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TATA AIG Maternal Care Micro Insurance Plan takes care of your medical expenses arising due to pregnancy or its complications. Key features of this plan are as follows –

  1. In-patient Hospitalization Benefit
  2. Institutional Delivery Benefit
  3. Family Transportation Benefit
  4. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Daily Cash Benefit
  5. High-Risk Pregnancy Check-up Benefit
  6. Coverage for Congenital Anomalies

Read this page further and know about the benefits of the TATA AIG Maternal Care Micro Insurance Plan in detail.

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TATA AIG Maternal Care Micro Insurance Plan Benefits

If you purchase this maternity insurance from TATA AIG, you’ll be entitled to the following benefits –

Inpatient Hospitalization Benefit

The insurer will pay a fixed amount in case you are hospitalized due to the below listed maternal complications

  1. Intravascular Coagulation
  2. Septic Shock
  3. Intermediate Eclampsia
  4. Embolism (pulmonary/amniotic)
  5. Pre-Eclampsia
  6. Rheumatic Heart Disease
  7. Epilepsy
  8. Postpartum renal failure
  9. Hysterectomy
  10. Ectopic pregnancy
  11. Intermediate Post-Partum Haemorrhage
  12. Abruptio Placentae (premature separation of the placenta)
  13. Placenta Previa (low lying placenta)
  14. Uterine Rupture
  15. Inversion of Uterus
  16. Obstructed labor
  17. Tear of bladder or rectum

Note – You will receive an additional 10% of the in-patient hospitalization benefit in the case of birth of a girl child. The policy shall automatically cease to exist on a claim for up to 2 deliveries. After one claim, the inpatient hospitalization benefit shall be restricted to 100% of the sum insured.

Institutional Delivery Benefit

The insurer will pay a fixed benefit of INR 1,000 per delivery if the child is delivered to a hospital. In the case of a girl child, the institutional delivery benefit will be INR 2,000 per delivery. This benefit is payable to you irrespective of the number of children born during the delivery.

Family Transportation Benefit

If the hospital is at least 10 km away from your residence, the insurer will pay INR 500 transportation expenses per delivery. This benefit will be INR 1,500 per delivery in case of a girl child.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Daily Cash Benefit

In case you need to be admitted to ICU due to the above listed maternal complications, the insurer will pay a fixed amount of INR 500 per day for up to 10 days. This benefit is subject to a deductible of 4 days.

High-Risk Pregnancy Check-up Benefit

For out-patient consultations, the insurer will pay INR 200 per consultation, up to 5 consultations for the following maternity complications –

  1. Pre-eclampsia
  2. Eclampsia
  3. Gestational Diabetes
  4. Cardiac disease
  5. Epilepsy
  6. Intrauterine growth retardation
  7. Elderly primi (> 30 years)

Coverage for Congenital Anomalies

If the newborn child is diagnosed with any congenital anomalies, the insurer will pay a fixed benefit of INR 2,000 per child.

TATA AIG Maternal Care Micro Insurance Plan Waiting Period

The insurer won’t be liable for any claim made during the first 90 days from the policy commencement date unless explicitly stated in the policy bond.

Exclusions from TATA AIG Maternal Care Micro Insurance Plan

Under this maternity insurance, you’ll not get coverage for the following –

  1. Sterility, whether to treat infertility and fertility, subfertility, assisted conception procedure such as surrogate, vicarious pregnancy, birth control, contraceptive supplies or its complications
  2. Any non-allopathic treatment
  3. Maternal complications other than the covered conditions
  4. Normal or cesarean delivery if the child is not delivered in a hospital
  5. Claims that are incurred after the date of proposal or enrolment form and before issuance of policy or certificate of insurance where there is a change in the health status of the insured member and the same is not communicated to the insurer.

TATA AIG Maternal Care Micro Insurance Plan Claims Procedure

You need to notify the insurer about the claim by sending an SMS ‘CLAIMS’ to 5616181, dialing 1800-266-7780 (toll-free), or sending an email to To initiate the claim, you need to submit the scan documents to The documents you need to submit are as follows –

  1. Duly filled claim form
  2. Copy of all maternity-related medical reports, case histories, investigation reports, indoor case papers, treatment papers, if available.
  3. Discharge summary
  4. NEFT details
  5. KYC proof

Note – You need to send a written notice of claim to TATA AIG within seven days from the commencement of an actual or potential loss or as soon as reasonably possible, but not after 30 days of such an event.

Free Look Period

You have a free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy to review the terms and conditions of the TATA AIG Maternal Care Micro Insurance Plan. In case you have any objections, you can cancel the policy stating the reasons for the same. When the insurer receives such a request, it will refund your paid premium after adjusting the stamp duty charges and proportionate risk premium.

Note  – You can cancel the policy if you have not made any claims.

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