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Max Bupa Personal Accident Insurance

A lot of people die and ruin their lives in India due to an accident. Either they become partially disabled or permanent disability after an accident. So, in such a situation it is difficult for them to manage their expenses and their family’s expenses. But if you have taken an insurance plan and covered your personal accident then the insurance company will take care of those expenses. Therefore, you must explore the features of Max Bupa Personal Accident Insurance plan that covers all the risks related to a personal accident. You are free to choose the amount of the Sum Assured and the company will reimburse the amount if any such uncertainty happens. You must take a look at the key features of this insurance plan.

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Key Features of Personal Accident Insurance Plan

  1. Get 100% of the Sum Assured in case of death due to an accident.
  2. This insurance plan gives you worldwide coverage.
  3. You are free to renew the policy lifetime.
  4. The amount of the Sum Assured starts from Rs.5 Lacs.
  5. You can cover your spouse and two children under the same insurance plan.
  6. Flexibility of choosing the term of the policy.
  7. You can save tax under section 80C and 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Benefit of Personal Accident Plan

There are various benefits of this health insurance plan and it covers a lot of risks related to the accident. So, you must have a look at all the benefits of the plan.

Accidental Death Benefits

In case of unfortunate death of the insured due to an accident, the nominee is entitled to receive 100% of the Sum Assured. Your family will not have to face any kind of financial burden after your unfortunate demise. The company will make the settlement.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

If in case the insured has become Permanent Total Disable then the insurance company will pay him 125% of the Sum Assured. This sum of money will help him to continue his life further happily.

Permanent Partial Disability

In the case of the Permanent Partial Disability of the insured, the company will pay 100% of the Sum Assured to the insured. The insured can use this sum of money to fulfill the needs of the future.

Child Education Benefit

In this benefit, if the insured dies or becomes permanent total disable then the company will give 5% of the sum assured or Rs.50000 to the family for the child’s education in case of the sum assured value of less than Rs.25 lacs. If the value of the sum assured is more than Rs.25 Lacs then the company will pay Rs.5 lacs for your child’s education.

Tenure Discount Benefit

If you have taken the policy for the policy term of two or three years then you will get rebates on the amount of your premium. So, you can reduce the premium amount of the Max Bupa Personal Accident Insurance Plan of you increase the policy term to two or three years.

Funeral Expenses Reimbursement

The company will reimburse the expenses done for the funeral ceremony of the insured. If the amount of the Sum Assured is less than Rs.25 lacs then you will receive up to Rs.5000 as the funeral expense’s reimbursement. If in case your Sum Assured is more than Rs.25 lacs then you will get funeral expenses cover of up to Rs.50000.

Worldwide Coverage

The cover of this policy is not limited to the boundaries of India. You will get the cover worldwide at the network hospitals of Max Bupa Insurance Company.

Hospitalization Cash

The company will give a cash allowance to your family in case of hospitalization. It simply means that your family will receive reimbursement of the expenses done every day during hospitalization.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

In case of the temporary total disability, the company will pay you 1% of the sum assured every week up to 100 weeks. You can manage your expenses by using these weekly funds provided by the company in case of a temporary total disability.

Free-Look Period

If in case you are not satisfied with this health insurance plan then you can return it to the company. The company will pay back the first premium amount that you have paid at the time of inception of the policy.

Details of Max Bupa Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Minimum Sum AssuredRs.5 Lacs
Maximum Sum AssuredRs.2 Crores
Minimum Amount of PremiumRs.6444 per year
No. of Maximum Insured in one PolicyUp to 2 Adults and 2 Children
Minimum Age of Entry18 Years
Maximum Age of Entry65 Years
Minimum Age of Entry for Dependent Children1 Day
Maximum Age of Entry for Dependent Children21 Years

Exclusions of the Plan

  1. Suicide or self-inflicted injury
  2. War (whether declared or not)
  3. Service in the armed forces, or any police organization, of any country at war or at peace or service.
  4. Any change of profession after the inception of the Policy which results in the enhancement of our risk.
  5. Committing an assault, a criminal offense, or any breach of law with criminal intent.
  6. Taking or absorbing, accidentally or otherwise, any intoxicating liquor, drug, narcotic, medicine, sedative or poison.
  7. Death or disablement caused by ionizing radiation.
  8. Any disability arising out of pre-existing diseases if not accepted and endorsed by the company.
  9. Body or mental infirmity or any disease except where such condition arises directly as a correspondence of an accident during the policy period.

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