, your parents are assured of getting hospital covers, pre and post-hospital covers, domiciliary covers, daycare covers, OPD covers, covers for diagnostic and preventive tests and so on. As you can guess, all these covers are of great use and so buying a senior health plan proves to be very effective as well as helpful.

Money stays covered

You parents perhaps do not work any longer and their finances are very limited. A trip to the hospital can, therefore, get to be an expensive affair. But when they have a health insurance cover at their disposal, they can seek health care whenever they need to do so. The money stays secure even while they get treated at the largest and most expensive hospital in the city.

Pre-existing illnesses are covered

A major advantage of the senior health plans is that they cover the common pre-existing ailments. Many of the regular health plans do not offer coverage if the proposer has certain pre-existing conditions. It is helpful to get a senior plan as they enrol your parents irrespective of their existing health issues.

No pre-policy tests

You do not have to worry about your parents having to go through pre-policy medical screenings. Most of the modern-day senior citizen health plans do not ask for such tests. This is a huge advantage as your parents get their health insurance covers instantly without any hassles and delays due to health tests and complications related to them.

Easy to buy

The plans can very easily be bought online with just the click of a few buttons. It is a simple and quick process and can be done at any time and at any place.

Tax benefits

You get tax benefits when you buy health insurance for your parents. As per the rules of Section 80 D of the Indian Income Tax Act, tax rebates of up to Rs 50,000 are available for the health insurance premium paid for a parent’s health cover. This is a huge benefit that you must look to encash upon.

Easy to renew

The senior citizen health insurance plans are very easy to renew. The renewal can be done online in just a few seconds. Remember to renew the cover on time so that your parents can enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted health cover at all times.

These are the main benefits you get when you buy a good health insurance plan that has been specially designed for parents.

The final word

Keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, it can be seen just how necessary it is for you to get a health insurance cover for your parents. The senior health plans allow you to get the desirable cover at a low cost. You get covers such as hospitalisation, home health care, diagnostic checks and so on, all of which are of great use to your beloved parents. So go ahead and find a good policy and secure their health without any further adieu.

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