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New India Corona Kavach Policy

As you know that the novel COVID-19 or Coronavirus disease continues to affect people worldwide. Buying health insurance that provides you a cover for the medical treatment of COVID -19 can help you deal with these unpleasant times. But where should you subscribe to get coverage for medical expenses due to COVID-19? Well, you could think of having a Corona Kavach Policy of New India Assurance Co. Ltd, which is a multinational general insurance company having its headquarters in Mumbai and more than 2,000 branches across the country. New India Corona Kavach Policy helps you access quality medical care and offers financial coverage for hospitalization expenses incurred for the treatment of COVID-19. Let’s read more about this Corona Kavach Policy here.

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What Does the New India Corona Kavach Policy Cover?

This health insurance policy covers hospitalization expenses for an individual who is diagnosed positive for Covid-19. New India Corona Kavach Policy can be taken for 105 days to 285 days. Under this policy, you can claim a sum of INR 50,000-5,00,000 in multiples of 50,000. The New India Corona Kavach Policy covers the following expenses.

  1. Pre -hospitalization charges for up to 15 days
  2. Post hospitalization charges for up to 30 days
  3. Ambulance charge
  4. Quarantine Room rent or ICU
  5. Telemedicine expenses
  6. Home Care expenses payable up to 14 days, subject to a maximum INR 15,000 per insured person.
  7. Optional cover of hospital cash of 0.5% for a maximum of 15 days.
  8. Treatment of any Co-Morbid conditions

What New India Corona Kavach Policy Doesn’t Cover?

After knowing what expenses do the New India Corona Kavach Policy cover, now know what it does not cover. Look at the points mentioned below.

  1. Hospitalization Expenses Below 24 Hours: If you visit a hospital for medical treatment and it is less than 24 hours, you aren’t eligible to claim the policy.
  2. COVID-19 Claims Before the Start of the Policy: You can’t get the advantage of the scheme if you do a test for COVID-19 before buying the New India Corona Kavach Policy. The spend which you have done in the past for the COVID-19 test or treatment is not covered under the scheme.
  3. Unrelated Treatment or Medicines: The insurer can’t claim the policy for any treatment undertaken without consulting a doctor.
  4. Diagnosis & Treatment Outside India: You don’t have any benefit of the New India Corona Kavach Policy if you are diagnosed COVID-19 positive outside India and the treatment is running there.
  5. COVID-19 Testing in an Unauthorized Government Centre: If you do your COVID-19 test other than the authorized government testing center in India, you aren’t eligible to claim any funds from your New India Corona Kavach Policy.
  6. Treatments Which are Not Covered : OPD treatments and Daycare procedures aren’t covered under this health insurance scheme. It includes doctor consultations, pathological tests, dialysis, chemotherapy, tonsillectomy, cataract surgery, dental surgery, etc.

Waiting Period

The New India Corona Kavach Policy cover comes with a short waiting period of 15-days. This means the claim for COVID-related medical expenses can be allowed after days of purchasing the policy.

Pre-Hospitalization Cover

This Corona policy also covers medical expenses that are incurred before you get hospitalized due to COVID-19. These expenses include the medical cost, doctor’s fee, medical tests, etc. When the claim amount is accepted, your medical expenses before hospitalization will be taken care of by the insurance company. The maximum period of pre-hospitalization expenses covered under the New India Corona Kavach Policy is of 15 days.

Hospitalization Cover

When you have experienced the COVID-19 symptoms before hospitalization and the doctor confirms that your COVID-19 test is positive, your hospitalization will take place. From that until you get discharged, all your hospitalization expenses such as Bed charge, doctor fee, medication, tests, etc, will be covered. The New India Corona Kavach Policy covers Post-Hospitalization costs up to 30 days which will be reimbursed after discharge.

Entry and Exit Age

Applicants aged from 18 to 65 years can apply for New India Corona Kavach Policy. If there are children in the family, they can be covered under the policy as well from 1 day to 25 years old who are dependent on the parent’s income. If the child above 18 is financially independent, he/she can’t get the benefit of the policy as the concerned individual needs to apply for a separate policy. There is also a discount of 5% on the New India Corona Kavach Policy for Healthcare workers. The discount is applicable for Self, Spouse, and Children if the individual or spouse is a Healthcare worker. For this discount scheme, the following Healthcare workers are covered.

  1. Doctors
  2. Nurses
  3. Midwives
  4. Dental practitioners

And other health professionals such as lab assistants, pharmacists, physiotherapists, technicians, and people working in hospitals.
The insurance company also offers you a 10% online discount on the New India Corona Kavach Policy.

How to Claim this Policy?

If you are tested positive for COVID-19 and want funds for the treatment, you can request a cashless claim, a feature available in the New India Corona Kavach Policy. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Your COVID-19 testament should be done within the insurance company network and must be pre-authorized by the Third-Party Authority (TPA).
  2. You can get the cashless request form from your network provider
  3. When the insurance company or TPA receives the insurer cashless request form, it will issue a pre-authorization letter to the hospital after the verification.
  4. After that, you just need to verify and sign the discharge papers, pay for non-medical and inadmissible expenses at the time of discharge.

The insurance company or TPA reserves the right to deny a pre-authorization in case the insured person doesn’t provide the relevant medical details for a cashless claim. In that case, you may get the COVID-19 treatment as per the doctor’s advice by submitting a few documents within the stipulated period as part of the Corona Kavach Policy reimbursement. The following are the documents you need to submit for the reimbursement of COVID-19 hospitalization expenses.

  1. Duly filled and signed Claim Form
  2. Copy of your passport, if available (All pages)
  3. Photo Identity proof of if the passport is not available
  4. Medical practitioner’s prescription advising admission to the hospital
  5. Original bills with individual expenses
  6. Payment receipts
  7. Discharge summary with a complete medical history
  8. Investigation reports including your test reports from the authorized COVID testing centre
  9. OT notes or Surgeon’s certificate if an operation is performed
  10. Sticker/Invoice of the Implants, wherever applicable.
  11. NEFT Details and a cancelled cheque
  12. Your KYC proof is required, where claim liability is above INR 1 lakh as per AML Guidelines
  13. Legal heir/succession certificate, if required
  14. Any other relevant documents required for assessment of the claim

Premium Payments

The premium amount for the Corona Kavach Policy can vary based on the individual. One can buy a COVID-19 health insurance policy either on an individual or a family floater basis. You need to pay the insurance premium in a lump sum as there are no installment services for this policy. The amount can vary whether you are a healthy male or female. And as per the terms and conditions of the policy, applicants with Co-Morbid conditions have to pay a higher premium.

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