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Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy

A personal accident insurance policy protects you financially in the eventuality of death resulting from an accident as well as the hospitalization expenses incurred during the treatment following this unfortunate incident. Many companies are offering a personal accident insurance policy of which Oriental Insurance Company Ltd is one. The company offers the policy under the name of Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy. In this policy, any person irrespective of sex, occupation and profession can get the financial cover in case the accident happens. Read this page below to know the coverage and exclusions relating to Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy.

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Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy Coverage

The policy can be claimed, if the insured sustain any bodily injury from accident or in case of death due to accident within the twelve calendar months from the date of inception of the policy. Check the pointers below to know the sum insured for the claim.

  1. On the death of the insured, 100% of Sum Insured can be claimed as per the policy terms and conditions
  2. For the total and irrecoverable loss of both eyes, hands, or feet and loss of one eye, hand or foot, 100% of your policy sum insured can be claimed
  3. For the total and irrecoverable loss one eye, hand or foot, the claim amount is 50% of the sum insured
  4. On permanent total disablement due to accident, claims can be up to 100% of the sum insured

What is Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy Sum Insured Limit?

You can buy Oriental Accident Policy for a minimum sum insured of INR 25,000 to maximum INR 5,00,000 per person per annum. The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.  will require the Income proof if your sum insured is more than INR 2 lakh.

How to Pay Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy Premiums?

You can pay the Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy premium using credit card, cheque, demand draft, debit card, or net banking services. The issuance company charges a premium rate of INR 15 for a sum insured INR 25,000 and in multiples of INR 25,000 as per the sum insured accordingly.

Exclusions from the Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy

  1. Any existing disability
  2. Death injury or disablement whose direct or indirect causes are intentional self injuries, suicide, or attempted suicide.
  3. Disablement or death under the intoxicating influence of liquor or drugs
  4. Death or disablement due to participation in hazardous sports such as racing, shooting, big game hunting, mountaineering, ice hockey, winter sports, etc.
  5. If the insured is insane
  6. Injury or disablement due to breach of law with criminal intention
  7. Injury or disablement due to direct and indirect cause of the war group of perils
  8. Injury or disablement due to direct and indirect cause of the Nuclear group of perils

How to Claim Oriental Janata Personal Accident Policy?

To claim the policy sum insured, you need to follow the steps as mentioned below:-

Claim for Hospitalization Expenses

You need to submit an immediate notice to the Policy issuing office to get reimbursement for the hospitalization expenses. The insured should submit the duly filled claim form along with the medical certificate, bills.

Claim for Insured Death

If the insured dies during an accident or surgery after hospitalization, the nominee or legal heir can claim the sum insured. For this, the nominee has to submit the claim form along with the following documents:-

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Original Policy
  3. Postmortem Report
  4. Police Report, if complaint lodged for the accidental incident

Claim for Insured Death due to Drowning

If the insured dies due to drowning or declared dead due to drowning in a postmortem report, the claim will be settled after two years of the submission of the following documents.

  1. Police report
  2. Final investigation report
  3. Report of findings by Customs or Port Authorities
  4. Affidavit duly notarized

The claim for the missing person will be presumed dead and the claim gets settled accordingly by the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.

Oriental Janata Personal Accident policy is an insurance plan that covers any physical damage, such as partial or complete disability or mutilation, in the event of an accident, and the loss of direct income loss. This policy also compensates the nominee in the event of death of the insured. Apart from this, it also provides financial stability to the individual and his/her family in the event of the insurance holder being temporarily disabled due to an accident and this feature attracts customers the most.

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