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Liberty Hospi-Cash Connect Policy

Liberty Hospi-Cash Connect Policy covers medical expenses against diseases, critical illnesses or any bodily injury due to accidents. This policy is available to persons aged between 18-65 years, and you can purchase it on an individual or family floater basis. Under this policy, you can cover your spouse, parents, parents in law, and dependent children aged between 91 days to 18 years. Continue reading this page to learn more about the coverage of the Liberty Hospi-Cash Connect Policy.

Health Insurance

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Liberty Hospi-Cash Connect Policy Base Cover

You can choose your base cover from the following –

  1. Daily Hospital Cash Benefit (DHC): A daily cash benefit shall be payable if you are hospitalized for more than 24 hours due to any illness or accidental bodily injury during the policy period.
  2. Daily Hospital Cash (DHC) – Accident: A daily hospital cash benefit shall be payable if you are hospitalized for more than 24 hours due to accidental bodily injury or any illness arising out of the accidental bodily during the policy period.

Note: DHC and DHC-Accident benefits are payable to you up to 30 days per event for each continuous period of hospitalization. 

Liberty Hospi-Cash Connect Policy Optional Cover

You can choose any of the following optional covers under this policy –

Double Accident Benefit (DAB): You’ll receive 2X DHC/DHC-Accident benefit for every completed 24 hours of hospitalization. This shall be payable if the hospitalization arises out of accidental injury and continues for more than 3 days. If  you receive this benefit, you won’t be eligible to claim it under base cover for such hospitalization.

Double ICU Benefit (DIB) – Sickness: The insurer will pay twice the DHC benefit for each ICU hospitalization of more than 24 hours arising due to any illness. If you claim benefit under this optional cover, nothing shall be payable in respect of DHC.

Double ICU Benefit (DIB) – Accident: If you are admitted to ICU due to accidental bodily injury or any illness related to accidental bodily injury for more than 24 hours, 2X DHC/DHC-Accident benefit shall be payable to you for up to 30 days per event. If you claim benefit under this optional cover, nothing shall be payable in respect of DHC or DHC-Accident for that policy year.

Recovery Benefit: The insurer will pay a one-time lump sum in case of hospitalization for any illness/injury that exceeds more than 15 consecutive days. You’ll receive this benefit in addition to DHC/DHC-Accident benefit or any other lump sum benefit.

Convalescence Benefit: You can avail of  this benefit if two or more family members who are insured in this policy are hospitalized due to an accident for at least a week. The insurer will pay a one-time lump sum to all the hospitalized insured members individually.

Note: All the insured members should be hospitalized due to the same accident only then the insurer shall pay the lump sum under convalescence benefit.

Special Care on Listed Minor Surgeries: The following minor surgeries shall be covered under this policy –

  1. Removal of Appendix
  2. Removal of Renal Calculi
  3. Haemorrhoidectomy
  4. Removal of Gall Stone/Gall Bladder
  5. All types of Hernia repair
  6. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (TURP)

In case you are hospitalized due to any illness or injury and the treatment involves any of the above-listed minor surgical procedures, you’ll receive a one-time lump sum from the insurer.

Note: The incurred expenses should be more than the threshold limit of INR 50,000 only then benefit under this optional cover shall be payable to you.

Special Care on Listed Major Surgeries: While this policy is in force and you are hospitalized due to an illness or injury and the doctor has advised you to undergo any of the major surgical procedures as listed below, a one-time lump sum shall be paid to you.

  1. CABG- Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
  2. Angioplasty – PTCA
  3. Brain surgery including Craniotomy, tumor removal and intracranial drainage
  4. Major organ transplant (Heart, Lung, Liver, Pancreas, kidney)
  5. Bone marrow transplant Surgery
  6. Post-traumatic Surgeries including Skull fracture, amputation of an upper or lower limb, pelvis fracture/hip fracture, compound comminuted fracture of any part where ORIF is required.
  7. Knee replacement (traumatic/septic arthritis, severe irreparable knee Injury)
  8. Knee ligament surgery – trauma related
  9. Hip replacement (traumatic hip Injury- both partial and total)
  10. Spinal surgeries
  11. Heart valve replacement
  12. Surgery of Aorta
  13. Thyroidectomy

Note: The incurred expenses should be more than the threshold limit of INR 2,00,000 only then the insurer will pay for these surgeries.

Restore Benefit: Your sum insured shall be restored to 100% if it is exhausted due to claims in a policy year. The restored sum insured can be utilized only if the sum insured is completely exhausted. Any unutilized restored amount cannot be carried forward to any subsequent policy year.

Double Critical Illness Benefit: If you opt for this optional cover, you’ll get coverage against the following critical illnesses

  1. Cancer of specified severity
  2. Kidney Failure requiring regular Dialysis
  3. Multiple Sclerosis with persisting symptoms
  4. Major Organ/Bone marrow Transplant
  5. Open Heart Valve Replacement/Repair of Heart Valves
  6. Open Chest Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  7. Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms
  8. Permanent Paralysis of Limbs
  9. First Heart Attack of specified Severity
  10. Benign Brain Tumor
  11. Parkinson’s Disease
  12. Alzheimer’s Disease
  13. End-Stage Liver Disease
  14. Surgery of Aorta
  15. Major Burns
  16. Loss of Speech
  17. Deafness
  18. Coma of specified severity

The insurer will pay twice the DHC/DHC-Accident benefit if you receive treatment in respect of any of the above-mentioned critical illnesses as an in-patent. You can claim this benefit only once per critical illness during the policy term, provided you survive for at least 30 days from the date of diagnosis.

Note: If you claim benefit under this optional cover, nothing shall be payable in respect of DHC/DHC- Accident for that policy year.

Day Care Procedure Cash: The insurer will pay a daily cash amount against this benefit as specified in the policy schedule if you are hospitalized as an in-patient in a hospital or daycare center for any of the below-listed daycare procedures

  1. Cataract
  2. Dilatation and Curettage
  3. Lithotripsy
  4. Manipulation for Dislocation under General Anesthesia
  5. Cystoscopy

Wellness & Assistance Program: You can avail of any of the following services under this optional cover:

  1. Medical Consultation, Evaluation & Referral: In case of an emergency, the insurer will provide you the recommendations of qualified doctors and hospitals.
  2. Medical Monitoring & Case Management: Service of doctors, nurses and other medically trained personnel would be provided to you to take care and relay necessary and legally permissible information to the family members.
  3. Emergency Medical Evacuation: In case you are sick or injured in an area where appropriate care is not available to you, the insurer will intervene and use available transportation, equipment and personnel necessary services to evacuate you safely to the nearest facility for medical care
  4. Compassionate Visit: If you are hospitalized for more than seven consecutive days, the insurer will arrange appropriate means of transportation for a family member or a personal friend to pay you a visit.

Special Care: Under this optional cover, you will get a fully recharged policy without any duration limit. This benefit is available to you only if your age is below 65 years.

Special Limits: You can opt for this cover and lower Daily Hospital Cash Benefit than the one as specified in the policy schedule. The daily hospital cash limit can be reduced to 0.5% of the sum insured.

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