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ICICI Lombard Accidental Insurance

Everyone knows that the future is uncertain and even a small negligence can cost your life. Therefore it is better to take an insurance plan that would help you to meet uncertainties that might occur in the future due to an accident. Here you can see the ICICI Lombard Accident Insurance plan that would cover the risks caused due to the accident. This insurance will compensate for the losses that might occur due to permanent disability or death. ICICI Lombard offers such a health insurance plan that would help your loved ones if in case you become incapable to work because of an accident. So, let’s explore the accidental insurance plan in detail.

Health Insurance

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Accidental Insurance Plan Offered by ICICI Lombard

The Accidental Insurance Plan offered by ICICI Lombard covers the death or permanent disability of the insured. If in case you are unable to earn due to permanent disability then this ICICI Lombard Health Policies will be helpful. The name of this plan is ICICI Lombard Personal Protect Plan and it covers all
types of risks that happened due to an accident.

  1. You can choose the amount of Sum Assured as per your requirement.
  2. The accidental insurance plan is available is at an affordable premium.
  3. It covers losses due to total or partial disability or death.
  4. Flexibility of choosing the Sum Assured.
  5. If the insured dies due to a terrorist attack then it is also covered in this plan.
  6. You can increase the amount of the Sum Assured at the time of renewal.

Key Benefits of the Accidental Insurance Policy

  1. The nominee will receive 100% of the Sum Assured in case of unfortunate death of the insured.
  2. The insured will receive 100% of the Sum Assured if he becomes total and permanent disable which means he losses 2 earning parts that are both legs, both hands, or one hand and one foot.
  3. You are entitled to receive 50% of the Sum Assured if in case you lose anyone earning body part that is a leg or a hand.
  4. The company will also give you a dismemberment cover which means you will be compensated if any of your body parts is removed during surgery due to an accident.
  5. There is no need for any pre-medical test to take this insurance plan.
    This policy is available online and you can easily apply for it.
  6. You can add additional benefits to receive compensation in case of hospitalization.

Other Details of the ICICI Lombard Accidental Insurance Plan

  1. 18 Years is the Minimum Age of Entry to take this plan.
  2. 60 Years is the Maximum Age of Entry to take the ICICI Lombard Accidental Insurance Plan.
  3. You can choose the policy term for 1 Year, 3 Years, and 5 Years.
  4. Rs.3 Lacs is the Minimum Sum Assured in this policy.
  5. Rs.25 Lacs is the Maximum Sum Assured in this Insurance Plan.
  6. 25 Years is the Maximum Age of entry for children.

Risks Not Included in this Plan

  1. Claims for the loss due to illness or sickness.
  2. Self-injury, Suicide, and Attempted Suicide
  3. Loss due to the influence of drugs or intoxications.
  4. Venereal Disease or Insanity
  5. Disease or Illness since Childhood.

Documents Required for the Claim

The company will ask for the following documents if in case you make a claim for reimbursement in the ICICI Lombard Accidental Insurance Plan.

In Case of Death of the Insured

  1. Claim Form Signed by the Nominee.
  2. Photocopy of the Policy.
  3. Original or Attested FIR
  4. Original or Attested Post-Mortem Report
  5. Attested or Original Death Certificate
  6. Medical Reports
  7. Discharge Card
  8. Declaration Bond
  9. No Objection Certificate
  10. Any Other Document asked by the Company.

In Case of Permanent Total Disability

  1. Claim Form Signed by the Applicant
  2. Attested Copy of FIR
  3. Photograph of the Body Par that has become disabled.
  4. Original Medical Bills with treatment papers and prescriptions.
  5. Any other Document Asked by the Company.

In Case of Reimbursement of the Hospitalization Expenses

  1. Copy of the Policy
  2. Claim Form signed and filled by the applicant.
  3. Original or Certified Copies of an FIR and Panchnama.
  4. Discharge Card
  5. Medical Reports and Bills
  6. Any Other Documents asked by the company.

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