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Liberty Critical Connect Insurance Plan

Critical Illnesses always affects the financial position of the individual. It washes away all the hard-earned money of the individual because the treatments for the critical illnesses are quite high. So, if you want to save yourself from a financial disaster due to a critical illness then you must go for a health insurance plan. You must focus on such health plans that give you a wide coverage for critical illnesses. The Liberty Critical Connect Insurance Plan covers 60 different types of critical illnesses and you can take a Sum Assured of up to INR 1 Crore. This insurance plan will help you to cover the treatment expenses of a critical illness. So, you must see the features of this plan.

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Features of Critical Connect Policy

  1. Flexibility of Choosing the Sum Assured between the range of Rs.1 Lac to Rs.1 Crore.
  2. This plan will cover the cost of treatment for a critical illness.
  3. You can enter into this plan at the age of just 18 years.
  4. Flexibility of Choosing the Policy term as per the coverage time you need.
  5. This plan has the option of lifetime renewability.
  6. You are allowed to cover your family members as well in this plan.
  7. Get Tax Deductions as per the existing Tax Laws.

Benefits of Critical Connect Health Insurance Plan

There are various benefits of this plan because it will provide you a cover for 60 different types of critical illnesses. You will get the reimbursement for the treatment of the critical illnesses covered in this plan.

60 Different Types of Critical Illnesses are Covered

You can cover 60 different types of critical illnesses in this plan. The company will reimburse the expenses incurred for the following illnesses.

Critical Illness
Cancer of Specified SeverityMajor Organ / Bone Marrow TransplantKidney failure requiring regular dialysisMyocardial Infarction
Stroke Resulting in Permanent SymptomsComa of Specified SeverityPermanent Paralysis of limbsOpen Chest CABG / Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Multiple Sclerosis with Persisting SymptomsThird-degree burnsOpen Heart Replacement or Repair of Heart ValvesBenign Brain Tumor
Surgery to Aorta / Aorta Graft SurgeryMotor Neurone Disease with Permanent SymptomsEnd-Stage Lung FailureRenoLiv Protect
BlindnessDeafnessParkinson’s DiseaseAlzheimer’s Disease
CardiomyopathyLoss of SpeechAplastic AnaemiaBacterial Meningitis
Primary (Idiopathic) Pulmonary HypertensionMajor Head TraumaFulminant viral hepatitisMuscular Dystrophy
Apallic SyndromeBrain SurgeryProtect Medullary Cystic DiseasePulmonary Artery Graft Surgery
Systemic Lupus ErythematosisGoodpasture’s SyndromeMultiple System AtrophyProgressive Scleroderma
PneumonectomyProgressive Supranuclear PalsyCreutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD)Pulmonary-Renal Syndrome
Loss of LimbsAngioplastyPneumonectomyEncephalitis
Severe Rheumatoid ArthritisHeart TransplantBalloon Valvotomy or ValvuloplastyCarotid Artery Surgery
Implantable Cardioverter DefibrillatorImplantation of Pacemaker of HeartInfective EndocarditisMinimally Invasive Surgery of Aorta
PericardiectomyPulmonary ThromboembolismSurgery for Cardiac ArrhythmiaSurgery to Place Ventricular Assist Devices or Total Artificial Hearts

Treatment Cost is Covered

If you are going for the treatment of any above-mentioned illnesses then the company will give you a cover for that treatment. The cost of the treatment will be compensated by the company under the Liberty Critical Connect Insurance Plan.

Lifelong Renewability

There is no maximum age for renewing this policy. You can renew this plan throughout your life and enjoy coverage for critical illnesses.

Cover your Loved Ones

If you really care for your loved ones then you can add them to this plan and give them the cover. The family members allowed in this plan are as follows:

  1. Self
  2. Spouse
  3. Children
  4. Parents
  5. Parents-in-Law
  6. Siblings
  7. Son-in-law
  8. Daughter-in-Law
  9. Grandparents
  10. Grandchildren

Enjoy Tax Deductions

You can also claim for the tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. You can show the number of premiums paid for this insurance plan while you are computing your annual income. The deduction is available as per the existing tax law.

Flexible Policy Term

This health insurance plan has the option to choose a policy term of up to 3 years. You can also choose a policy term of 1 year and 2 years as per your requirement.

EMI Protection

There is also an option to give a cover to your existing EMIs on loan. In this option, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness then the company will remove some financial burden from you and pay the EMIs for a certain span of time on the loan.

Eligibility Criteria for Liberty Critical Connect Insurance Policy

Minimum Age of Entry18 Years
Maximum Age of Entry65 Years
Minimum Age of Entry for a Dependent Child5 Years
Maximum Age of Entry for a Dependent Child25 Years
Policy Term Options1 Year, 2 Years, and 3 Years
Minimum Policy Term1 Year
Maximum Policy Term3 Years
Minimum Amount of Sum AssuredRs.1 Lac
Maximum Amount of Sum AssuredRs.1 Crore
Tax DeductionsAs per Section 80D

Waiting Period of this Health Plan

  1. 90 Days is the waiting period starts from the date of inception of the policy.
  2. 30 Days of the waiting period is needed if the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness.
  3. 4 Years of the waiting period is needed for a pre-existing illness and HIV treatments.

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