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Senior citizens are prone to health risks more than their younger counterparts. As a result, it is a bit difficult to get higher health insurance coverage for them. With the Max Bupa Senior First Health Insurance Plan, you can ensure the same and provide a financial shield if your parents face a medical emergency. This plan from Max Bupa is a specialized senior citizen plan with a higher coverage amount, a wide range of benefits like higher entry age, lifelong renewability, co-payment feature, etc.

Before going any further, we are mentioning some key features of the Max Bupa Senior First Health Insurance Plan to understand it better. Have a look!

  1. Flexibility to choose the plan according to your affordability
  2. Multiple sum insured options
  3. ReAssure Benefit
  4. No mandatory pre-issuance medical tests
  5. No sub-limits on common health conditions like cataracts, cancer, etc.
  6. Cashless coverage for non-payable items like PPE Kit, Masks, Gloves, etc.
  7. Day Care Treatment coverage
  8. Premium discounts on a multi-year policy
  9. Tax Benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961
  10. A 15 or 30-day free look period

On this page, we will discuss these features of Max Bupa Senior First Health Insurance Plan in detail. Let’s start without any further delay!

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Let’s Understand the Features and Benefits of the Max Bupa Senior First Health Insurance Plan in Detail

Before purchasing this policy for your parents, it is important to understand the features and benefits of the same in detail. We are showing the same below. Please check!

Flexibility to Choose Plan and Sum Insured Amount

Policyholders can choose from two plan options according to their needs – Gold and Platinum.

On choosing the Gold Plan, the sum insured can be either INR 5 lakh or INR 10 lakh. On the other hand, Platinum Plan offers multiple sum insured options – INR 5 lakh, INR 10 lakh, INR 15 lakh, INR 20 lakh and INR 25 lakh.

ReAssure Benefit

With the platinum plan under the Senior First Health Insurance Plan, policyholders can enjoy unlimited base sum insured for long-term treatments and multiple illnesses or diseases. Here, the maximum amount for the single claim can be up to the chosen base sum insured.

SafeGuard Feature

The SafeGuard feature is an add-on that policyholders can choose to get the following benefits.

  1. Cashless coverage for non-payable items like PPE Kits, Masks, Gloves, etc.
  2. Your sum insured will increase each policy year on a cumulative basis according to the present rate of inflation.
  3. If your overall claim in a policy year is up to INR 50,000, your no claim bonus will remain unaffected.

No Sub-limits on Common Health Conditions

This plan provides coverage without any sub-limits even if policyholders have existing health conditions like cataract, joint replacement, cancer, etc.

In-patient Hospitalization Coverage

If a policyholder needs hospitalization for the due treatment (for a minimum of 24 hours), this plan will cover all the expenses for all the insured members up to the sum insured limit.

Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expenses Coverage

Policyholders will also get coverage against expenses incurred 60 days before hospitalization and 180 days after the discharge from the hospital up to the sum insured limit.

Modern Treatment Coverage

If a policyholder needs to undergo one of the modern treatments, this plan will cover the expenses incurred on the same, up to the sum insured (with a sub-limit of INR 1 lakh per claim on a few specified robotic surgeries).

Ambulance Charges Coverage

Both Gold and Platinum variants of this Max Bupa Plan will cover the expenses incurred on ambulance charges if a policyholder needs to be transported to a nearby hospital. For Road Ambulance, the coverage amount will be up to INR 2,000 per hospitalization, while for Air Ambulance, this amount can go up to INR 2,50,000 per hospitalization.

Note: Ambulance expenses will be paid only after the approval of the inpatient hospitalization claim.

AYUSH Treatments and Domiciliary Hospitalization Coverage

Max Bupa Senior First Health Insurance Plan covers the expenses incurred on AYUSH treatments as well as treatments taken at home due to the unavailability of a hospital bed or the doctor’s advice (domiciliary hospitalization) up to the sum insured.

Health Check-up Facility

If you choose the Platinum Plan, you can avail of the annual health check-up facility from Day 1 of your policy. The coverage amount will be up to INR 500 for every INR 1 lakh of the base sum insured. The maximum coverage amount will be INR 5,000 (per insured) and INR 10,000 (per policy) for individual and family floater policy, respectively.

No Claim Bonus up to 100% of the Sum Insured

This plan rewards you for staying healthy with the No Claim Bonus. When you don’t make any claim in a year, 10% of your sum insured will be added to your existing coverage amount. You can get up to 100% of the base sum insured with this benefit.

What is the Policy Period of Max Bupa Senior First Health Insurance Plan?

Policyholders can choose from multiple policy term options under this plan – 1, 2 and 3 years. Max Bupa also provides a discount of 7.5% (on the second policy year’s premium) and 15% (on the third year’s premium) if you pay the same for the 2 and 3-year policy term in advance.

What is the Minimum Premium Amount?

Policyholders will need to pay a minimum premium of INR 13,453 per year for the Max Bupa Senior First Health Insurance Plan. The maximum premium depends on the chosen sum insured.

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