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Star Health Insurance No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited is an Indian insurance company that established itself in the insurance industry in 2006. Being the country’s very first independent insurance company, Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited offers its customers with direct and trouble-free claim settlements. 90% of cashless claims are settled within 2 hours. The company has helped cover 16.9 crore lives since its establishment. Not only that, but it currently has a huge number of 2.95 lakh agents who are making the company grow and helping individuals live a healthier life.

The company offers health insurance plans, travel insurance plans as well as accident care plans. Star Health insurance plans are offered in different types to suit different requirements of the customers.

Health Insurance

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Health insurance Plans offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited are as follows:

  1. Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan: This plan is uniquely designed for senior citizens above the age of 60 years. It has a high sum assured of up to 10 lakh.
  2. Star Health Comprehensive Insurance Plan: This plan provides all-round coverage for your whole family on a floater and individual basis. The entry age is 18 years to a maximum of 65 years for adults and 3 months to 25 years of age for children (dependents).
  3. Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance Plan: This floater plan is one of the most widely-used insurance for a growing family.
  4. Star Health Medi-classic Insurance Policy: This is an individual policy with the family package, health advantages and bonus options. The entry age is 16 days to 65 years.
  5. Star Health Gain Insurance Policy: This health insurance plan offers maximum benefits at nominal premium rates and is available for individuals as well as family. Minimum age is 91 days and maximum age is 65 years.
  6. Star Health Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy: This health plan is specifically curated for diabetic patients. Anyone who is diabetic and is between the age of 18 to 65 years can buy this policy.
  7. Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy: This health insurance plan is a unique policy made for heart patients with many advantages.
  8. Star Cancer Care Gold: This is a health insurance plan particularly made for people diagnosed with cancer.
  9. Star Care Micro Insurance Policy: This health insurance is a complete care policy for you and your family. Individuals between the age of 18 years to 65 years and are from Tier 1 and Tier 2 places in the country can avail of this policy.
  10. Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy: This is a protection policy with critical advantages and added benefits.
  11. Star Family Delite Insurance Policy: This plan is specifically made for the entire family with additional advantages.
  12. Star Special Care: A thoughtful plan for children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  13. Star Micro Rural and Farmers Care: This health plan looks after the requirements of individuals along with their entire families in rural areas (villages) in case they are hospitalized due to any sickness, accident or disease.
  14. Star Hospital Cash Insurance Policy: This health plan provides extra coverage by looking after the insured’s incidental expenses such as food costs, travelling costs, etc. which are generally uncovered under health insurance plans in case of hospitalization.

Main Features and Benefits of Star Health Insurance Policies

  1. Overall hospitalization expenses
  2. Pre and post hospitalization expenditures
  3. Domiciliary hospitalization costs
  4. Daycare expenses
  5. Organ donor expenses
  6. Maternal and newborn baby expenses
  7. Alternative non-allopathic treatments
  8. Hospital cash benefit
  9. Tax benefits
  10. Freelook period
  11. Coverage for air and road ambulance services
  12. Second medical opinion facility
  13. Automatic restoration of the sum insured
  14. Health check-ups
  15. The facility of electronic format maintaining of health records
  16. Recharge benefits

Star Health Insurance No Claim Bonus (NCB)

No claim bonus (NCB) is basically the extra coverage offered to you by the insurance company for not claiming during a policy year. No claim bonus is availed at the time of renewing your policy or during your policy period as well. The bonus comes in the form of an increased sum insured. Star Health Insurance can raise the basic sum insured by as much as 100%. For a claim-free year, 25% bonus of the basic sum insured in the second year is allowed. Also, an extra 10% for subsequent years may be allowed. It depends on the type of plan and the insurance company.


Cumulative bonus or no claim bonus is a great way of receiving an additional amount of money. Star Health Insurance no claim bonus is very rewarding and helps meet the rising healthcare expenses we face these days. For any inquiries, issues, support or grievances you can call on the company’s 24×7 toll-free number 18004252255/18001024477. For detailed information regarding each of the amazing policies mentioned above, visit the company’s official website.

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