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You want to feel safe wherever you go. And when it comes to an individual’s health overseas, New India Global Mediclaim Policy can be called one of the best. This health insurance policy is provided by the New India Assurance Company Limited. To get the Health Insurance Policy, you need to have an existing policy with a Sum Insured of INR 8 lakh and above. However, if there is no base Policy, it will not harm your New India Global Mediclaim Policy Claim or Renewal. You might get a discount of 5% on your Premium payment if your base Policy is with New India. The maximum Sum Insured in the policy will depend on the plan you choose. Have a look at them to know better.

Health Insurance

Please fill the details below and our policy experts will call you to help figure out the correct health insurance policy for your needs


Plan A: USD 0.5 million to 1 million lifetime insurance (Asia Treatment Plan)

Plan B: USD 1 million to 2 million lifetime insurance (Worldwide Treatment Plan) World Leading Medical Centre (WLMC) will be used to provide treatment to the insured person

Note: You are eligible to change from Plan B to Plan A. But you cannot do the vice versa.

Read the post and know about the New India Global Mediclaim Policy in detail.

Expenses Covered Under New India Global Mediclaim Policy

Hospital Accommodation

  1. Single private room
  2. Meals
  3. Nursing service
  4. Ward, Section of the Hospital, Intensive Care, or Monitoring Unit

Other Hospital Services Outpatient Department (OD) Day Clinic or Independent Welfare Centre

  1. An extra bed
  2. Operating room and all other expenses (if the treatment, Surgery, or prescription is covered under the Policy)
  3. Doctor Fee
  4. Examination Fee
  5. Treatment Fee
  6. Medical Care Fee
  7. Surgery Fee during hospitalization

Medical & Surgical Services For

  1. Anaesthesia if the surgery is performed by a qualified anaesthetist
  2. Laboratory analysis and pathology
  3. x-rays for diagnostic purposes
  4. Radiotherapy
  5. Radioactive isotopes
  6. Chemotherapy
  7. Electrocardiograms
  8. Echocardiography
  9. Myelograms
  10. Electroencephalograms
  11. Angiograms
  12. computerized tomography
  13. And other tests and treatments which are required for the diagnosis or treatment of a Covered illness or Medical Procedure performed by a Doctor

Specified Treatments

  1. Cancer surgery
  2. Neurosurgery
  3. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)Surgery
  4. Heart Valve Surgery
  5. Living Organ Donor Transplant
  6. Bone Marrow Transplant

Relating Expenses

  1. Blood transfusions
  2. Administration of plasma and serum
  3. Use of oxygen
  4. Application of intravenous solutions and injections.
  5. Pharmaceutical products or medicines prescribed by the Doctor when the Insured is hospitalized for treatment of a covered illness or medical procedure.
  6. Transportation, or air ambulance expenses

Services to a Living Donor (Removal & Transplant of Organ to the Insured Person)

  1. Hospital Services to the donor
  2. Accommodation of a hospital room, ward or section,
  3. Meals
  4. General nursing services
  5. Regular services from hospital staff
  6. Laboratory tests
  7. Use of equipment
  8. Hospital facilities
  9. Surgery and Medical Services for the removal of donor’s organ or tissue which is to be transplanted to the Insured person

Travel expenses

  1. Business Class Ticket, inclusive of airport pick as per schedule for the Insured and one companion for medical treatment of the covered illness or medical procedure (worth upto USD 3,000 per person per annum).
  2. Sum of USD 15,000 is extended for the transportation of the bodily remains of the insured person to the place of burial in the country of residence. It includes minimum obligatory coffin, embalmment and administrative formalities expenses in the event of death where the insured receives treatment as a consequence of a covered Illness or medical procedure.

Lodging Expenses

  1. Outside hospital lodging expenses up to 30 days (USD 330 per day) per Policy period.

Exclusions in the New India Global Mediclaim policy

  1. No expenses will be covered under the policy which is a direct or indirect result of any pre-existing condition unless you have disclosed the condition in the Proposal Form
  2. Any Illness or conditions you are aware of and was diagnosed with the disease during the first 90 days of the policy commencement.
  3. AII Illness or conditions not specifically covered under the Policy of terms and conditions
  4. Congenital Internal Anomaly (The exclusion may not apply after 48 months of commencement of the first Policy if it was unknown to the insured person at the time of commencement of such Policy.)
  5. Congenital External Anomaly.

Treatments and Services(in India)

  1. Expenses on account of illness or injury due to wars, acts of terrorism, seismic movements, commotions, floods, volcanic eruptions, or direct and indirect consequences of the nuclear reaction, including the officially declared epidemics.
  2. Illness or injury from the professional practice of any sport, air activities (excluding commercial pilot job), sub-aqua activities, boxing, martial arts, climbing, rugby, potholing, bullfighting, motor racing including trials.
  3. Healthcare issues due to alcoholism, drug addiction or any type of intoxicants caused by the abuse of alcohol and use of psychoactive, narcotic or hallucinogenic drugs
  4. Consequences and illness arising from attempted suicide or self-harm.
  5. Medical expenses incurred before the issuance of the Medical Second Opinion by a WLMC as per MediGuide.
  6. Expenses incurred in a different Hospital from the one chosen during the process of the Medical Second Opinion unless required by the WLMC for services and if it is defined under the policy.
  7. AII illness or conditions caused intentionally, fraudulently, or criminal act by the insured.
  8. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  9. Any disease secondary to AIDS or caused by it due to any treatment, including Kaposi’s Sarcoma.
  10. Services that are not medically necessary for the treatment of a covered Illness or procedure.
  11. Expenses incurred in respect of confinement services such as home health care, services provided in a convalescence centre/institution, hospice or old age home. Charges for medical attention or confinement in the following cases: cerebral syndrome, senility, or cerebral impairment, unless the cerebral impairment is the result of the treatment in the WLMC.

Illness or medical procedure

  1. Prosthesis
  2. Cosmetic surgery
  3. Plastic surgery
  4. Corrective devices and medical appliances that are not required during surgery or treatment for the covered illness.
  5. AII pharmaceutical products and medicines that aren’t purchased with the licensed pharmacist or which are obtained without any medical prescription.
  6. Injury due to wilful exposure to danger (except when you save human life)
  7. Expenses incurred in the purchase of wheelchairs, special beds, air conditioning appliances, air cleaners and other nonmedical equipment unless it is covered under the hospitalization.
  8. Expenses incurred by the insured or the relatives, companions or escorts, except those expressly covered.
  9. Transplant except for bone marrow.
  10. When the insured is a donor for a third-party.
  11. Transplants from a dead donor
  12. Stem Cells Transplants
  13. Transplants other than bone marrow transplants
  14. Purchase of donor organs
  15. Unreasonable and Non-customary charges
  16. Traumatic Injury of the Aorta
  17. Traumatic Injury of the heart valves
  18. Expenses towards annual health check-ups

Waiting Period of the New India Global Mediclaim Policy

The waiting period is the time during which the pre-existing diseases or conditions won’t be covered. Any Illness during the first 90 days of the commencement of the Policy is covered under New India. Congenital Internal Anomaly will be covered after the first 48 months of commencement of the first Policy as per the insurance company terms and conditions.

Policy Renewal

The insurance company renews the New India Global Mediclaim Policy if you make necessary Premium payments before the expiry. Your renewal Policy is effected within 30 days of the expiry of the insurance. On the acceptance of renewal, the insurance company will not be liable for any claim in the interim period after expiry of the earlier policy and before the date of the commencement of the subsequent Policy.

Claim of New India Global Mediclaim Policy

If you are diagnosed with a Covered Illness and want to make a claim under New India Global Mediclaim Policy, you just need to follow the steps shown below:

  1. Initiate the process of Medical Second Opinion (MSO)
  2. Call MediGuide
  3. Provide documents such as First consultation paper, Final Diagnosis paper, Treating doctor certification on the final diagnosis, all investigation reports supporting documents, Consent Form to collect documents from various source and any other relevant documents to ascertain the eligibility for the policy claim
  4. MediGuide identifies 3 WLMCs from its Network Hospitals of WLMC who are specialized in treating your illness
  5. You can choose a WLMC out of the 3 Choices
  6. Share your medical report and all other information with the selected WLMC.
  7. Within 10 working days of the receipt, a detailed Medical Second Opinion from the selected WLMC is delivered to you

If you are satisfied with the MSO received, you will need to follow the process below :

  1. Inform MediGuide of the claim or treatment by calling to the toll-free number
  2. Mediguide will then inform New India about the insured’s willingness for the claim.
  3. On receipt of confirmation from New India, MediGuide will coordinate with their International Case Coordinator to provide the necessary paperwork to the insured person
  4. Once you get the Visa, inform the MediGuide and insurer who will arrange the Ticketing, Hotel Stay, Airport Pick Up, Admission to the Hospital, Toll-free number for translation service.
  5. MediGuide or their Local Partner will have the track of your medical treatment.
  6. It will share weekly updates of the insured person to New India.
  7. Once the treatment is completed, MediGuide will arrange your travel back.

The entire claim procedure under New India Global Mediclaim Policy Policy is cashless. And the insurance company has the right to initiate the claim investigation process as per the requirement or discrepancy noted, before providing the necessary services. The list of WLMC is dynamic and may change without prior notice to the Insured. You can check the updated list of WLMCs on the official website of the New India Assurance Company.

Free Look Period on the New India Global Mediclaim Policy

The insurance company will provide a free look period of 15 days to the insured person at the inception of the first policy. Within this period, you are allowed to review the terms and conditions of the policy and can return the same if it is not acceptable.

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