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Oriental Health Insurance

Oriental Health Insurance is one of the most popular health insurance companies in India. It offers health insurance in many forms. The plans are very affordable as well and this makes it easy for Indians from all walks of life to have a health insurance cover. From offering a variety of health covers to making the claim process simple, Oriental Health Insurance has done a lot to improve the health insurance sector in India. Let us learn more about this excellent health insurance provider in the article below.

Health Insurance

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Benefits of buying an Oriental Health Insurance plan

Here are some benefits you get when you buy an Insurance plan from Oriental Health:

  1. Economical – This is perhaps the biggest advantage one gets when buying an Insurance policy from Oriental Health. The plans are very economical. The company works hard to ensure its policyholders get the most comprehensive covers but at a low cost. The company aims to offer health insurance to the urban as well as the rural population. As a result, the prices are kept modest so that everyone can afford to have health insurance in the country.
  2. Many options – As a policyholder of the Oriental Health Insurance Company, you are given many options. You are not forced to buy just one plan. The company has various health covers on offer. You find the basic individual health plans, the family floater health insurance plans, the senior citizen health plans and the personal accident plans. As you can see, the options are vast, making it easy for you to select the ideal cover for yourself and your beloved family members.
  3. Helpful – It is always good to work with an insurer who has a helpful disposition. If your insurer is not helpful, you will face many difficulties while maintaining your health cover. Oriental Health Insurance understands this and has hence set up an excellent customer support cell. The policyholders can call in with their questions and doubts and have them cleared in no time and that too in a very polite and efficient fashion.
  4. Digital presence – These days, a majority of the health insurance plans are available online. This has made it very easy for people to get health insurance. The Insurance plans are also available online in a fast and easy way. You can go online, either on the insurer’s website or mobile app, use the premium calculator to see your premium amount, and then buy a suitable plan instantly. This apart, you can also pay future premiums and service your Oriental Health Insurance policy online quite easily.
  5. Specialised covers – You get specialised health covers such as the senior citizen health insurance plans from Oriental Health. This proves to be very helpful for people who need special health covers to cater to their exact and precise requirements.
  6. Many riders – Riders are add-on covers that are available at an added cost. A rider helps you to customise a base health insurance plan and make it more flexible to match your needs. Riders are available with the Insurance plans. You can add many interesting and useful riders such as the critical illness rider, hospital cash rider and so on.
  7. Easy to get a claim – The claim process is very simple and easy to understand. You need to submit a few documents and the claim will be settled instantly. The company also extends the cashless treatment family wherein you get to enjoy a cashless treatment. Oriental Health has a very high claim settlement record. This means they settle a large number of claims each year, making it easy for you to get the claim too.
  8. Tax benefit – Like in all types of health insurance plans, in the Oriental Health Insurance plans too you get a tax benefit. The tax benefit is available for the premium you pay for your annual health insurance cover. This provision is available under Section 80 D of the Indian Income Tax Act.

These are the most significant advantages you get when you invest in an Health Insurance plan.

Types of health Insurance plans from Oriental Health

Now that you know just how beneficial it is for you to get an  Health Insurance policy from Oriental, go ahead and get a good health cover for yourself from this excellent health insurance provider. Here are some options for you to choose from:

  1. Family health insurance – You can get to insure the health of all members of your family under a single Health Insurance policy of Oriental . This is a very good way to keep yourself as well as your loved ones secured
  2. Individual health insurance – Next, you have the individual health plan. If you are looking to get health insurance just for yourself, go in for the excellent individual  Health Insurance policy of Oriental and stay covered in a wholesome manner.
  3. Personal accident insurance – The personal accident insurance plan is of great use to anyone who buys it. This plan promises to pay compensation is the policyholder is injured in an accident. The payout takes place when the policyholder is permanently or temporarily disabled following a road accident. The payout is also given to the nominees if the policyholder is killed in the accident.
  4. Senior health insurance – It is not very easy for a senior citizen to find a health insurance cover. However, with the special senior citizen health insurance plan from the Oriental Insurance health company, people above the age of 60 can now find a good health cover.

Apart from these wonderful health covers, the company also offers motor insurance plans and travel insurance plans that you can greatly benefit from.


Choose any of the good Health Insurance plans and keep your health secured. The prices are low and the features are dense, making an Oriental Health Insurance policy one of the best that you can ever find. Go online and calculate your premium and then buy a plan instantly. You will have a suitable cover and stay protected in a good and adequate manner.

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