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Health insurance comes with terminologies that many may not be aware of. One such terminology is a pre-policy medical test, which means the insurer will undertake medical tests before offering you a policy. But is the pre-policy medical test mandatory for all or is it specific to some? In case it is conducted, will that have a bearing on your premium amount? All these pertinent questions could come to your mind. Let’s find the answers to these questions here.

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Let’s Read About Pre-policy Medical Tests in Detail

These are a set of tests that the policyholder needs to undergo in case the insurer deems it necessary to carry out the same. While filling the proposer form, it is important to disclose your health history so that you don’t face any problem at the time of claim settlement. In case you have had a history of poor health, the insurer will conduct a pre-policy medical test to determine your existing fitness and to know if you have any pre-existing illnesses. In case the insurer finds your health to be poor, it could reject the application, hike the premium accordingly or may even deny cover for the disease/ailment you’re found to have in tests.

So Who are Most Likely to Undergo Pre-policy Medical Tests?

Generally, people aged 45 years and above are told to undergo medical tests before taking a policy. As health conditions deteriorate when you grow older, chances of having to undergo medical tests are more if you are in your 40s or more.

Who’ll Pay for Pre-policy Medical Tests?

If we consider the guidelines issued by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI), insurers will need to bear half of the expenses of these tests. The rest is your liability to take care of. But given the fierce competition that exists in the insurance space, many health insurance providers are bearing the total cost of such tests. In case of pre-existing ailments, health insurers can tell you to spend on the tests. But once the cover begins for such conditions, the sum paid for such tests can get reimbursed by the health insurer. That only emphasizes our point of going through policy terms and conditions carefully before signing a health insurance deal.

Tests That Policyholders May Have to Undergo

The insurer will conduct tests based on the age of the policyholder, coverage amount, etc. Tests that are usually performed include Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile Test, Blood Pressure, Blood Serum Test, Complete Blood Count, etc.


Pre-policy medical tests are not made mandatory by many health insurance companies. But if you do undergo tests, you could avoid a potential claim rejection from the insurer later. Also, you could know about your latest health status and work on your fitness to remain in good shape.

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