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Liberty Secure Health Connect Policy

Liberty Secure Health Connect Policy covers all the reasonable and customary charges incurred towards your medical expenses. This policy is available to persons aged between 18-65 years and it can be purchased on an individual or family floater basis. Under this policy you can cover your spouse, parents, parents in law, siblings, children (91 days – 25 years), daughter in law, son in law, grandchildren, grandparents. And there is no pre-policy health check-up applicable to individuals aged below 55 years. Continue reading this page and learn about the coverage of the Liberty Secure Health Connect Policy.

Health Insurance

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Liberty Secure Health Connect Policy Base Cover

Under this policy, you and other insured members of your family will get coverage against the following medical expenses –

In-Patient Hospitalization Expenses: The insurer shall cover the following medical expenses if you or any of the insured members are hospitalized due to an illness or injury during the policy term.

  1. Room, boarding and nursing expense
  2. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) charges
  3. Doctor’s fees
  4. Surgical fees
  5. Operation Theatre Charges
  6. Anesthetist fees
  7. Cost of anesthesia, blood, oxygen
  8. Physical therapy

Note: If you are admitted to a room where the room rent is higher than the one specified in the policy certificate, you need to bear the difference between the room rent incurred and the room rent limit.

Pre & Post-hospitalization Expenses: Any medical expenses incurred during the policy period, before and after your hospitalization, provided such medical expenses were incurred for the same condition for which you are hospitalized, the insurer shall cover those expenses.

Day Care Procedure/Treatment: The insurance company will indemnify the medical expenses incurred on a treatment towards a daycare procedure as mentioned in the policy schedule. Daycare procedure/treatment shall be covered if you are hospitalized as an inpatient for less than 24 hours in a Hospital or a daycare center.

Emergency Local Road Ambulance Charges: You’ll get coverage against the ambulance service if it is offered by a healthcare or ambulance service provider, provided the transportation has been prescribed by a medical practitioner and it is medically necessary as per your condition.

Hospital Daily Cash Allowance: The insurer will pay an amount as specified in the policy schedule for each continuous and completed hospitalization of 24 hours. You’ll receive hospital cash up to the 10th day of continuous hospitalization, provided a valid claim is admissible under in-patient treatment.

Cumulative Bonus: If the policy is renewed without any break and you haven’t filed a claim in the previous policy year, the sum insured will be increased by 10% or 25% for every claim-free. The maximum cumulative bonus is subject to 50% or 100% of the sum insured. However, in case of a claim, the accrued cumulative bonus will be reduced by 10% or 25%.

Sub Limits on Medical Expenses: The insurer shall apply sub-limit to the following surgeries/medical procedures as specified in the policy schedule –

  1. Cataract treatment
  2. Hysterectomy
  3. Removal of gallbladder
  4. Surgery for piles
  5. Surgery for fissure, fistula and sinus
  6. Surgery for nasal septum correction
  7. Angiography invasive
  8. PTCA
  9. Appendectomy
  10. D & C
  11. Hernia
  12. Deviated Nasal Septum
  13. Surgery for renal stone
  14. Prostate Surgery TURP
  15. CABG
  16. Total Knee replacement
  17. Total Hip replacement

Co-Payment: For all the admissible claims in a non-network hospital, you have to bear 10% of the admissible claim amount. However, if the insured age is above 60 years, 10% co-pay will apply on all admissible claims of non-network/network hospitals.

Health Check-up: You and any of the insured members aged 18 years or above shall be entitled to a free health check-up at a diagnostic center as specified by the insurer after a block of every two claim-free years.

If Sum Insured INR 2-5 Lakh – The insurer will provide free health check-up for the following tests – Complete blood Count, Fasting Blood Sugar, S.Cholesterol, S. Creatinine, ECG

If Sum Insured INR 6 15 Lakh – The insurer shall cover the following tests under free health check-up – Complete blood Count, Routine Urine Analysis, Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid profile, S. creatinine, ECG

Stay Fit Perks: Under this policy, you’ll get an additional perk on the renewal of the policy after every two claim-free years. You can utilize the accumulated Stay fit perk from the third policy year against any non-medical expenses, co-payments or sub-limits applicable under this policy.

Liberty Secure Health Connect Policy Optional Covers

The insurer provides the following optional covers to you by which you can enhance your policy –

  1. Reload of Sum Insured: In case your sum insured is exhausted due to claims in a policy year, your sum insured will be automatically reloaded to the original sum insured as specified in the policy schedule for the particular policy year. The reload sum insured can be used only for in-patient hospitalization expenses.
  2. Enhanced Cumulative Bonus: By opting for this optional cover you can enhance your cumulative bonus up to 150% of the sum insured.
  3. Waiver of the Medical Expenses Sub-limits: This optional cover waives off the sub-limits applicable on the listed illnesses/injuries as mentioned above.

Waiting Period

Check out the waiting period applicable to this policy

  1. Pre-existing Diseases – 48 months.
  2. Specified surgeries/treatments/diseases as specified in the policy schedule – 24 and 48 months
  3. Nothing shall be payable for the treatment of any illness within 30 days from the date of the policy commencement, except for the claims arising due to an accident.

Exclusions from Liberty Secure Health Connect Policy

The insurer shall not make any payment for any claim if they arise due to the following –

  1. Admission primarily for diagnostics and evaluation
  2. Rest Cure, rehabilitation and respite care
  3. Obesity and weight control programs
  4. Change-of-Gender treatments
  5. Cosmetic or plastic surgery unless necessitated due to an accident, burn or cancer
  6. Spondylosis/Spondylitis
  7. Surgery of varicose veins and varicose ulcers
  8. Diabetes & related complications
  9. Hypertension & related complications
  10. Treatment for correction of eyesight due to refractive error
  11. Treatment-related to Anxiety, Conduct & Mood disorders, Personality disorders and stress
  12. Participation in hazardous or adventure sports such as para-jumping, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting, motor racing, horse racing or scuba diving, hand gliding, skydiving, deepsea diving
  13. Breach of law
  14. Treatment in any hospital or by any medical practitioner is specifically excluded by the insurer unless it is a life-threatening situation
  15. Treatment for, Alcoholism, drug or substance abuse o
  16. Treatments received in health hydros, nature cure clinics, spas or similar establishments
  17. Dietary supplements and substances without a prescription
  18. UnprovenTreatments
  19. Birth control, Sterility and Infertility
  20. Maternity expenses traceable to childbirth except for ectopic pregnancy
  21. Any condition directly or indirectly caused by sexually transmitted diseases
  22. Any dental treatment or surgery unless occurs due an accident and requires hospitalization
  23. Treatment from a medical practitioner who is practicing outside his/her discipline
  24. Charges incurred on external appliances or devices whether for diagnosis or treatment
  25. External Congenital Anomaly.
  26. Circumcision unless necessary for the treatment of an illness/injury
  27. Alternative treatments
  28. Any OPD treatment
  29. Treatment received outside India
  30. War or any act of war
  31. Act of self-destruction attempted suicide or suicide
  32. Any charges incurred to procure any medical certificate, treatment or Illness related documents
  33. Personal comfort and convenience items expenses
  34. RMO charges, service charge, surcharge, admission fees, registration fees, night charges levied by the hospital
  35. Nuclear, chemical or biological attack or weapons
  36. Alopecia, wigs, toupee and all hair or hair fall treatments and products
  37. Drugs or treatment and medical supplies without a prescription

Free Look Period

A free look period of 15 days shall apply to this policy to review the terms and conditions of the policy and return the same if not acceptable. If you have not made any claim during the free look period, you shall be entitled to a refund of the paid premium less medical examination expenses and stamp duty charges. Where the risk has already commenced and the option of return of the policy is exercised, a deduction towards the proportionate risk premium for the period of cover will be made. If only a part of the insurance coverage has commenced, such proportionate premium commensurate with the insurance coverage during the free look period.

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