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Almost every individual wants to know about the amount of premium before taking any health insurance plan. So, in such a scenario, the premium calculators are the best option in which you will know the premium beforehand. It helps the individual to plan his monthly budget according to the calculated premium amount. Here you can see the Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plan Premium Calculator that will help you to calculate the amount of premium for the plan you are buying. There are many advantages of using a premium calculator before buying the health insurance plan. So, we will discuss the benefits of using the premium calculator and the information required for doing so.

Health Insurance

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Benefits of using a Health Insurance Premium Calculator

You can see the various benefits of using the premium calculator for knowing the exact amount of premium that you will have to pay if you take the plan.

Managing Add-on Benefits

There are many health insurance plans offered by Niva Bupa in which you can add some more benefits. But adding the benefits will increase the amount of your premium. So the Premium Calculator will help you to know the exact amount of premium after adding the add-on benefits in the policy.

Accuracy of Premium Amount

Usually, in the insurance brochures, the company tells you about a rough premium of the policy. But, the Niva Bupa Health Insurance Premium Calculator will help you to know the exact amount of your premium. You can figure out the monthly, quarterly, and yearly premium with 100% accuracy using the premium calculator.

Adjust the Sum Assured

As you know that increasing or decreasing the amount of the Sum Assured will affect your premium amount so by using the calculator you can decide your sum assured and know the premium that you will have to pay. You can adjust your Sum Assured and choose the best amount using the premium calculator because the exact amount of premium will be shown to you.

Compare Different Policies

Premium Calculator is very helpful when you are comparing two policies. You can use the Niva Bupa premium calculator for computing the premium value of different health insurance plans.

Once you know the premium amount of all the insurance policies, it will be easy for you to choose the best plan for yourself.

Decide the Policy Term

The amount of the premium is also affected by the policy term. So, when you are calculating the premium then you have to enter the policy term. Therefore, the premium calculator will evaluate the exact value of the premium for a certain term.

Information Needed in Niva Bupa Health Insurance Premium Calculator

While calculating the premium amount, you need to enter some basic details and then only the calculator shows you the exact amount of premium. You can see that information as follows:-


  1. Self
  2. Spouse
  3. Son
  4. Daughter

Policy Term

While computing your premium amount you will have to enter the policy term for which you are planning to buy the health insurance plan. There are some Niva Bupa Health Insurance plans that offer lifetime renewal so you can take the policy for the long term. On the other hand, if you take the policy for a long policy term then there are chances that you will get a rebate on the amount of your premium.

Sum Assured

As you know that the Amount of the Sum Assured also affects the amount of premium so you will have to enter the sum assured as well. You can enter the amount of the sum assured as per your needs and your premium amount will be decided according to it.


The name of the insured is mandatory to enter. You will also have to enter the name of other insured in the policy whom you are covering under the same health insurance plan. Usually, Niva Bupa allows you to cover a maximum of two adults and 4 children but it depends on the health plan you are buying.

Mobile Number

The company also needs your mobile or contact number if you are calculating the amount of premium.

Exclusions of the Niva Bupa Health Plans

  1. Ancillary hospital charges
  2. Hazardous activities
  3. Artificial life maintenance
  4. Behavioral, Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders
  5. Circumcision
  6. AYUSH treatments, except inpatient treatments taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy
  7. Conflict & disaster
  8. External congenital anomaly
  9. Convalescence & rehabilitation
  10. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
  11. Dental/oral treatment
  12. Eyesight & optical services
  13. Experimental or unproven treatment
  14. HIV, AIDS, and related complex
  15. Hospitalization not justified
  16. Inconsistent, irrelevant or incidental diagnostic procedures
  17. Mental and psychiatric conditions
  18. Non-medical expenses
  19. Obesity and weight control programs
  20. Off- label drug or treatment
  21. Puberty and menopause-related disorders
  22. Reproductive medicine & other maternity expenses
  23. Robotic-assisted surgery, light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER) & light-based treatment
  24. Sexually transmitted infections & diseases
  25. Sleep disorders
  26. Substance-related and addictive disorders:
  27. Unlawful activity
  28. Treatment received outside India
  29. Unrecognized physician or hospital

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