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Medical emergencies can come without any prior information. One of the best ways to protect your finances from such emergencies is to choose a health insurance plan. Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy can be a perfect solution to your problem if you are looking to enjoy coverage on hospitalization and domiciliary hospitalization expenses. The best thing about this plan is that an individual can choose it with a premium as low as INR 70 for an adult male) and INR 50 for each dependent son or daughter who is not 25 years old.

Health Insurance

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Individuals can enjoy coverage up to INR 5,000 per insured person. Want to know more about Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy? On this page, we will discuss its features, benefits, premium rate, eligibility conditions, etc. Keep reading to know more!

Salient Features of Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy

What are those prominent features of Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy that make it one of the popular ones among customers? Well, we are showing them below so that you can understand them better. Have a look!

  1. Individuals can enjoy reimbursement of hospitalization expenses and domiciliary hospitalization expenses for illness or diseases or injuries. So, in case you are worried about finances in case of a medical emergency, you don’t need to.
  2. In case of any medical emergency mentioned above, the company will reimburse such expenses under different categories. These categories are room & boarding expenses as provided by the hospital or nursing home, nursing expenses, surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultants & specialists fees, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, drugs, cost of organs, etc.
  3. With this policy, an individual can enjoy a maximum sum insured of INR 5,000 per person with an affordable premium amount.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions, you can return the policy within a free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt. Also, this free look period will only apply in case of fresh policies.

What is the Policy Term?

In the case of Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy, individuals can choose the policy for 1 year only. However, they can renew it every year.

What Will be the Premium Schedule for Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy?

Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy’s premium amount depends on the age and number of family members for which you want coverage. Also, premium rates are valid for 1 year only, and the company may revise the same. You can know more in the below table. Please look!

For Sum Assured of INR 5,000Up to 45 years46 - 55 years56 -65 years66 - 70 years
Head of FamilyINR 70INR 100INR 120INR 140
SpouseINR 70INR 100INR 120INR 140
Dependent child up to 25 years of ageINR 50INR 50INR 50INR 50
For family of 2 + 1 dependentINR 190INR 250INR 290INR 330
For family of 2 + 2 dependentsINR 240INR 300INR 340INR 380

Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy Eligibility Criteria

What are those important conditions that you need to keep in mind when choosing Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy?. Have a look at the same below!

  1. Any individual between the age of 5 years and 70 years can choose this insurance policy from Oriental.
  2. Children can also enjoy coverage provided they are between the age of 3 months and 5 years, and one of both parents are covered alongside.

What are the Exclusions Under this Policy?

Oriental Insurance Jan Arogya Bima Policy does not provide coverage for the following –

  1. Pre-existing diseases at the time of inception of the policy
  2. Any hospitalization expenses incurred within the first 30 days of the date of policy inception except in the case of an accident
  3. Expenses on treatments such as Cataract, Hernia, Piles, Congenital internal disease, etc. during the first year of the policy
  4. Injuries directly or indirectly related to the war, act of a foreign enemy, or invasion
  5. Cost of contact lenses and spectacles
  6. Dental treatment and surgeries of any kind
  7. Injuries from nuclear weapons or material
  8. Naturopathy treatment
  9. Expenses on vitamins and tonics
  10. Charges on X-ray, diagnostic, or laboratory examinations, etc.
  11. Expenses on circumcision unless necessary for treatment

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