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SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan protects your finances from accidental death and disability. So, if a policyholder meets with an accident, this plan from SBI General Insurance acts as a financial shield in such a case. This plan also covers the coverage against the telephone-based consultation facility with doctors and/or trained medical practitioners. Policyholders will also receive a fixed benefit amount during each day of hospitalization irrespective of the actual treatment cost.

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Before understanding this plan in detail, let’s check out its highlights mentioned below.

  1. Flexibility to choose from three cover options
  2. Teleconsultation coverage
  3. Hospital daily cash benefit
  4. Conveyance allowance benefit as a lump sum
  5. Personal accident coverage for the primary insured person
  6. No waiting period for teleconsultation and personal accident coverage
  7. Available on an individual and family basis
  8. Policy term of one year
  9. Multiple premium payment term options
  10. A 15-day free look period

On this page, we will be discussing these features in detail. Read through to understand the same!

Let’s Discuss the Features and Benefits of the SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan in Detail

Please check the detailed benefits and features of the Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan from SBI General Insurance mentioned below.

Choice of Three Cover Options

Policyholders can choose from three available cover options according to their needs – Base, Medium and Top Plan. The scope of benefits under these plans will vary from one to another.

Tele-Consultation Benefit

SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan could be suitable for those people who are unable to visit the doctor. The reason being it offers a tele-consult facility with which you can consult doctors over the phone. Policyholders will get a fixed number of free calls per family per annum. To know the benefits under each plan, check the below table.

Plan OptionTele-consultation Benefit
BaseUp to 4 calls per month (up to 24 calls per annum)
MediumUp to 6 calls per month (up to 36 calls per annum)
TopUp to 10 calls per month (up to 60 calls per annum)

Hospitalization Benefit

SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan offers daily cash benefit if a policyholder is admitted to a hospital (for the treatment of an illness or accident) for over 24 hours during a policy term. Apart from this, you will also get a conveyance allowance benefit with which a fixed amount will be given against expenses incurred on travel to and from the hospital.

However, this benefit is not available under the base plan. Under the Medium and Top plan, hospital daily cash will be INR 250 per day for a maximum of 30 and 60 days of hospitalization, respectively. Conveyance allowance benefit will be INR 400 per paid claim for both medium and top plans.

Personal Accident Benefit for the Primary Insured Only

If a policyholder meets with an accident that results in death or permanent total disablement, SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan will provide a lump sum benefit. The benefit will depend on the chosen plan option. To know more, check the below table.

Plan OptionPersonal Accident Benefit (in INR)

What is the Policy Term?

The policy term of the SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan is one year only.

Who Can Purchase this Policy?

A group that has a common purpose or is engaged in a common economic activity can purchase this policy. Also, the group should consist of a minimum of 25 members. Any group of individuals coming together only to avail of an insurance cover will not be considered eligible as a group for this policy.

SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan Eligibility

Let’s check the eligibility criteria of the SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan mentioned below.

  1. The minimum entry age can be 18 years, while it can go up to 65 years.
  2. The minimum entry age for children stands at 91 days, while the maximum can be 25 years.
  3. There is no exit age under this policy.
  4. This plan from SBI is available on an individual and family basis. Here, the family includes Self, Spouse, Dependent children, Dependent parents, and Dependent parents in law (up to 6 members).

What is Not Covered Under the Policy?

SBI Kutumb Swasthya Bima Plan will not provide any coverage in the following situations.

  1. Expenses related to rest cure, rehabilitation and respite care
  2. Obesity/ Weight Control
  3. Change of Gender Treatments
  4. Breach of law
  5. Refractive error
  6. Unproven treatments
  7. Maternity-related expenses
  8. Sterility and infertility
  9. Any medical treatment outside India
  10. Nuclear damage
  11. The accident during air travel except as a fare-paying passenger on a recognized airline

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