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Navi COCO Protect Plan

Navi COCO Protect Plan shields yourself and your family financially by providing a lump sum benefit against accidental death, accidental permanent total disability and many more. This plan from Navi Health Insurance is a specialized personal accident product with six variants that cater to different needs of people. Policyholders can choose the protection according to their needs at an affordable cost.

Before going any further, let’s check its noticeable features mentioned below.

  1. Flexible Sum Insured Options
  2. Accidental Death Coverage up to 200% of the Sum Insured
  3. Accidental Permanent Total Disability Coverage
  4. Weekly Benefit (In Case of Accidental Temporary Total Disability)
  5. Common Injuries Coverage in Case of Accidents
  6. Child Tuition Benefit
  7. Coverage Against Repatriation of Mortal Remains and Funeral Expenses
  8. Lifestyle Support
  9. Skill Development
  10. Orphan Benefit
  11. Skill Development Coverage
  12. A 15-day Free Look Period

Go through this page to know more about the features and benefits of the COCO Protect Plan from Navi General Insurance. Without any further delay, let’s start!

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Let’s Understand the Features of the Navi COCO Protect Plan in Detail

This policy from Navi General Insurance is exclusively designed to cover loss of life, disabilities, and other contingencies that happen due to an accident. To know more about this plan, you should check its key features and benefits mentioned below.

Flexible Sum Insured Options

Under the Navi COCO Protect Plan, the sum insured ranges from INR 50,000 to 5 crores. In the case of an individual policy, the sum insured will depend on the age and the annual income of an individual.

For family policy, the sum insured of primary insured or earning spouse will depend on his/her age and annual income. The sum insured for non-earning spouse and dependent children will be up to 50% and 25% of the primary policyholder’s sum insured (up to INR 5 lakh), respectively.

What is the Policy Term?

Policyholders can choose the protection plan with different policy term options of 1, 2 or 3 years.

Accidental Coverage

If an insured person dies due to bodily injuries from an accident (during the policy period), the policy will pay 100% of the sum insured and the applicable cumulative bonus. If the death occurs while the insured person is traveling in public transport, Protect Plan will pay 200% of the sum insured to the nominee or beneficiary.

In case of an accidental permanent total disability within 365 days from the date of the accident, the coverage amount will be according to the extent of events. To know more, check the below table.

Nature of EventPercentage of the Sum Insured
Actual loss by physical separation of two hands, or150
Actual loss by physical separation of two entire feet, or
Actual loss by physical separation of one entire hand and one entire foot, or
Actual loss by physical separation of one entire hand or one entire foot and loss of sight of one eye
Sight of both eyes, or150
Use of two hands, or
Use of two feet, or
Use of one hand and one foot, or
Use of one hand or one foot and loss of sight of one eye.
Hemiplegia or Paraplegia or Quadriplegia150

In case of an accidental temporary total disability where the insured person is unable to attend office/work for more than seven consecutive days, the policy will pay a weekly benefit of 1% of the sum insured or INR 25,000 (whichever is less).

The compensation will be given for a maximum of 100 weeks during the policy period.

Child Tuition Benefit

Under this benefit, COCO Protect will pay the sum insured if the insured person suffers a specified critical injury, accidental death or disability during the coverage period. A child who is a full-time student in a recognized educational institute at the time of such accident or diagnosis will be eligible for this benefit.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains and Funeral Expenses

In case of accidental death, the policy will also pay a one-time lump sum for the transportation of the insured person’s mortal remains to a hospital, cremation ground, or his/her residence and on funeral/cremation.

Physiotherapy Coverage

After the accidental injury, if an insured person needs to attend physiotherapy sessions (recommended by a medical practitioner or surgeon), the policy will reimburse the expenses incurred on such sessions. Physiotherapy sessions should start within one month from the date of the accident.

Emergency Evacuation

COCO Protect Plan will also cover the expenses incurred on the transportation of the insured person from the place of accident to the nearest hospital or from the local hospital to another specialized hospital.

Daily Hospital Cash

The policy will provide a fixed amount for each day in hospitalization (up to 30 days in a policy year) due to accidental injuries. In case of an ICU hospitalization, you will get double the benefit amount.

Navi COCO Protect Plan Eligibility Criteria

Have a look at the conditions related to the Navi COCO Protect Plan mentioned below.

  1. The policy is available for an individual in the age group of 18 to 80 years.
  2. Policyholders can renew the policy throughout their life.
  3. Spouse and dependent children can also get coverage under the primary insured’s policy. The minimum entry age stands at 91 days and 18 years for children and spouses, respectively.

What is Not Covered Under the Policy?

Policyholders will not get coverage in the following situations during the policy term.

  1. Suicide or attempted suicide, intentionally self-inflicted Injury or Illness, acts of self-destruction (whether the Insured Person is medically sane or insane)
  2. Psychiatric or mental disorders
  3. Under the influence of drugs, alcohol, other intoxicants or hallucinogens
  4. Participation in an actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, strike, or civil commotion
  5. Ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from burning nuclear fuel
  6. External congenital anomalies
  7. Participation in adventure sports (unless opted for)

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