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Star Health Young Star Insurance Policy

Young Star Insurance policy is launched by Star Health and Allied Insurance to provide its customers with various coverage benefits such as low waiting periods, automatic restoration of the sum insured under the plan and wellness programmes which give incentives. This insurance policy is offered to people of age group 18 years to 40 years to fulfil their specific healthcare needs. The Young Star Insurance Policy provides coverage against mental illnesses and hospitalisation expenses or OPD expenses incurred on Coronavirus outbreak.

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Features of Young Star Insurance policy

Young Star Insurance policy is a health insurance plan which is designed for health-conscious individuals with unique features. The key features of Young Star Insurance Policy are as follows:

  1. Young Star Insurance policy helps to incentivise health-conscious individuals and millennials. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the plan would reward you with incentives and rewards.
  2. The insurance plan is available both on an individual basis as well as family floater basis.
  3. The option of instalment payment of the premium for the insurance plan is offered to the holder of the policy in which he/she can pay the amount of the premiums for the policy in instalments. This makes the premium affordable.
  4. The insurance plan has the lowest waiting period as compared to other insurance plans.
  5. This insurance policy encourages the policyholders to manage and maintain good health and make lesser claims by offering incentives through wellness programmes.

Eligibility Criteria of Young Star Insurance Policy

Young Star Insurance Policy can be issued to the individuals who satisfy the following eligibility conditions of the policy:

  1. Minimum Entry age is 18 years and the maximum is 40 years.
  2. Minimum Sum insured under the policy is Rs 3 lakh and the maximum sum insured under the policy is Rs.1 crore.

Benefits of Young Star Insurance Policy

Young Star Insurance policy is designed for young individuals and it offers numerous unique benefits to the holders of the policy. The benefits offered by the newly launched Young Star Insurance policy are as follows:

  1. Lifetime Premium Renewal Discount- Lifetime discount of 10% is offered to the individuals who are 36 years or less on the premium amount if they consistently renew the policy on time.
  2. Young Star Insurance plan also offers to the policyholder additional sum insured of 25% on any road accident which requires inpatient hospitalisation of the insured individual. The additional sum insured of 25% is subject to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh.
  3. Incentive led programmes of wellness- The Young Star Insurance Plan also provides the benefit of incentives which are provided through wellness programmes. These wellness programmes provide incentives to policyholders who maintain good health.
  4. This insurance policy provides coverage of the medical and hospitalisation expenses as well as OPD expenses if the insured is hospitalised due to coronavirus outbreak.


Young Star Insurance policy is a newly launched insurance plan offering wider and unique benefits and features. The coverage against coronavirus and mental illnesses is new and unique making the plan benefits in the current scenario. This health insurance plan launched by Star Health and Allied Insurance aims to fulfil the various insurance needs of the individuals and provides incentives to health-conscious millennials.

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