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ManipalCigna Lifeline Health Plan helps individuals protect their finances amid a medical emergency both in and outside India. One of the best things about this plan is you can customize it as per your varying stages of life with different package options and multiple benefits. Before we discuss the plan in detail, have a look at its key features mentioned below.

  • Multiple plan and sum insured options
  • Coverage benefits outside India
  • No capping on room rent for global hospitalization
  • Individual and family floater cover option
  • Multiple policy term options
  • Optional packages with several benefits
  • Coverage against 27 major critical illnesses
  • Multiple premium payment modes (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly and Single)
  • Discounts on premiums
  • A 15-day free look period
  • A grace period of 15 or 30 days
  • Tax benefits under Income Tax Act, 1961

On this page, we will discuss these features in detail so that you can understand them better. Let’s start without any further delay.

Features and Benefits of ManipalCigna Lifeline Health Plan in Detail

We have mentioned all the coverage features and benefits of this health insurance plan below.

Flexible Plan and Sum Insured Options

As mentioned earlier, you can choose between two options under ManipalCigna Lifeline Health Plan as per your needs – India and Global Plan. For both the options, the insurer provides multiple sum insured options — INR 50 lakh/ 75 lakh/ 100 lakh/ 150 lakh/ 200 lakh/ 300 lakh.

What will be the Policy Term?

Under the ManipalCigna Lifeline Health Plan, you can choose from multiple policy year options — 1, 2 or 3 years.

Coverage Features

You will get the following coverage benefits under both India and Global Plan options.

  • In-patient hospitalization expenses (For admissions longer than 24 hours) up to the full sum insured
  • All day care treatments up to the overall sum insured
  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses for 60 and 180 days, respectively
  • In-patient hospitalization for AYUSH treatment availed in India
  • Road ambulance cover up to the full sum insured
  • Organ donor expenses coverage
  • Domiciliary treatment cover up to 10% of the sum insured
  • Complimentary health check-up once in a policy year for adults
  • Robotic and cyberknife surgery up to the full sum insured
  • Modern and advanced treatments cover
  • HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) cover
  • Mental care cover
  • Multiple restorations of sum insured in the policy year

If you choose Global Plan, you will get the additional coverage benefits mentioned below.

  • Global hospitalization cover for major illnesses (for admission longer than 24 hours)
  • Global pre and post-hospitalization expenses cover for 60 and 180 days, respectively, up to the full sum insured
  • Global ambulance cover (Road ambulance is available for one event per policy year)
  • Coverage against expenses incurred on medical evacuation and repatriation of the insured person from outside India
  • Repatriation of mortal remains cover
  • Global travel vaccination cover once in a policy year
  • Global robotic and cyberknife surgery

Optional Package Benefits

This plan from ManipalCigna also offers optional packages under which you can get a wide range of benefits – Health+(available on an individual basis), Women+ (available to women 12 years and above) and Global+ (with Global Plan option only). You can check the benefits under these packages in the below table.

Package OptionsBenefits
Health+Air ambulance cover up to INR 10 lakh

Medical and non-medical device cover

Domestic second opinion cover

Bariatric surgery cover (With 2-year waiting period)

Convalescence benefit up to INR 50,000

Major illness hospital cash of INR 2,500 per day
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy cash of INR 2,500 per day for a maximum of 12 sittings

Accidental hospi cash of INR 2,500 per day

Domestic concierge services

Tele-consultations at network hospitals in India
Global+Global hospital cash of INR 25,000 per day

Global convalescence benefit of INR 10 lakh as a lump sum amount

Global outpatient expenses cover up to INR 1 lakh

Global chemotherapy and radiotherapy cash of INR 25,000 for each sitting

Travel expenses benefit up to INR 5 lakh

Global second opinion
Women+Breast cancer screening once in a policy year

Cervical cancer screening once in a policy year

Cervical cancer vaccination

Ovarian cancer screening

Osteoporosis screening
(DEXA Scan)

Gynaecological consultations

5 psychiatric consultations and psychotherapy sessions in a policy year

Add-on Cover Option

Policyholders can also choose Critical Illness Cover to enhance their overall protection. This add-on will pay a sum insured amount if an insured person is diagnosed with one of the listed critical illnesses during the policy year for the first time.

Discounts on Premiums

You can get the following discounts on your premium payable under the plan.

  • 7.5% and 10% discount for choosing a policy term of 2 and 3 years, respectively
  • Family discount of 15% on covering two or more family members under a single individual policy
  • 3% per annum discount on the next renewal premium on paying through NACH or Standing Instruction (SI)
  • Loyalty discount of 5% (from 4th to 7th policy year) and 10% (from 8th policy year onwards)

ManipalCigna Lifeline Health Plan Eligibility Criteria

Have a look at the conditions related to the plan mentioned below.

  • The minimum entry age for children and adults stands at 91 days and 18 years, respectively
  • The maximum entry age for children can go up to 25 years in a family floater policy, while adults up to 65 years can get the policy
  • Any individual can get a global plan provided he/she is a resident of India at inception and subsequent renewals of the policy

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