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Star Health Insurance for 5 Lakhs Cover

Quality of life is deteriorating. Blame it on an unhealthy lifestyle, hybrid food, contaminated water, worsening air quality, heredity or escalating stress levels. All these factors, along with many others, have an adverse effect on our health.

Health Insurance

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Along with that, the number of accidents occurring these days is dangerously high. Need not to mention, new, unheard diseases surfacing every now and then.

It has become a herculean task to maintain good health and remain safe from perils of modern times. Also, the exorbitant health-care cost has added to our misery. Hence, in this scenario, Health insurance has become inevitable.

Plan list with key features

Star Health Insurance has plans for everyone and for every need. Here is a list of plans with its key features.

Sr. no.Plan NameAge criteria
Sum Insured
(Lakh Rs.)
Minimum PremiumImportant features
1Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan18 to 65 years1 to 25 lakhsRs 5,825Covers entire family.
Life-long renewal after the age of 65
2Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy60 to 75 years1 to 25 lakhsRs 4,4501 to 3 years of policy duration
Medical test not mandatory before availing the policy
3Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy18 to 65 years5 to 25 lakhsRs 8,278More than 400-day care procedures covered. Maternity care along with care of the newborn
4Star Medi-Classic Insurance policy (Individual)5 month to 65 years1.5 to 15 lakhsRs 2,510Also covers non-allopathic treatments + 5% no claim bonus
5Star Health Gain Insurance Policy91 days to 65 years1 to 5 lakhsRs 15,000Pre-hospitalization expenses covered
6Star Super Surplus Insurance Policy18 to 65 years5 to 25 lakhsRs 1,165Top-up facility is available. Inpatient hospitalization expenses up to 4000 per day
7Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy18 to 65 years3 to 10 lakhsRs 6,825Donor expenses involved for a kidney transplant.
8Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy10 to 65 years3 or 4 lakhsRs 14,095Two plans available under this policy, Gold Plan and Silver Plan
9Star Cancer Care Gold Insurance Policy 5 month to 65 years3 to 5 lakhsRs 12,250Limited period Plan. Covers people diagnosed with cancer
10Star Care Microinsurance Policy18 to 65 yearsFlexibleRs 905For people residing in tier I and tier II places
11Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy18 to 65 yearsFlexible Rs 3,750Covers 9 critical illness. The lump-sum amount is payable to the insured after diagnosis
12Star Family Delite Insurance Policy5 month to 65 years2 lakhsRs 2,800Ambulance charges covered
13Star Special Care3 to 25 years3 lakhsRs 4,800Expenses up to 5000 per day. For Autism disorders

Note: this information is primary. Please contact the branch or agent for more details.

There are many other features in every policy. Here is a list of few common features:

  1. Inpatient Hospitalization expenses.
  2. Pre-hospitalization expenses
  3. Post-hospitalization expenses
  4. Reinstatement of sum assured

Choose your Health Insurance provider with care

Choosing a health insurer is as important as deciding to take health insurance. Hence one should be vigilant and finicky while buying health insurance.

There are more than three dozen insurance providers to choose from. All are luring their prospective customers by aggressive marketing and fraudulent schemes giving. Hence it has become difficult to select an insurer which provides complete health insurance solutions.

Here are a few factors to consider before buying health insurance from an insurer:

1. Creditability

The insurer must be a ‘stable’ player in the market with reasonable years of experience.

2. Claim Settlement ratio

This is the most important factor to be considered before finalizing an insurer.

3. Ease of claim settlement

Some insurers have very complex claim settlement procedures which are too daunting. Hence one should look for an insurer which provides hassle-free claim settlement.

4. Affordability

A genuine insurer provides health insurance at an affordable cost. The very low premium can be alarming. While too high premium increases chances of lapsation.

5. Product range

We should be keen to study different products which a particular insurer has. It helps us to choose the product or policy which suits us the best.

6. Flexibility

An insurance product or service should have some flexibility which would vary from person to person or according to his/her health. It provides a customized approach which is most important. One should look for an insurer which has a fair amount of flexibility in its products or services.

7. Hidden Conditions and undisclosed clauses

Insurance works on mutual trust between an insurer and an insured, thus transparency is almost important. Any non-disclosure during signing contract results in complications afterwards. One should choose an insurance provider which does not have such dubious chidden clauses.

8. Prompt Service

Over the years it has been found that insurer provides impressive services during the initial stage of buying insurance. However, the services become sluggish during the later years. This causes a feeling of negligence and might result in discontinuation of particular product or services. this in-turn hampers the customers. Thus one should buy health insurance from an insurance provider which provides prompt service.

9. Network

Before finalizing our health insurance provider, we should see how dense is their network. By network we mean, their presence in terms of branches, intermediaries and hospitals.

10. Awards and recognitions

Another important factor before considering a health insurer is its awards and recognition on global forums. It is an easy and accurate way to gauge a particular insurer.

11. Word of mouth

More than any other factor, word of mouth from your friends and acquaintances gives a precise insight about a particular insurer. One should consult a few trusted customers of the insurer before buying health insurance.

Why Star Health Insurance?

  1. Star Health Insurance has successfully completed 14 years in the health insurance industry, covering more than 16.9 crore lives.
  2. With an impressive Claim Settlement ratio of more than 99%, Star Health Insurance has paid out and an amount of Rs. 12,739 crores. This itself is a testimony of our track record.
  3. Star Health does not have third party assessment, instead, it has an in-house claim assessment policy which provides hassle-free claim settlement for its customers.
  4. With a noble vision of providing quality health insurance to masses, our premium is affordable.
  5. Star Health Insurance has an array of products to choose from. Thus you can choose a policy/plan which suits all your needs.
  6. Having said that, our plans are highly flexible. It gives you a variety of options, helping you in identifying your precise needs.
  7. Transparency is of prime importance at Star Health Insurance. Customers are our focus; hence we abstain ourselves from bad practice prevailing in the market. We disclose all our terms and conditions before entering into a contract with our customers.
  8. Star Health Insurance has earned popularity by providing prompt services to our customers, not only at the beginning but throughout the policy term. We believe in long association and giving good services is one of our mottoes.
  9. Another factor which separates Star Insurance from other insurers is our dense network of agents, branches and hospitals. We have 460 branches all over India. With 3 lakhs agents and more than 9600 network hospitals, there is no surprise that we have settled more than 49 Lakhs.
  10. Star Health Insurance is a proud recipient of many prestigious awards in India and abroad. These awards are in a way is receipt of service and performance.

Star Health Insurance worth Rs 5 Lakh

Health issues arise when we least expect it. It does not discriminate between young and old or rich and poor. If we are not prepared, any health issues can drain up your saving and endanger your fixed assets in no time. Hence it is wise to have a Health Insurance for you and your family of at least 5 lakhs to start with.

Star Health Insurance provides insurance worth Rs 5 lakhs at an affordable premium in the band of Rs. 7000-8000. It provides numerous benefits which included, expenses of complex health care procedures, room rent, cover for maternity, air ambulance facility, preventive health check-up and wellness programs. Star Health has numerous such facilities and benefits which help you fight any disease with pride and less financial stress.

It gives a sense of security to your especially if you are lone earning member of your family. Health Insurance if the best gift you can give to your beloved ones.

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