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The Financial Crisis due to the Coronavirus is at boom and the world economy is affected very badly. On the other hand, the Indian economy is also being affected up to a great extent and especially the middle and lower class are facing the financial crisis. Therefore ICICI Lombard has launched an insurance cover for the Coronavirus Patients. The company will give a cover to that person who tests positive for the Coronavirus test and the report must be of Government Authorized centres. The company will pay the entire sum of money to the Covid-19 victim if he tests positive. There is a waiting period of 14 days to receive the entire sum from the company for the disease.

Health Insurance

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Details of Covid-19 Insurance Cover

  1. 100% Insurance Cover is given to the Positive Covid-19 Patient.
  2. The Sum Insured under this insurance cover is of INR 25000.
  3. The Premium for this Insurance Plan is INR 149 only.
  4. This insurance cover has some add-on benefits like Health Assistance, Virtual Assistance through chat, and teleconsultation.
  5. The minimum age for taking this Insurance is 18 years.
  6. The maximum age for taking this insurance is 75 years that includes the senior citizens as well who are the mostly the victims of Covid-19.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The company will compensate for the disease expenses only after the waiting period of 14 days.
  2. Individuals who are already tested positive for the Covid-19 tests are not eligible to take this health insurance cover.
  3. All those people who have a foreign travel history and having a high chance of getting the Covid-19 test positive cannot take this policy.

Advantages of Covid-19 Protection Cover

There are certain advantages of taking the Covid-19 Health Insurance plan at an early stage. You must go through it and see how this plan will help you to fight this life-threatening disease.

Cover your Health Risk

We can see that this virus is spreading among the individuals at a high speed and the only way to stop it is to maintain social distancing. But even a small negligence can make you a Coronavirus patient and you know that the Covid-19 test cost INR 4500 in India. Therefore it is the best time to go for this policy to cover all the health risk and indemnify the expenses that might occur if you found positive in the Covid-19 test.

Cover your Family’s Health Risk

You can see the age range for this health insurance falls between 18 years to 75 years and this means that the senior citizens can take this policy. So, if you care for your parents then you must go for this plan because it not only gives you the insurance cover but also health assistance and virtual assistance through chats. The company will bear all the expenses related to the Coronavirus Disease.

Meet the Financial Crisis

It is really difficult for the middle class and lower-class families to afford the burden of two to three Covid-19 tests. Therefore, it is better to take health insurance that covers the risk of Coronavirus Disease. The company will pay all the expenses related to the Covid-19 Tests and the assistance given by the doctors.

Low Premium

The company is charging a very low premium for this most needed insurance cover with a sum of just INR 149. Almost every individual can afford this amount and secure his health problem that might occur due to Coronavirus. You can see that a premium of INR 149 promises you to help if you test positive in the Covid-19 test.


The Coronavirus Cases has crossed the mark of 4 Lacs on 25th March 2020 and it is increasing day by day. So, it is better to take such an insurance early before it gets too late. Maybe you are the next so you must prepare yourself for such a disaster through the ICICI Lombard Covid-19 Protection Cover. ICICI Lombard is ready to help you during your bad days but are you ready to take the protection against the Coronavirus. Firstly, you must think and speculate on the problems that might occur in future then take the Covid-19 health insurance plan accordingly. ICICI Lombard is ready to serve you round the clock.

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