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SBI Arogya Premier Policy

The SBI Aarogya Premier Policy is a health insurance plan designed to cover the high-net-worth individuals. It is considered to be one of the best and most comprehensive health plans available in India presently. It offers many benefits such as maternity cover, the high sum insured, automatic restoration, no pre-policy screening and so on. Take a look at this article to know more about this excellent medical insurance cover from the SBI General Insurance Company.

Health Insurance

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Covers available under the SBI Aarogya Premier Policy

What exactly are the conditions covered under this health insurance plan from SBI General? Let us find out:

In-patient Care

The SBI Aarogya plan offers all covers related to a hospital stay. If the policyholder is admitted following an accident, due to an illness or for surgery, he can make claims on the hospital charges incurred. These include the room rent, doctors’ fees, the surgery costs, the pharmacy costs and so on. The SBI Aarogya Premier family floater plan extends this cover to all the members of the family who are enrolled in the policy.

Daycare Treatments

Over 140 daycare procedures are covered under this plan. This makes it easy for you to get the treatment you need without worrying about spending days in the hospital.

Maternity Cover

The plan offers a maternity cover to all the insured individuals. This is a very handy feature as finding maternity insurance is never easy. The plans that offer it, attach a very long waiting period that stretches to years. But when you buy the SBI Aarogya Premier policy, you get the maternity cover after a short waiting period of just 9 months. The SBI Aarogya Premier maternity benefits are one of the best benefits available under this policy.

Pre and Post-Hospital Care

Apart from the actual hospital expenses, the plan also offers cover for pre and post-hospital care. This is vital as at times, patients require pre and post-hospital covers to completely recover from their health conditions. Costs related to a doctor’s visit or an attendant’s charge during this period will be covered under this health insurance policy.

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary care refers to home hospitalisation. When hospital-like treatments are given at home, the expenses can shoot up quite quickly. This is why the domiciliary covers prove to be an important component in the SBI Aarogya Premier Policy. The common domiciliary treatments include dialysis, physiotherapy, etc,

Organ Donation

The next important cover available under this plan is the organ donation cover. Organ donation is an expensive procedure and all expenses involved are covered here. This helps the recipient to heal completely and resume with their fit lives in a quick and smooth manner.

Cover for Alternative Medicine

The plan offers coverage for alternative forms of medical treatment as well. These include ayurvedic care, homoeopathic care, Unani and so on. When you buy the policy or opt for the SBI Aarogya top-up, you get this very handy cover that allows you to seek treatment wherever you please to do so.

These are the main covers available under the SBI Aarogya Premium Policy.

Benefits of the SBI Aarogya Premier Policy

Now that we know about the covers available in the plan, let us see how they benefit the policyholders:

No  Sub Limits

A major benefit of the SBI Aarogya Premium plan is that it has no sub-limits. Usually, the health plans have sub-limits for room rent, surgery costs, etc. But here, this clause is non-existent.

Auto Restoration

The sum insured is automatically restored after a claim is made. This assures optimum coverage at all times, even after you make a claim.

High Sum Assured

The SBI Aarogya Premier policy offers a very high sum assured. You can choose a cover ranging between Rs 10 lacs and Rs 30 lacs to stay covered in a comprehensive and sufficient manner.

Tax Benefits

Like in all forms of health insurance, here too you get a tax benefit. The premium you pay for your health insurance each year is tax-deductible. This provision is made available under Section 80 THE.

Maternity Cover

The maternity cover is indeed a blessing in this plan. All families benefit from this coverage and so the inclusion of a maternity covers prove to be extremely beneficial for the policyholders and their families.

Cumulative Bonus

You get a cumulative bonus of 10% for each claim-free year that you manage to maintain. The bonus can go up to 50%, which is a very high and healthy amount. This is another benefit of buying the SBI Aarogya Premier policy.

With so many benefits, the SBI Aarogya Premier Policy is indeed a very good and useful health insurance policy.

Buying the SBI Aarogya Premier Policy

If you are interested in buying the SBI Aarogya Premier policy, you can do so online. Online health insurance is convenient and more affordable as well. You directly buy the cover from the insurer and bypass the insurance agent. You save on the brokerage amount and also, the processing fee is much lower. As a result, you get the plan at a lower rate. To buy the SBI Aarogya premier policy, you can simply visit the official website of SBI General Insurance. Use the SBI Aarogya Premium health insurance calculator available on the website. Read the policy brochure very carefully and once you are sure you want this plan, get it online then and there. Since you don’t need to undergo a health check-up for this plan, it can easily be bought online in just a few minutes.

The Bottom Line

The SBI Aarogya Premier Policy is a very good health insurance cover. If you are looking for a wholesome mediclaim policy that offers a wide variety of cover, consider buying this plan. SBI General is one of the best and most trusted names in the Indian health insurance sector. As a result, the SBI Aarogya Premium hospital list is very extensive too. Buying your health cover from them is always a good idea. So go ahead and get this health policy and stay secured in a comprehensive manner.

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