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Which Mediclaim Policy Covers Pregnancy in India

Motherhood is a life-enriching experience that transforms women into a mother. The transition is witnessed by a lot of changes both physically and psychologically. Childbirth is one of the most crucial parts of motherhood and is considered as the second birth of women. As childbirth is the crucial stage of motherhood, it is also a stage in motherhood which is susceptible to complications which can cost you your savings.

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The entire journey starting from motherhood to childbirth involves a lot of doctor consultations, medicines, diagnostic tests etc. These expenses are unending and start the day your pregnancy is detected. So, in such phase of life where your finances can drain your savings, it is best to be prepared to keep expenses at bay by availing a Mediclaim policy that covers all the pregnancy-related expenses. Let us understand in detail about pregnancy Mediclaim policies.

What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity Insurance also is known as Pregnancy Mediclaim insurance policy. As the name suggests, it is a type of insurance coverage that is designed to cover the expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth. Under the maternity insurance plan, the coverage is extended to both types of childbirth i.e. normal delivery and caesarean. Pregnancy Mediclaim policy is either offered as an add-on cover in the existing health insurance plan or as an additional benefit within the existing Mediclaim policy.

The pregnancy Mediclaim policy is designed to cover all the expenses related to hospitalization which includes admission charges, doctor fees, nursing charges, etc. the plan also extends to cover for the expenses incurred during pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization days. The number of days for which the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are covered is pre-determined by the insurance provider. This plan also covers the cost incurred for surgeries and treatments related to pregnancy complications. Apart from the pregnancy and delivery expenses, some of the pregnancy Mediclaim policies are also designed to cover the expenses related to the childbirth i.e. expenses related to pre-natal and post-natal treatment for a certain pre-defined duration.

Here is the List of Top 6 Mediclaim Policy Offering Pregnancy Coverage

Care Health Insurance Joy Plan

The Care Health insurance joy plan is a unique insurance plan which takes care of the entire pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy health care cost as well as childbirth with the least waiting period in the industry.

Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater

The Apollo Munich Health Insurance (Now HDFC ERGO) Company offers Easy Health family floater that offers the benefit of covering maternity expenses. The coverage takes care of expenses arising before and post-childbirth. Additionally, the plan also covers the expenses of the newborn baby from day 1 to day 90.

Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover

The Star Health Insurance company offers the Wedding Gift Pregnancy cover pregnancy and new-born expenses. The plan extends coverage of expenses required for pre-natal and post-natal expenses along with a cover for new mother post-delivery.

Manipal Cigna ProHealth Plus plan

The Manipal Cigna Health Insurance company has come up with an insurance product that covers the expenses of pregnancy and childbirth. The plan offers the unique benefit of covering the expenses of vaccinations of the new-born baby up to one year.

Royal Sundaram Health Plus Plan

The Royal Sundaram General Insurance company offers a lucrative maternity plan called the Health Plus Plan that covers expenses of pregnancy and childbirth. This maternity insurance provides benefits to the insured to cover the expenses. The benefits offered under the plan up to Rs 30000 (for normal delivery) and Rs 50000 (for caesarean delivery). However, the benefits can be availed after the completion of the waiting period.

Niva Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater Plan

Niva Bupa, one of the leading insurance providers in India, has a uniquely crafted maternity insurance plan called the Heartbeat family floater. The plan is designed to cover the expenses of pregnancy, childbirth and newborn baby cover. The plan comes in 3 variants namely Silver plan, Gold Plan and Platinum Plan.

What is Excluded from Maternity Insurance?

A pregnancy Mediclaim policy excludes certain scenarios where the insurance coverage stands invalid. In the event of circumstances, the insurance provider will not honour your claim for the expense. The details of this certain specific events are pre-defined by the insurance provider it is recommended to understand the exclusions under the maternity insurance. The common exclusions are unanticipated termination of pregnancy, monthly check-ups, etc.

Thus, it is advised to check and understand the pros and cons the pregnancy Mediclaim policy is offering beforehand. You can visit the nearest branch office of the insurance provider or reach their customer care who would be happy to resolve all your queries.

Things to Keep in Mind During Pregnancy Mediclaim Policy

The following are certain important tips that you need to keep in mind for being financially secure.

Network Hospital

Childbirth cannot be anticipated, there might occur a situation of emergency so if you have a cashless pregnancy Mediclaim policy it is very important to know the list of their network hospital. Select a network hospital that is nearest to you or the one you prefer so that you can reach the hospital in times of emergency.


If you have a cashless maternity insurance coverage, it is important to carry the necessary documents required at the time of admission in the hospital.

Nature of Payment

The maternity insurance coverage is offered in two ways i.e. cashless coverage and co-payment method. Under the co-payment method, it is required to understand the term and condition of payment as you have to bear a certain percentage of the total medical bill. However, under cashless your insurance provider will take care of the medical expenses.

Final Word

Pregnancy Mediclaim Policy is one of the most important insurance covers which you should avail for your spouse as pregnancy is a vital event of life. Thus, by buying a pregnancy Mediclaim policy you can enjoy the joy of parenthood without straining your finances.

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