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United India Health Insurance

United India Insurance Company Limited – A general insurance company in the public sector was previously a part of General Insurance Corporation of India. It is now a wholly Government-owned general insurance company in India. The United India Insurance Company, a leading player in the non-life insurance market, was incorporated in the year 1938 on 18th February and is headquartered in Chennai. The company has a huge net worth and has been providing non-life insurance products for about 3 decades; general insurances like motor insurance, travel insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, health and liability insurance etc. constitutes its product portfolio.

Health Insurance

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United India Insurance Company has more than enough experience in the health insurance market and the ability to provide curated services and plans. The company, originally a part of General Insurance Corporation was later formed with the merging of 22 companies. This company has been persevering towards it goals: to offer better coverage and protection through insurance policies to various sections of the society and to guarantee customer satisfaction; they have been a pioneer in spreading various such insurance policies among the rural masses. Their USP is the services they design and implement for the people of the economically weaker and working section of the masses.

The list of United India Health Insurance policies offered has been explained below including all necessary details and information that you will need to know. Let us learn all about Universal India Health Insurance policies.

Nationalized in the year 1972, United India Insurance Company Limited was established in the year 1938. It has an extended distribution network both in the urban and rural sectors. Additionally, they have a strong presence across the country with over 1,340 office buildings providing customers with the insurance products they are well-known for. The company offers different coverages and schemes to its wide customer base of over 1 crore clients. As it is owned wholly by the government sector, the company works towards creating awareness about suitable insurance plans among the rural sections through different government organised events and programmes; therefore their pioneering efforts to increase the insurance product consumption apart from urban and semi-urban sections is recognizable too.

There is micro-offices set-up across 200 small towns across the nation which aims to provide better and tailor-made plans to the lower economic strata. Talking about United India Health Insurance, they are affordable and beneficial with the coverage benefits. Moreover, their policies are designed to resolve sudden arising financial aid for hospitalization expenses and such by incorporating the needs of the corporate world, familial lifestyle and the rural sector.

Features and Benefits of United India Insurance Company

The information provided above, about the company, is more than sufficient to understand that the company is genuine and reputable. Rest assured investing in good health insurance from United India Insurance Company is beneficial. Here are some of the common features and benefits of the company and their health insurance policies:

  1. It is no secret that this company has been at the forefront with various curated insurance plans and its implementation for large customers as per requirement. For example, customers like ONGC Limited, Mumbai International Airport Limited, Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam and GMR-Hyderabad International Airport Limited etc.
  2. As mentioned, the company has a strong office presence in more than 200 towns under II tier and III tier sections and villages
  3. Their pioneering activities include actively participating and implementing large level projects like the Tsunami Jan Bima Yojana, National Livestock Insurance and many such schemes.
  4. The health insurance plans offered have the following benefits: the entire sum assured is paid out to the nominees of the policyholder in case the insured person passes away within the insurance period due to causes covered by the plan. In case of permanent disability of a body part due to an accident rendering the sole breadwinner incompetent then the entire insured sum will be returned back.
  5. If loss of a limb or both, an eye or both eyes due a cause covered in the policy’s terms and conditions occurs such as accidents, then the total sum insured will be paid back.
  6. Additional benefits can be availed for dependent kids by paying an extra premium to cover for their needs as well.
  7. Certain policies have domestic coverage and others have global coverage, however, the upper age limit for procurement of health insurance is of 80 years, only after a medical test. Compulsory medical tests are made so for people above the age of 70 years.

United India Health insurance Plans

The United India Health Insurance policies are of variety presented with viable coverages and benefits. The following health insurances named below are available for purchase at the United India Insurance Company’s official webpage (discussed further below); let us learn about all the health insurances provided and some of their salient features:

The health insurances are as follows:

  1. United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy
  2. United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014 Policy
  3. United India Insurance Individual Mediclaim Policy
  4. United India Insurance Gold Policy
  5. United India Insurance Platinum Policy
  6. United India Insurance Senior Citizen Plan
  7. United India Insurance Top-up Plan
  8. United India Insurance Super Top-up Policy
  9. United India Insurance Top-up Plan
  10. United India UNI Criticare Health Insurance
  11. United India Workmen Medicare Policy

The aforementioned policies form an integral part of their health insurance product portfolio. Now, onto the details of the issued policies:

United India Family Medicare Policy

This health insurance scheme helps to cover for the insured proposer and their family under a single sum insured. Along with the basic premium insurance, one can also choose an add-on cover from two available options. This will increase the sum assured or the ailments and circumstances the policy will cover.

About the plan, United India Family Medicare Policy:

Age Parameter Children between the ages of 3 months to 18 years can be covered only if either of the parents or both are simultaneously covered.
Adults of the age of 18 years to 80 years can avail the policy.
For medical tests to be submitted for the policy those over the age of 45 years should provide medical screening. Half of the charges applicable for a medical screening will be reimbursed on qualifying.
Sum Insured The sum insured ranges from 1 lakh to 10 lacs INR (Indian National Rupees) in multiples of Rs. 50,000 going up to 5 lacs INR
It also offers an assured sum of Rs. 5 lacs to 10 lacs INR in multiplies of Rs 1 lakh INR.
There is a discount applicable in case of claim-free successive policy terms. The no-claim discount accounts for 3% to 15% on renewal premium in case of no-claims for 3 consecutive policy terms. Thereafter, the claim-free bonus can be claimed annually.
Cashless benefits over 7000 hospitals pan India.
Benefits and Coverage 15 days free look period at the inception of the policy.
Free check-ups once every three years. Applicable limit of 1% of the sum insured; applicable only if there have been three claim-free terms.
Hospitalization charges:
Room/Boarding/Nursing charges for not over 1% of sum insured or actuals whichever is less.
ICU (Intensive Care Units) costs not over 2% of the sum insured or actuals whichever is less.
Incurred expenses for surgeons, consultants, Anaesthetist, Specialists etc.
Additional expenses for surgical appliances, medicines and drugs, chemotherapy, dialysis, prosthetic devices, implants, vascular stents, x-ray, laboratory and diagnostic tests etc.
Pre-hospitalization charges/Post Hospitalization charges:
Pre and post hospitalization charges prior and post 30 days and 60 days respectively are subject to a maximum limit of 10% of the sum insured.
For Example Cataract surgery- 10% of sum insured to a maximum of Rs. 25,000. Hernia- 15% of assured sum to maximum of Rs. 30,000 etc.
Day-Care Treatment: Treatments that take less than 24 hours as specified in the terms and conditions of the policy are covered.
AYUSH treatment:
If the insured is treated in a government hospital or under government-recognized medical institutions then the treatments fall under this category.
Optional add-on covers are as follows: Ambulance cover with a cover-up of Rs. 2,500 can be availed at an additional premium of Rs. 100
Add-ons Daily Cash Allowance requires an additional premium of Rs. 150 or Rs. 300 for a cover-up of Rs. 2,500 or Rs. 5000 respectively.
Exclusions Some common exclusions are:
Disease contracted within the first month of policy’s inception.
Vaccination and inoculation of any kind apart from those post-animal bites.

United India Family Medicare 2014 Policy

United India Family Medicare 2014 policy is basically a variant of the previous policy, therefore much of the salient features are similar to it. It covers the proposer and their family comprising of spouse and dependent children alone.

About United India Family Medicare 2014 Policy:

Age Parameter The entry age for children is 3 months to 18 years with the covered parents and for adults, it is of 18 years to 80 years.
For deductibles, the insured person should be over 60 years
Sum Insured The assured sum the bracket is of Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 10 lacs INR but in multiples of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lacs INR
It also provides an assured sum of Rs. 5 lacs to Rs. 10 lacs INR in multiples of Rs. 1 lac.
You can renew your chosen sum assured at the time of renewal. The premiums, however, is payable in advance.
Benefits and Coverage The various benefits to this policy are similar to that of the previous policy: There is a specific no-claim benefit of 3% to 15% on renewal of basic premium but the first discount will only be provided after 3 successive claim-free years and thereafter, this benefit can be claimed annually.
Under the Income Tax Law premium paid for the proposer and the family members are available for tax exemptions under Section 80(D).
At the end of three consecutive claim-free years one can avail free medical check-up to 1% of the average of the assured sum.
Hospitalization Charges: Incurred expenses of room and nurses will be covered up to 1% of the chosen insured sum.
ICU charges incurred not exceeding 2% of the insured sum
Fees applicable for surgeons, medical practitioner, consultant etc.
Expenses incurred from medical applications and objects like medicines and drugs, blood, oxygen, artificial limbs and prosthetics, radiotherapy, dialysis, etc.
Organ donor hospitalization etc.
Pre and Post-hospitalization charges: up to 10% of the chosen sum insured.
Day-care treatments: Which take less than 24 hours are covered and are clearly mentioned in the plan purchased.
Hysterectomy Charges:
20% of the sum insured going up to Rs. 1 lakh at the maximum.
Cataract surgery:
For 10% of the sum insured per eye going up to a maximum of Rs.25,000
Ayurvedic Treatments: Any Ayurvedic treatment undertaken at the government-approved medical centre or Ayurvedic centre will be compensated for to an extent agreed upon.
Add-ons As similar to the before policy, there are two cover-ups:
Ambulance cover for Rs. 100 on the premium for a cover-up of Rs. 2,500
Daily cash allowance for Rs. 150 and Rs.300 for a cover-up of Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 5000 respectively.
Exclusions Some common exclusions are:
Additionally, psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders are also excluded.
Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS are exempted

United India Individual Mediclaim Policy

This unique policy is an umbrella under which three other major plans fall, namely: the Gold scheme, the Platinum scheme and the Senior-Citizen scheme. Prior to learning about these schemes individually let us know more about this policy

About United India Individual Mediclaim Policy:

Age Parameters The minimum and the maximum entry age for Individual Mediclaim policy depends on the scheme chosen, the age bracket ranges from 18 years at the minimum to 65 years at the maximum.
Children over the age of 91 days (approximately over 3 months) can be covered under the platinum scheme if either or both the parents are covered.
Again, depending on the scheme chosen the insured sum varies, here is a basic idea for the same- The minimum price from Rs. 2,00,000 to a maximum of Rs. 20,00,000
Benefits and CoverageThey provide free health check-ups after a block of three claim-free years and no-claim benefits.
Premium paid under this policy is also exempted from income tax under section 80(D) of the Income Tax Rule.
Hospitalization charges and nurses and room fees
Pre-hospitalization charges and post-hospitalization charges within 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after discharge respectively.
Any incurred expenses for Ayurvedic treatments on the in-patient are also covered.
Add-ons An add-on to cover the additional ambulance charge can be availed and for illnesses that require constant check-up and treatment, or for permanent disability—daily hospitalization cash can be availed through an add-on.
Exclusions All pre-existing disease up to 48 months of continuous coverage.
Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery etc.

United India Platinum Health Insurance Policy

The benefit of availing the platinum policy is that it covers for hospitalization charges incurred in India to treat illness or disease or an injury sustained due to a circumstance covered by the insurance within the duration of the policy. The policy’s target customers are the youngsters of India within the age of 35 years. They are reasonably priced and also help cover the proposer’s dependent children.

About United India Platinum Health Insurance Policy:

Age Parameter It can be purchased starting from 18 years capping the upper limit to 35 years. However, renewals can be done beyond 35 years in case of continuous renewals.
Children starting from 3 months onwards can be covered, if the parent or parents are, under the same policy.
Sum Assured As offered, the monetary coverage is between 1 lakh to 10 lacs in INR in multiples of Rs.50,000
Benefits and Coverage You can access a 5% total family discount on the premium payable if an additional member from the family is added to the plan
A free-look period of 15 days is applicable at the inception of this plan
Free medical check-up too is provided once at the end of three consecutive claim-free policy terms.
In-patient hospitalization expenses:
A maximum of 1% of the sum insured for hospitalization charges including room and nursing services.
2% of the Sum insured for all medical professionals and costs incurred for such.
Any technical appliances and processes etc. are also covered
Expenses for organ donation surgeries as well
Pre and post hospitalization charges as specified in the terms and conditions.
Daycare treatments as specified and health check-ups up to 1% of the average of the
sum insured chosen etc.
Any AYUSH treatments have undergone at a government-recognized institution.
Add-ons NIL
Exclusions Some common exclusions:
Any injury that might arise from the abuse of alcohol or drugs.
Another excluded item on the list is the ailments related to pregnancy and childbirth

United India Gold Insurance Policy

Next on the list of Individual Mediclaim Policy is the Gold Insurance Scheme: it too covers for hospitalization charges arising from illnesses/ injuries/ diseases and is reasonably priced. The age bracket covered under this insurance is from the age of 35 to 60 years, unlike the previous insurance. You can merely renew the policy beyond 60 years in case you have renewed the policy without any break.

About United India Gold Insurance Policy:

Age ParameterThis policy targets the middle-aged population of India, from 35 years to 60 years of age.
Children from the age of 3 months and 18 years can be covered if the parent is covered.
Sum Assured The total sum offered is between Rs. 1 lac to Rs, 5 lacs in INR in multiplies of Rs. 50,000
Benefits and Coverage The premium payable is exempted from tax under section 80(D)
Free medical check-up and family discount of 5% if a member is from the family is added.
Free-look period of 15 days is also provided.
Hospitalization charges are all-inclusive for the in-patient and a maximum of 1% of the sum assured is compensated. ICU charges not exceeding 2% will be reimbursed.
Pre-hospitalization and post-care are insured as specified, additionally, so are day-care treatments and AYUSH treatments.
Add-ons NIL
Exclusions Common exclusions:
Treatments under Naturopathy and/or
Unproven treatment/ Experimental Treatment

United India Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

The senior citizen scheme is the last extension, aimed to insure the older section of the society. This age-group is individually insured because of the given high-risk factor, therefore, United India has put together a scheme that is viable and safeguards the need of these individuals.

About United India Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan:

Age Parameter The entry age for senior citizen is from 61yearsr up to 80 years.
Children from the age of 3 months up to 18 years.
Sum Assured The insured sum is from Rs. 1 lakh increasing to Rs. 3 lakhs in increments of Rs. 50,000 and can be enhanced at renewal.
Benefits and Coverage The insured individual can avail a cashless facility in over 7000 hospitals across Pan India.
A family discount of 5% is applicable on the total premium if the policy is taken for more than one family member.
At the inception of the first policy, a free-look period of 15 days will be applicable to the insurance plan out. It can also be cancelled if required within this period.

In-patient hospitalization expenses comprising of room and nursing costs not exceeding 1% of the chosen sum insured is covered. Moreover, ICU charges not exceeding 2% of the assured sum is also covered.
Additional treating medical professionals, other supplies and consumables etc. are included.
Lastly, organ donor hospitalization charges are covered to the specified extent.
Cataract, hernia, hysterectomy etc. to the limit of 25% of the sum assured is counted. Major surgeries can account for up 70% of the sum assured.
Pre and Post medical charges up to 10% of the total amount is assured and day-care treatments to a limit agreed upon.
Finally, AYUSH treatments under a government-approved medical institution.
Add-ons NIL
Exclusions Some common exclusions are:
ExclusionsSome common exclusions are:
The policy does not cover the in-between waiting period of 2 to 4 years for certain illnesses or treatments as specified.
It also does not include any dental treatments as well as external equipment required.

United India Top-up and Super Top-up plan

The aforementioned plans were all primary premium insurance plans. On the other hand, Top-up and super Top-up insurance policies act as additional plans to enhance the primary policy’s basic coverage. They are supplementary to those policies and are economical and useful.

About United India Top-up and Super Top-up plan:

Age ParameterAdults- 18 years to 80 years and
For dependent children from 3 months to 18 years.
Children after the age of 18 self-employed or employed will not be covered.
Sum Assured There are the different sum assured and threshold levels, as specified by the company.
Insurance basis All other insurances were on a floater or an individual basis, these insurance schemes, however, can either are individual or Group based.
Individual basis- the entire family including dependent parents can be covered under the same policy with a different sum insured/ threshold level.
Group Basis- Single sum insured/ threshold level for the entire family, wherein parents can buy a separate policy.
Benefits and Coverage The benefits to these schemes are that they enhance the basic policy coverage of the primary insurance, apart from common benefits as mentioned above.

The policy helps cover an aggregate of the hospitalization expenses that might occur during the policy term. In case the incurred expenses exceed the threshold level or any amount reimbursed/ reimbursable under the scheme purchased whichever is higher reaching up to the sum insured stated in the plan.
The monetary coverages too are similar but are more inclusive of all the family members.
Exclusions Some common exclusions:
Any injury/illness/disease or loss of limb etc. due to an act of war, the foreign enemy is excluded.
Similarly, any damage to health due to ionizing radiation and a nuclear weapon is also exempted.

UNI Criticare Health Insurance Plan

This policy is of much importance because it covers eleven critical illnesses as specified below and also provides payment of a lump sum. The payment provided will be such in case the insured individual is diagnosed with any of the specified illnesses within the timeframe of the policy for the first time.

About UNI Criticare Health Insurance Plan

Age Parameters The eligible age to avail the policy is from 21 years to 65 years.
Sum Assured These are the sum assured amounts- Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 3 lacs, Rs. 5 lacs, and Rs, 10 lacs in INR
Benefits and Coverages It has a waiting period of 90 days from the inception and survival period of 30 days after diagnosis.
It is exempted from income tax, i.e., the premium payable is excluded under section 80(D) under Income Tax Law.

The enlisted critical illnesses are covered by the policy:
First heart attack, cancer and coma of a specified severity
CABG open chest surgery
Kidney Failure
Heart valve replacement
Permanent symptoms as a result of stroke
Bone Marrow transplant
Motor Neurone Disease with permanent symptoms
Multiple Sclerosis
Permanent Paralysis of Limbs
ExclusionsHabitual smoking (more than 40 cigarettes or cigar or any tobacco equivalent in a day.
Self-inflicted injury by the policyholder/ attempted suicide.

United India Workmen Medicare Policy

Any incurred hospitalization charges on account of an accident to workmen within the term of employment is what this policy targets. Their ideal target sector would be factory/owners/ contractors etc. and this medical cover helps with accidents that arise during working hours and in work environment.

About United India Workmen Medicare Policy:

Age ParameteWorking adults under the commercial establishment
Sum Insured It is optional and is of Rs. 50,000, Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 1.5 lacs in INR
Coverage Hospitalization benefits will be provided wherein all incurred expenses of necessary hospitalization services including rooms, nurses, IVF fluids, laboratory tests, blood transfusions, RMO charges etc. are covered.
ICU charges, specialists and surgeons etc.
Reasonable ambulance charges, operation theatre charges, blood, oxygen, medicines and drugs etc.
ExclusionsIn case of injuries and disablement direct or indirect payment arising out of contributing to/by or traceable to any disability existing on the date of issuance of the policy
Expenses incurred on vitamins and tonics those apart from the hospitalization treatment for injury as certified by the attending physician.

Objectives to Remember Before Purchasing a United India Health Insurance

There are quite a few objectives to have at the back of the mind so as to avoid making any errors while purchasing or making a claim. Here is a list of such objectives for your benefit:

  1. Purchasing any product requires a good quality check before investment, same works for a health insurance too. Make sure to read through the prospectus provided for your particular health insurance carefully before opting for it.
  2. While making a request to buy the policy it has to be done through a proposal form as submitted by you. The form would consist of basic information about the individual and related blanks to be filled out entirely. For example: mobile number, address, Email ID etc.
  3. In case of a plan covering multiple family members, individual detail of each member in a similar format will be required. Relevant documents and stamp size photos will have to be submitted.
  4. Do NOT hide any information from the insuring company. All information provided will be verified and if proven incorrect then the contractual insurance will be cancelled. It is important to keep the company informed of any pre-existing illness/ injury/ disease etc.
  5. Documents to uphold any such information should be submitted with a signature and the date. To clear any of your doubts or queries, you will have to contact the company representative or intermediary for clarification.
  6. Lastly, make sure to collect a copy of the completed and verified proposal from the insurance company within the first month of issuance, i.e., within 30 days of the issuance of the policy.
  7. While collecting the policy document, keep in mind to check the issued plan and keep in safe custody. It is advisable to file it away with other policy copies. Make sure all the information you have provided is correct, in case any genuine errors you can immediately reach out to the company to follow through the correction procedural.
  8. Keep a track of the renewal dates and keep in mind the enlisted exclusions.

How to Buy a United India Health Insurance?

United India Health Insurance can be easily purchased through United India Company’s online website; the procedure is fairly simple and can be completed within a few minutes if you are sure of the policy you want to purchase. Here are all the steps to complete an online purchase:

  1. To buy health insurance from United India, search ; (the online website).
  2. You should then navigate for the ‘Health Insurance’ tab and on the hovering tab select the option ‘Get Quote and Buy’
  3. The next step is to enter the health insurance you want to purchase into the search tab.
  4. All necessary information required like phone number, name, address, email ID etc. have to be provided, as asked, to proceed with the payments. A soft copy of all the attested documents should also be attached along with the duly filled form.
  5. After the chosen insurance has been selected and a quote is given, you will have to proceed with the purchase by paying through net banking/ credit or debit card/ mobile banking/ NEFT etc.
  6. The documents provided and the information will be cross-verified by the company before issuing the required insurance and the entire process can take a few days. It is as simple as it can get.

Alternatively, you can also choose to buy insurance through the nearest United India Insurance Company. Make sure to carry along with you all necessary documents mentioned for proof for buying the insurance and any other medical reports required as well. You should be guided through the procedure by the company representatives.

How to Claim Benefits Health Benefits from the Insurance?

Claim procedural involve steps that require document proofs to validate the claim without which the claim will be rejected. The necessary documents have been specified below. On to the steps to make a claim—there are two types of claims that can be made with United India Health insurance policies and they are:

Reimbursement Claim Method

  1. For this type of claim method, it is important to understand how reimbursement works- it is basically getting a monetary refund after the hospitalization payments were personally cleared.
  2. The Reimbursement claim has to be made through a written application which had to be sent to the insurer or the TPA (Third Party Administrator) of the company. This has to be done within 24 hours of hospitalization.
  3. You will be expected to provide all necessary document proofs, therefore, collect all original medical documents during the time of discharge.
  4. File your reimbursement case for the expenses cleared by you, which will be cleared within a week of the discharge provided the claim is genuine and fully supported by necessary medical certificates and documents.

Cashless Claim Method

  1. To avail the cashless claim benefit, you are required to be admitted at one of the company’s network hospitals.
  2. A network hospital is simply an enlisted hospital or institution providing medial aid with the company as mentioned in the policy which will offer cashless claim benefit: wherein your hospitalization and other dues will be cleared directly with the hospital by the insurance company.
  3. All you need to do is get admitted at the insurer’s network hospital and then intimate the insurer or the Third Party Administrator about it: in case of emergencies it should be done within 24 hours and if it is a case of planned hospitalization like surgeries then days prior to the surgery or a day prior.
  4. You can present your health card to the hospital’s helpdesk and submit the pre-authorization request to the Third Party Administrator. The request will be accepted if approved and the dues will be directly cleared and unlike reimbursement, you don’t have to pay personally.


  1. Emergency cases should be intimated immediately to the TPA and in case of any queries furnish clarifications from them.
  2. After discharge, if there is a leftover pay difference after the covered cost, i.e., the difference in amount from what’s to be paid and what’s been cleared by the insuring company, you will have to clear it personally as the sum assured might have been exhausted or a particular cost might not be covered.
  3. You can claim pre-hospitalization charges individually from the policy and the post-hospitalization charges within a week of discharge.

Renewing Procedural and Payment Modes

Renewal of a matured policy is just as important as applying to obtain one; it is imperative that one does both within the required time period by providing all necessary documents and completing all formalities to keep the policy period intact and the cover safe i.e., renewing the policy before it expires or matures so as to maintain the continuity of the cover benefits, and to ensure minimum premiums and better coverage etc. respectively.

The policy has to be renewed within a month of maturity or before the maturity and at the maximum, not later than 7 days after the due date to renew. The disadvantages of not renewing in time will be that it will cost you the chance to maintain your streak to continue the benefits you initially were enjoying, not to mention additional benefits in case you keep renewing regularly.

Request to renew can be put forth through the official website or by visiting the company physically, though the website, follow these step-by-step instructions to do so:

  1. Visit the official site and click on the ‘Health’ tab.
  2. Now, select the ‘Renew Health Insurance Policy’ option. You will be asked to fill in your 20-digit policy number. Make sure to have requested to renew within the first 30 days of maturity to avoid any unnecessary complications.
  3. You should then be updating your customer ID to successfully complete the renewal of the required policy.
  4. Payment is the last step; you can pay using any of the common payment modes like net banking, mobile banking, debit or credit card, NEFT etc.


  1. If you want to change any information or make any other necessary changes in the policy then at the time of renewal request for it through a written application or an entirely new proposal might have to be drawn for it to work.
  2. Renewals sometimes will be denied or the request might not be successful, this can be because of two reasons majorly-

2.1. The insured individual could have turned over 60 years of age

2.2. In the case of critical illnesses, the matured policy of an insured individual will become a subject to internal approval and might require a slightly different approach to tackle the process.

Documents Required Purchasing and Making a Claim

Necessary documents can be generalized to a great extent for the purchase of a health insurance but not all health insurance policy claims require the same documents, they will be subject to changes depending on the claims that are made. Here are some generalized and some added example required documents:

  1. ID proof- Aadhaar card, PAN card, Driving License etc.
  2. Address/Age Proof- Aadhaar card, Ration Card, Passport etc.
  3. Income Proof- Salary slip, bank pass book etc.
  4. A passport-sized photograph is also required.

These are some of the generalized documents; however, the claim-specific documents are some of the following ones mentioned below;

  1. The list would ideally start with a copy of the duly filled form signed by you with the exact date mentioned (the date of signature) to initiate the request.
  2. Later, all required documents like discharge summary, hospital bills, pharmacy receipts, prescriptions, doctor certificates, surgery certificate from the related surgeon (signed and authorized) have to be attached with the form. All such documents must be individually signed to authenticate them.
  3. In case of additionally incurred expense due to extra services that are covered under the policy, for instance- ambulance charges, laboratory and other investigation charges etc. a written copy can be provided with signature, but this can only be done if the referred expense can be proven and authenticated and was agreed upon.
  4. These were some of the broader document specifications, to be entirely sure go through the policy’s terms and conditions while applying for a claim.


  1. All the policy documents of which copies were submitted should be kept safely, including the ones used from inception and the ones used for renewals.
  2. The Identity proofs (a copy of which was submitted at inception,) policy ID at hand and other such proofs should be accessible for any sudden requirement.
  3. It is advisable to make a copy or copies of it and keep them with a family member for unforeseen emergencies.
  4. All documents should be original and must be submitted within a week of discharge.

Final Word

United India Health Insurance policies are a viable option as they are reasonably priced and have sufficient coverage to offer as well. The many benefits of investing in such insurances have been briefly discussed above, including the various factors to keep in mind and the process of purchasing, claiming and renewing the policies. All plans offered and purchased are in conjunction with the terms and conditions outlined therein. The various factors included and excluded have to be carefully read. All necessary charges and expenses including the GST costs will be mentioned.

The company is widely preferred and has a global recognition for its innovative insurance products that meets the needs of various sections of society. Therefore, one can assess and easily pick the required health insurance coverage without second thoughts.

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