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Your parents have cared for you all their lives. It is now your turn to pay them back and reciprocate the love and care. And since keeping them happy, healthy and fit are of top priority, you need to get a good health insurance policy to keep them protected at all times. Thankfully, there are many health insurance options for senior citizens in India and you can get some excellent insurance coverages at excellent rates. Take a look at this article to know all about the health care needs of your parents and how you can keep them secured.

Health Insurance

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What is Parent’s Health Insurance?

Most people who earn and pay the premium for their insurance policies have parents who are aged or even retired. This is why you need to get specific covers for them. There are health insurance plans specially designed for people above the age of 60. There are also many family health insurance covers that cover your parents too. You can also include your parents under a group health insurance plan provided by your employer.

Importance of Health Insurance for Parents

Here are a few important reasons why you need medical insurance coverage for your parents:-

Health problems arise

As the age of a person rises, health problems also begin to set in. This is why you need to buy health insurance for your parents. As they become old, many illnesses will arise. Unless you have the best health insurance cover in place, you can’t get them to stay healthy in an easy manner.

Treatment is expensive

It is a well-known fact that healthcare costs are very high these days. And since health problems are common with older people, you need a good health insurance policy to ensure they can get the best treatment at the best hospital every time there is a need for it.

Prevention is possible

Most of the medical insurance policies available these days have provisions for preventive health check-ups. Your parents can monitor their health and prevent serious illnesses from occurring. This is a huge advantage you get when you buy health insurance for your parents.

Post and pre-hospitalization

At an older age, people need more care and assistance. This holds true especially at a time of a serious illness or surgery. If your parents had to be hospitalized, they will need care before and after the event. When you buy a good health insurance plan, you get this benefit as well.

You must ensure you cover the health and wellbeing of your parents in every possible way. You can do so by getting good health insurance coverage for them.

Different Types of Health Covers Available in India for Parents

As stated above, you can buy different types of health insurance plans to cover the healthcare requirements of your mom and dad. They include:-

Family floater plans

Family floater health insurance plans are very popular in India. these plans allow you to cover all the members of your family, including your parents under single insurance coverage. This is useful and convenient and also allows you to monitor the health insurance premium payments with ease.

Senior health plans

There are senior health insurance plans that have specifically been made to protect the health of the people over the age of 60. These are excellent health insurance plans that offer a lot of value.

Critical illness plans

Critical illness insurance plans are the next type of health insurance covers that help your parents. These plans offer protection if your parents get affected by any critical illness such as a stroke, a heart attack or an organ failure. Most of the top health insurance companies in India offer critical illness insurance, so finding a plan is never difficult.

Group health plans

As mentioned above, you can bring your parents to the group health insurance plan offered by your employer. This is a good option, but the insurance coverage is limited. So you need to get additional insurance if required. It is a very good idea to use an insurance calculator to see what the insurance requirements of your parents are before you get the proper health insurance cover for them.

Choose your health insurance option very carefully. Whichever type of medical insurance cover you choose, make sure your parents are adequately covered.

The Final Word About Parents Health Insurance in India

It is your duty to take care of the most precious people in your life – your mother and your father. Buy a good health insurance coverage for them and take care of them in the best possible manner. Keep all the points mentioned above in mind and choose the insurance coverage with precision. You can get many types of health insurance plans, but not all may be of use to you. so do some research and then choose the most suitable parents’health insurance plan.

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