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Coronavirus has been declared as a Pandemic disease worldwide. In India, Coronavirus patients are increasing day by day. So, in order to cover the risk of this disease, individuals have started buying the Health Insurance plans for themselves and for their family members. But before you should buy any health insurance plan, you must see the terms and conditions of the policy. There are some situations when health insurance will not cover the risk of Coronavirus disease. Let’s take a look at all those circumstances when you are not eligible to claim the amount even if you are diagnosed with the Covid-19 disease.

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Situations when you’ll Not Get the Compensation if Diagnosed with Covid-19

 There are certain conditions given by some insurance companies when you will be not entitled to get the ensured amount. Have a look at some of the conditions.

 Travel History

 There are some health insurance that doesn’t cover the risk of Covid-19 disease if the policy taker has a foreign travel history. If you have formerly visited Italy, China, or any other country that has thousands of Covid-19 patients then the insurance company might not cover the risk of the Coronavirus disease. This condition differs from company to company. Some insurance companies don’t check your travel history and process the claims easily.

Family Member Travel History

Some health insurance companies will not cover the Coronavirus risk even if your family member has a foreign travel history. This condition is not found in every Coronavirus Protection plan but there are some health insurances that have the clause for the travel history of the family members.

Waiting Period

Some insurance companies have a term and condition of a waiting period that might vary from 14 days to 16 days. The waiting period simply means that if you are diagnosed with the Covid-19 disease within the waiting days from the date of policy issuance then you are not entitled to get any sum of compensation. The number of waiting days might differ from company to company. In such situations, your health insurance will not cover your Coronavirus risks.

Going for a Schedule Treatment

If you are having a planned treatment for the Coronavirus disease and you take the health insurance plan for the Coronavirus disease then you will not get the compensation from the company. It must be a sudden result that you are tested positive with the Coronavirus test. Planned hospitalization and already diagnosed as Coronavirus patient will prevent you from making the claim from the health insurance company.

Already Diagnosed with Covid-19 Disease

All the individuals who test Covid-19 positive before taking the insurance plan will not get any compensation under their health policy. The individual has to fulfil the condition of the waiting period and he cannot take the health policy if he is already a Covid-19 patient. This condition is given by almost all the health insurance company that covers the risk of Coronavirus disease.

Policy Taker Need to be Hospitalized

In some health insurance policy, the policy taker has to be hospitalized for the Coronavirus disease in order to claim for the ensured amount. All the health insurance companies don’t have these conditions but in Star Health Coronavirus Insurance plan you have to be hospitalized. So in these situations Coronavirus risk is not covered by the health insurance.

Omission of Premium

You have to pay the premium of the Coronavirus health insurance on time. There are some insurance companies that don’t compensate for the risk if you have skipped one or two premiums of the policy. In such a situation the health insurance will not cover the risk that might occur due to the Coronavirus Disease.


Well, if you are planning to take a health insurance plan that covers the risk of Coronavirus Disease then you must fulfil all the terms and conditions of the policy in order to get the claim amount.  All the above situations are the compilation of terms and conditions given by the health insurance companies. These terms and condition differ from one health insurance company to another.  You must fulfil the situation if you want to get compensation for the Coronavirus risk.

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