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Nowadays, it has become essential for an individual to take health insurance because of the rise in medical expenses. So, it is better to cover your health risk through an insurance plan rather than spending all your savings on the treatment. Therefore, here is a health plan known as Niva Bupa Go Active Health Plan in which you can cover your spouse and up to four children. It covers all the medical expenses related to the health issues of the insured. You can enjoy great discounts on this insurance plan if you take it before the age of 35 years. So, let’s know some of the key features of this plan and see how it will be helpful in covering the health risks.

Health Insurance

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Key Features of Niva Bupa Go Active Health Plan

  1. Flexibility of choosing the sum assured.
  2. Get a diagnostic test cover in this insurance plan.
  3. Expenses done for the OPD treatment are also covered in this policy.
  4. Enjoy a discount on the amount of the premium if you take the plan before 35 years.
  5. Hassle-Free renewal process in just 5 minutes.
  6. Get tax deductions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Benefits of the Go Active Health Insurance Policy

You can see all the benefits of this health insurance plan in detail. See the various medical expenses that are covered in this insurance plan and how they will help you during your hard times.

Hospitalization Cover

The company will reimburse all the hospitalization expenses done at the network hospitals. All the reimbursement will be cashless and you will also get a cashless coverage for the expenses done for the room’s rent. The maximum amount for the hospital accommodation expenses will be up to the Sum Assured.

Free Health Check-up and Diagnostic Test Cover

You will get a diagnostic test cover of up to Rs.2500 every year. Every insured will separately get this cover and you can save some extra bucks while going through a diagnostic test. You are free to take the test from any of Niva Bupa network hospitals or clinic and your expenses will be reimbursed by the company.

OPD Consultation Expense Cover

In the Niva Bupa Go Active Plan, you can take up to 10 OPD Consultation and all the expenses will be covered and cashless reimbursement will be made.

Pre and Post Hospitalization Cover

This policy will cover all the expenses done 60 days before hospitalization and 180 days after discharge from the hospital.

Home Treatment Cover

If in case you are going through any treatment at home than those expenses are also covered in this insurance plan. Sometimes due to the unavailability of beds at the hospital, the doctors advise the patients to stay at home and take the treatment. So in such a scenario, all the expenses will be reimbursed by the company.

Ambulance Expense Cover

You will also get an Ambulance Expense Cover in which all the expenses done on the Ambulance will be covered. But you will only an Ambulance Expense Cover once your in-patient claim has been approved.

Premium Discount Benefits

If you take this policy at an early stage of life that is before 35 years then you will get a discount of 10% on your premium amount for the first policy year and on all the subsequent renewals.

Organ Transplantation Surgery Cover

This health insurance plan will also cover the medical expenses done for organ transplantation surgery. If you have paid any amount to the donor then it will be also covered in this health insurance plan.

Add-on Benefits

There are some benefits that you can add to this policy at the time of the inception of the policy. These benefits will increase the health risks that will be covered in the policy. So, you must go through these benefits and add them to the policy as per your need.

  1. Add i-protect benefit and get a 10% addition to the base sum assured every year at the time of renewal.
  2. You can add the Health Coach option in which you’ll get a personal health coach for personalized services to keep your body fit and healthy.
  3. Add personal accident cover of up to Rs.50 lacs as per your eligibility in which Accidental Death, Accidental Permanent Total Disability, and Accidental Permanent Partial Disability will be covered.

Details of the Niva Bupa Go Active Insurance Plan

Minimum Amount of Sum AssuredRs.4 Lacs
Maximum Amount of Sum AssuredRs.25 Lacs
No. of Insured that can be Added in one Policy2 Adults and 4 Children
Minimum Amount of PremiumRs.13352 per year
Maximum Diagnostic Test CoverRs.2500 per year and per person
Maximum Amount for Personal Accident CoverRs.50 Lacs
Claim SettlementDirect (No Third-Party Involvement)

Permanent Exclusions of The Niva Bupa Go Active Insurance Plan

  1. Artificial life maintenance
  2. Circumcision unless necessary for the treatment of a disease or necessitated by an Accident
  3. Any form of AYUSH Treatment, except as mentioned under Alternative Treatments
  4. Treatment for any Injury or Illness resulting directly or indirectly from nuclear, radiological emissions, war or war-like situations
  5. Screening, counselling or treatment related to external Congenital Anomaly
  6. Hospital accommodation when it is used solely or primarily for any services provided for the purpose of Convalescence, Rehabilitation, and Respite Care
  7. Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  8. Dental/oral treatment
  9. Eyesight & Optical Services
  10. Experimental or Unproven Treatment
  11. Reproductive medicine & other Maternity Expenses
  12. Treatment received outside India

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