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Health insurance is critical to managing the healthcare requirements for yourself and your family. But choosing the best health insurance plan from a wide range of plans can be a tough job for you.

Health Insurance

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Here is Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company, a customer-friendly company, which takes care of all your health insurance needs, and you can choose your right companion here to get complete financial coverage for yourself, your family and so on.

Niva Bupa Health Companion comes with many features to serve the needs of the new age clienteles and covers 19 relationships under this plan.

Let us See the Details of Niva Bupa Health Companion

Features and Benefits of Niva Bupa Health Companion

  1. Wide Sum Assured Coverage: You can choose from 12 different sum insured options under this plan. Niva Bupa Health Companion provides namely 3 variants with various categories of Sum Assured
  2. In-patient Hospitalization: Immediate coverage of the medical treatment cost in case of hospitalization
  3. Accommodation in Hospital: With no capping in the room rent, the plan covers almost all types of room, other than suites
  4. Pre-hospitalization Expenses: These expenditures are covered until 30 days before the admission to hospital
  5. Post-hospitalization Expenses: These expenses are covered until 60 days after discharge from the hospital
  6. The Facility of Day-Care: An extensive coverage of the daycare treatments
  7. Ambulance Benefit: You can get a compensation till INR 3000 for emergency hospitalization
  8. The Benefit of Refill: Once your existing Sum Insured is exhausted fully or partly, together with No Claim Bonus, you will get added sum insured, which will be equivalent to your basic sum assured for any claim next year.
  9. Alternate Treatment: You can get cover for another mode of treatment under AYUSH – Unani, Siddha, Ayurveda and Homeopathy
  10. The benefit of Renewal: You would be eligible to the below 2 benefits after the completion of the first policy year:
    1. No Claim Bonus: Rise in the Sum Insured at 20% of Basic Sum Assured, a maximum of 100% of Basic Sum Assured, for every claim-free year, irrespective of any claim made.
    2. Health Check-up – Facility of Heath Check-up for yourself and your family on one occasion in 2 years for variant 1 or yearly for variant 2 and 3, so that you and your family are able to lead a healthy life.
  11. Top-up Facility: You can avail the top-up facility keeping in mind your increasing age and complex diseases that may crop up
  12. Discount for Longer-Term: You can get a discount of 12.5% on the 2nd year if you opt for a 2-year plan.
  13. Coverage for Organ Transplantation: Expenses for harvesting the organ donated to the insured person will be covered for the organ donor
  14. Expenses for Domically Treatment: In case there is no room available in the hospital and the insured person has to be taken at home with the facility of treatment and the same is done for consecutive 3 days, the expenses will be covered under this category
  15. Expenses for Vaccination by Animal Bite: Under this, the medical costs will be covered for OPD treatment meant for injections or immunizations for giving treatment after an Animal Bite. This benefit will be made available in case of reimbursement Up to INR 2,500 for variant 1 and up to INR 5,000 for variant 2 and last up to INR 7,500 for the variant 3
  16. The benefit of No-Claim: You will get a no-claim bonus of 20% of your basic sum assured for each claim-free year, maximum being 100%, irrespective of you making a claim
  17. The benefit of Hospital Cash: You will get a lump sum amount for every 24 hours of hospitalization. For a minimum of 48 hours of hospitalization. This benefit will be in addition to the sum assured and will be payable for 30 days of hospitalization. INR 1000/Day for variant 1, INR 2000/ day for variant 2 and INR 4000/Day for variant 3
  18. Tax Benefit: You can avail a tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act under Niva Bupa Health Companion

Eligibility under Niva Bupa Health Companion Insurance Plan

Entry age Minimum 91 days to 65 years
Maximum – No Limit
Term of the Policy (in years)1 and 2
Type of PlanIndividual or Family Floater
Sum Insured (INR)2 lakhs till 1 Crore
Premium Depends on the age, the sum assured and family size

Exclusions under Niva Bupa Health Companion Insurance Plan

Below are the main exclusions-

  1. Auxiliary Hospital Charge
  2. Hazardous Actions
  3. War & Natural Disaster
  4. External Inherited Irregularity
  5. Convalescence & Rehabilitation
  6. Cosmetic and Reconstructive Operation
  7. Dental or oral treatment
  8. Eyesight & Visual Services
  9. HIV, AIDS, and connected complexities
  10. Mental DisorderObesity and Weight Control Schemes
  11. Reproductive medication & other Maternity Expenditures
  12. Robotic-Assisted Surgery, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) & Light-based Treatment
  13. Sexually spread Contaminations & diseases
  14. Sleep complaints
  15. Illegal Activity
  16. Treatment is done outside India
  17. Any Physician or Hospital which is not recognized

Claim Process under Niva Bupa Health Companion

The claim process is very simple and hassle-free. You must inform the company or the TPA at least 72 hours before hospitalization. A relationship manager will be assigned to assist you through the claim process. You can also log into to know the status of your claim online.

You can call at the helpline number 1860 500 8888 or 011- 46096100 or may write at

With Niva Bupa Health Companion, you can rest assured that you and your family will get complete health coverage. With almost 4000 network hospitals and with an extensive range of various sum insured, you can choose Niva Bupa Health Companion without any hassle.

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