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  1. Cover the Financial Risks through Star Health Coronavirus Insurance Policy.
  2. Take the Policy and get the Claim even if you have a travel History.
  3. Get the Compensation of up to INR 42000 in this policy.

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Almost everyone is worried about the global crisis of Coronavirus Disease. Some individuals are facing financial problems and some are worried about their health issues. Therefore in order to cover both the problem, Star Health has introduced Coronavirus Insurance Policy that provides insurance cover to the Coronavirus patients. The company will provide the full amount to the individual if he is diagnosed with Covid-19 Disease but he has to be hospitalized and present the positive test report of Covid-19 tested from Government Authorised Centre in order to get the full claim. There is a waiting period of 16 days that have to be fulfilled by the individuals.

Features of Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy by Star Health

  1. There are two sums that are insured under this policy and it is the sum of INR 21000 and INR 42000 depending upon the premium you pay.
  2. The individual must be diagnosed positive in the Covid-19 test from the Government Authorised Centres.
  3. You must be hospitalized once you test positive in the Coronavirus Test.
  4. The insurance is given on an individual basis to the Covid-19 patients.
  5. There is a waiting period of 16 days to get the full settlement.
  6. There is no pre-acceptance medical screening in this policy.
  7. In this Coronavirus Insurance Policy, the company will not check your past travel history.

Terms and Conditions

  1. No claim will be given to those individuals who haven’t been hospitalized and even if they quarantined themselves.
  2. If you are sick and having any other disease and not test positive for Covid-19 then you’ll be not eligible to make any claim.
  3. No Compensation will be given if the company finds that the patient was Covid-19 Positive before the commencement of the policy


  1. The minimum age for taking this policy is 18 years.
  2. The Maximum age for taking this health insurance plan is 65 years.
  3. This policy is given on an individual basis only.
  4. The dependent children are only covered under the parent’s policy plan and the age of the children must be between 3 Months to 25 Years.

Premiums of Star Health Coronavirus Insurance Policy

Premiums with TaxPremiums without TaxSum Insured
INR 542INR 459INR 21000
INR 1083INR 918INR 42000

Advantages of Taking this Plan

The Novel Coronavirus is a life-threatening disease and it might cost the death of your loved ones. Therefore it is better to take the insurance cover for such a risk and treat it from the root of the individual. Have a look at the advantages of taking the Coronavirus Health Insurance Plan and securing the financial risk. The company promises to pay the 100% sum insured.

Cashless Hospitalization

The Star health insurance provides a cashless facility so that you don’t have to waste your time in arranging the cash. You can directly admit the patient into the hospital and the company will make all the necessary transactions at the time of your medical emergency either it is the hospitalization charges or the ambulance charges.

Fast Settlement

The company has a good track record in settling the insurance claim without any delay. Star Health insurance always stands beside you in your bad times. All the claims are settled as soon as possible by the company once the claim is made by the individual. There is no delay from the company’s end.

In-House Settlement

Start Health Insurance is not a third-party administrator between the customer and the insurer. It compensates for the loss on its own. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the settlement as the money will be transferred into your account from its own.

Covers Senior Citizens

As you can see that the individuals of up to 65 years can take this policy so the senior citizens are also covered. The Coronavirus disease is common among the age-group of above 60, so it would be fruitful for you to take Star Health Coronavirus Insurance Policy.

Covers Financial Risks

As we all know that the Covid-19 test cost INR 4500 in India so it is really difficult for a middle and lower-class to manage such an expense again and again. Therefore, you should take this plan in order to face the financial burden that might occur during the Coronavirus emergencies.


Well, Star Health Coronavirus Insurance Policy is one of the best health plans because it will not check your travel history before giving you health insurance. Even if you are having a foreign travel history, you can take this insurance plan. The sum insured under this policy is also quite high and you can take the protection for yourself and for your loved ones. 

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