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Royal Sundaram Lifeline Plan

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Plan protects your finances in case you or your family member faces a medical emergency. This plan provides comprehensive coverage against the expenses incurred on the treatment. To give you a brief overview of the plan, we are showing the highlights of the plan below. Please check.

  1. Multiple Plan Options
  2. Flexible Sum Insured Options
  3. Inpatient Care Expenses coverage
  4. Day Care Procedures Cover
  5. Available on Individual and Family Floater Basis
  6. Ambulance Cover
  7. Organ Donor Expenses Cover
  8. No Room Rent Capping or Diseases specific limits
  9. Domiciliary Hospitalization Cover
  10. Coverage Against Vaccination in case of Animal Bite
  11. Emergency Domestic Evacuation Cover
  12. AYUSH Treatment Cover
  13. OPD Treatment Cover
  14. Newborn Baby Cover
  15. Hospital Cash Benefit

Read through this page to understand these features in detail so that you can make a better decision. Let’s start without any further delay.

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Features and Benefits of Royal Lifeline Plan in Detail

We have talked about the features and benefits of the Royal Lifeline Plan extensively below. Do check.

Multiple Plan and Sum Insured Options

Royal Lifeline Plan offers multiple plan options to the customers – Classic, Supreme and Elite. You can choose the sum insured according to your needs and ranges from INR 2 to 150 lakh (depends on the plan option).

What is the Policy Term?

Royal Lifeline offers you multiple policy term options – 1, 2 or 3 years. You will also get a discount of 7.5% and 12% for 2 and 3-year policy tenure, respectively.

In-patient Hospitalization Cover

If you need hospitalization due to an illness or accident for a minimum of 24 hours, the policy will cover the expenses incurred on the same up to the chosen sum insured.

Pre & Post-Hospitalization and Day Care Procedures Cover

Insured members will also get coverage against expenses incurred before and after the hospitalization for 30-60 and 60-180 days (Depending on the plan option), respectively. The coverage amount will be up to the sum insured.

The plan will also cover all day care procedures (treatments that do not require a minimum 24-hour hospitalization) up to the sum insured.

Ambulance Cover

If an insured person needs to be transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance, the plan will reimburse the expenses incurred on the same, up to INR 10,000, during the policy term.

Additional Benefits

Royal Lifeline Plan also provides a wide range of additional features that you can enjoy. To know more about them, check the below table.

BenefitsCoverage Details
Domiciliary Hospitalization (Treatment taken at home due to unavailability of beds or as per the advice of the treating doctor)Up to the sum insured
AYUSH TreatmentIn Government Hospitals - Up to the sum insured

In Other Hospitals - Up to INR 50,000 in a policy year
Vaccination in case of Animal BiteUp to INR 7,500
International Treatment for Specified 11 Critical IllnessesCovered up to the sum insured (Under Elite Plan Option)
Emergency Domestic Evacuation (Bed to Bed on advice of treating doctor)Up to INR 3 lakh (Under Elite Plan Option)
Maternity Cover (Up to 2 Deliveries)For sum insured up to INR 50 lakh - INR 2 lakh

For sum insured up to INR 50 lakh - INR 2,50,000
Vaccinations for Newborn Baby in the First YearUp to INR 10,000
Second Opinion for Additional 11 Critical IllnessesAvailable under Supreme and Elite Plan Option
Newborn Baby CoverUp to 25% of the sum insured
OPD TreatmentUp to INR 10,000
Hospital Cash Benefit (for 30 days in case of Hospitalization beyond 2 days)INR 5,000 per day
Refresh of Sum InsuredAvailable once in a lifetime for the same illness
Bariatric Surgery CoverUp to INR 2,00,000 (With a 4-year waiting period)
In-patient Pre-existing Disease CoverUp to INR 2,00,000
In-Vitro Fertilization treatment (IVF)Up to INR 2,50,000 (With a 4-year waiting period)
Mobility Devices - Wheelchairs, Crutches, etc.Up to INR 50,000

Royal Lifeline Plan Eligibility Criteria

Have a look at the important conditions of the plan mentioned below.

  1. The proposer should be more than 18 years of age.
  2. You can cover yourself, your spouse and up to four dependent children aged between 91 days and 25 years.
  3. There is no restriction on the maximum entry age for individuals.

What is Not Covered under the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Plan?

Royal Lifeline Plan will not provide coverage in the following situations.

  1. Addictive conditions and disorders
  2. Adventure or hazardous sports
  3. Aging and puberty-related treatment
  4. Alternative treatment (Except AYUSH)
  5. Artificial life maintenance
  6. Charges for medical papers
  7. Circumcision unless necessary
  8. Conflict and disaster
  9. Congenital conditions
  10. Convalescence and rehabilitation
  11. Cosmetic surgery
  12. Dental/Oral treatment
  13. Drugs and dressing for OPD treatment or Take-home use
  14. Eyesight treatment
  15. Nature, cure and wellness clinics
  16. HIV and AIDS
  17. Hereditary conditions
  18. Hospitalization for observation or investigative purpose only
  19. Psychiatric and psychosomatic conditions
  20. Preventive care and reproductive medicine
  21. Self-inflicted injuries
  22. Sexual problems and gender issues
  23. Sexually transmitted diseases
  24. Sleep and speech disorders
  25. Stem cell implantation
  26. Treatment received outside India
  27. Unproven or experimental treatment
  28. Treatment from unrecognized hospital or physician
  29. Injury due to unlawful activity

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