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SBI Arogya Plus Policy

Nowadays medical expenses are skyrocketing resulting in depleting savings and a challenging task in money management. State Bank of India is a premier banking and insurance providing partner in India that designs and offers unmatched insurance products to its customers. The well-crafter insurance plans of SBI are designed to offer complete financial protection to its customers. Arogya Plus policy of SBI is one such product that meets the financial needs of the customers in times of medical emergency.

Health Insurance

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The SBI’s Arogya Plus Policy helps in overcoming the cost of a medical emergency including hospitalization expenses, Out-patient expenses, pharmacy expenses, etc. the plan offers multiple advantages and benefits to the customer. Let us understand the key highlights and features of the SBI Arogya Plus Policy in detail.

Key Features of SBI Arogya Plus Policy

The key features of SBI Arogya Plus Policy are as under:

No Medical Check-up

The plan offers the facility of ‘No Medical Check-up’ to the customers having no medical history.

Multiple Coverage

The plan offers the facility of multiple coverages i.e. the plan can be purchased for covering individual life as well as the entire family. Thus, the plan offers individual coverage and family floater coverage.

Daycare expense

The plan offers coverage of 142-day care expenses.
Comprehensive policy: the Arogya plus policy is a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers not only hospitalization expenses but also covers the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses.

Sum Insured

The Arogya plus policy offers multiple sum insured options to its customers. The customers can choose a sum insured ranging between Rs 1 Lakh, 2 Lakhs or 3 Lakhs depending upon their health care needs

Tax Exemption

The SBI Arogya Plus Plan offers not only healthcare protection but also offers tax exemption. The premium paid towards the policy can be claimed for IT exemption under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

OPD Expenses

The plan offers to cover for the out-patient treatment expenses.

What is covered under Arogya Plus Policy?

SBI’s health insurance plans are comprehensive health insurance products that offer holistic coverage. The Arogya Plus Policy is one of the most popular health insurance policies in India as it covers most of the expenses incurred during a medical emergency. Following is a comprehensive list of expenses covered under the SBI Arogya Plus Policy:

  1. The plan covers the expenses incurred towards hospital room rent
  2. The plan covers the expenses incurred at the time of hospitalization i.e. boarding expenses
  3. The plan covers the fees of doctors and specialists
  4. The plan offers coverage of Operation Theater charges and Intensive Care Unit Charges
  5. Covers the cost of Nursing Expenses
  6. The plan covers the pharmacy bills i.e. the entire cost of medicine consumed during the hospital stay is taken care of.
  7. The plan also offers to cover the expenses of any alternative treatment i.e. Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, etc. taken by the customer from a recognized and accredited hospital
  8. The plan covers expenses of Domiciliary hospitalization and outpatient treatment

What are the Exclusions of the SBI Arogya Plus Policy?

Apart from offering coverage for most of the medical expenses the plan, however, has few major exclusions for which the benefits under the plan shall not be paid:

  1. Pre-existing medical condition from the date of inception of the policy. The plan has a waiting period of 4 years for such pre-existing diseases. A policyholder can avail of the coverage for the pre-existing medical disease after completion of 4 years.
  2. The plan does not cover the treatment of certain specific illnesses during the 1st year of the policy. The illnesses are Ulcers, Hernia, Cataract, Chronic Renal Failure, Gall Bladder Stones, Sinusitis, etc.
  3. The plan does not cover the treatments availed outside India.
  4. The plan does not cover the expenses of a hospital stay availed without any active medical treatment from a medical practitioner
  5. The plan does not cover expenses of experimental and unproven treatments
  6. No coverage for treatment availed for de-addiction from alcohol, drugs, etc.

Thus, above is a non-exhaustive list of exclusions. It is recommended to refer the official policy wordings to get a full list of major exclusions.

Eligibility Criteria of SBI Arogya Plus Policy

The eligibility criteria is an important factor to be considered before buying the SBI Arogya Plus Plan. Following table showcases the eligibility criteria of the plan

Minimum Age at Entry3 months and above
Maximum Age at Entry65 Years
Maximum Age of ExitNo Bar
CoverageIndividual and Family Floater
Members CoveredSelf, Spouse, Children (Maximum 2 Children), Parents and Parents in-law.
Sum InsuredRs 1 Lakh,
Rs 2 Lakhs, and
Rs 3 Lakhs
Tenure of Plan1 Year, 2 Year or 3 Years for Individual Coverage
Only 1 Year for Family Floater Plan

Documents Required to buy SBI Arogya Plus Plan

Here is a detail list of documents required to buy SBI Arogya Plus Plan:

  1. A copy of Identity Proof like PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, etc.
  2. A copy of Address Proof like Passport, Electricity Bill, Driving License, etc.
  3. Duly filled Proposal Form
  4. 2 recent photos


SBI Arogya Plus Policy is a holistic health insurance product designed to cover for the expenses incurred during a medical emergency. The plan offers wide coverage at a minimal premium amount.

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